Roland Banks - Structure Deck Series ( Dunwich Legacy )

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Uncle George the Farmer · 5803

Hello Fellow investigators

Welcome to my structure deck series!


We finished with the core set and we decided to buy the whole Dunwich Cycle to feel the Arkham experience. We 'll discuss the new cards we added in our deck and which upgrade choices we take in solo and multiplayer.

I will focus on 19 XP upgrade routes since this is pretty much average in my Dunwich runs. I will also create decks of the Dunwich investigators and I will upgrade everyone setting as the final cycle The Forgotten Age. In the Circle Undone, Taboo List was introduced and I think you will already know the advantages/disadvantages of your favorite investigator in order to create your unique deck.

Let start with the show, shall we?


Let's start with Prepared for the Worst. This card allows us to thin our weapon cards and keep only 4. Your priority is Machete. Keep it in your starting hand and use it for the test icons in the late game when you already have your weapons in play.

The new VIP solo card Dr. William T. Maleson. This card was made for Roland. Costs 1 resource and he's a meat shield of 2/2. While this is more than enough his ability can create some beautiful combos for Roland. 1st of all you can avoid some nasty treacheries which can hurt Roland's sanity. 2nd you can combo the with cards like Roland's .38 Special and Inquiring Mind in locations without a clue. Also, if you have Cover Up in play you can drop a clue and rediscover it to remove it from your weakness.

Art Student is one more great addition to your deck. It helps you auto clue and it is a sanity shield for Roland.

Laboratory Assistant is way better than Preposterous Sketches since you have a body 1/2 in the field to protect you. Also, the increased hand size helps you keep more answers(cards) in some tests and with Roland's poor economy you will find your self stuck with cards on your hand.

"If it bleeds..." vs Smoking Pipe vs First Aid. It costs 1 resource and no action and usually, you will use it on an enemy with at least 2 horror value. Smoking Pipe costs 1 action, 3 damage for 3 horrors and 1 resource while First Aid it's even more expensive. "If it bleeds..." even if it's more situational than the other cards it adds more value as a card since it can be used in multiplayer to heal horror from other investigators like Agnes Baker.

Finally, Fine Clothes is there if you pick a specific scenario to start with.Shortcut adds great mobility to Roland, costs 0 resource and it is meaning you wont trigger attacks of opportunity. Even the test icons help Roland in difficult circumstances when you need that extra boost in a test.

Upgrade Route

There are 3 options here. The soloer, The Lightning Gun Multiplayer and the Supporter.

Lightning Gun Multiplayer: If you follow this route start your deck with 2x Bandolier instead of Fine Clothes and a Flashlight. This means you will be the main combat character in your group and you will need to play around Lightning Gun.

Flashlight Lightning Gun

2x Working a Hunch Extra Ammunition

Guard Dog/Dr. William T. Maleson Beat Cop

2xVicious Blow 2xVicious Blow

Keen Eye

You focus mainly on and try to one shot most of the enemies.

The Supporter: Another multiplayer option that focuses on helping your allies than being the main combat character. This is a hybrid that can be versatile in finding clues and deal some hits to the enemies. This build focus around Stand Together and Encyclopedia.

2xStand Together = Keep it in your opening hand to create value early on.

2x Encyclopedia

2x Police badge = combos well with Wendy Adams plus her The Red-Gloved Man

Keen Eye

2x Vicious Blow

2x Brother Xavier = add this ally only if you have Agnes Baker as your teammate.

This is the route I picked the most since its more fun to play with and you feel more like a guardian than a combat character.

The Soloer: Charisma is our main XP target here. We have a heavy ally deck and we need the upgraded Beat Cop in later scenarios. We can't afford a conflict with Dr. William T. Maleson right?

2x Charisma

Guard Dog/Fine Clothes Beat Cop

Shortcut Pathfinder

2x Vicious Blow

1x Dodge "I've had worse…"

Keen Eye


This is our first Dunwich structure deck. Roland had some great additions in this cycle and has more answers to his main weakness which is his low sanity. I hope you liked the options above and we 'll continue with Wendy Adams new deck.

To be continued..


Apr 08, 2020 Geegee · 1

Thank you for your series. They are very helpful to a new player like me to gain abetter understanding of the cards.

Apr 08, 2020 Smerle · 1

+1 to thanks for doing these! I'm also a new player going through Dunwich right now. First time with Ashcan on Easy and now trying a Jenny deck I made on Standard.

Apr 09, 2020 finalattack · 1

Keep it up! :D

Apr 09, 2020 Uncle George the Farmer · 5803

@Geegee Thank your dear sir, I'm glad you liked it!

Apr 09, 2020 Uncle George the Farmer · 5803

@Smerle Enjoy it! Deckbuilding is a big part of the Fun!

Apr 09, 2020 Uncle George the Farmer · 5803

@finalattack Thank you, my friend!

Apr 11, 2020 gibby290 · 13

Great content...My wife and I are REALLY enjoying this series.

Apr 14, 2020 Uncle George the Farmer · 5803

@gibby290 I m glad you like them! I m playing also with my wife :)

Apr 17, 2020 13rock · 1

holy shit, why didn't I ever think about getting second Charisma

May 06, 2020 Antarctic · 1

Alright, Uncle George, I tried this deck in true solo with Night of the Zealot campaign on easy mode: and your deck rocks ! I won the game. I had never reached that conclusion before. I followed your Solo upgrade route. I had to proxy a bunch of cards though, because I don't own two cores. The Machete is a real game changer, especially when you include two of them in your deck. I will now try the other decks with the same setup (NotZ - Easy mode - True Solo). Once I'll find the best deck suited for me, I'll play Path to Carcosa with one of your Structure Deck Series ( Dunwich Legacy ). Thanks for your work !

May 24, 2020 Uncle George the Farmer · 5803

@Antarctic i m glad it helped you! Replace any card to make the deck suited to your playstyle if you feel like it :)