Crusader Yorick: a blessed survivor (Fighter/Support) WIP.

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mogwen · 203

William Yorick spent numerous nights fighting the Graveyard Ghouls that infested his cemetary. While this would have driven more than one man crazy, it did the contrary for Will, it strengthtened his resolve and made him discover faith. And when you fight evil you need all the faith you can muster.

Hello everybody! So with The Innsmouth Conspiracy out and the new blessed mechanic, I thought it would be time for a new William Yorick archetype. And given that the best classes for blessed cards are Guardian and Survivor, our great Will was a perfect candidate for this role. Of course and as always, I'm far from being the best deckbuilder in the world so feel free to correct me if you think I'm wrong on something or give me your input otherwise.

Important: Since the Innsmouth Conspiracy cycle has just begun, we don't know a lot of cards that we will get over the course of the campaign and this deck will certainly change a lot once the campaign will be over. that's why I called it a Work In Progress!

This William Yorick deck is intended as a main fighter first leaning support thanks to the blessed mechanic. We'll make heavy use of Will's recursion ability for more Blessed wonders! Of course this William build will synergize well with investigators good at blessed stuff such as Sister Mary or Father Mateo.

As a main fighter, William needs weapons. I chose to go with blades for the theme, we all know that William prepared for a long time for the Hamlet role until the play was cancelled once again, he's never been a lucky comedian, but he learnt fencing along the way, though he didn't know at the time this would come in handy! So, he primarily uses an Enchanted Blade for damage, with Blessed Blade and Meat Cleaver as both a way to deal the odd point damage and either add blessed tokens or heal his sanity.

The blessed mechanic is exemplified in this deck by the aforementioned Blessed Blade, Predestined for an occasional failed investigation action, the fabulous Keep Faith which will be your bread and butter.

Rite of Sanctification will be your main resouce generator and is a potential target for William's ability. Keep Faith faith will be recured thanks to Resourceful, Scrounge for Supplies and his . This way you can keep your blessed tokens constant and pay for your and your allies assets. aside from that he uses some standard William build with cards such as Act of Desperation, Guard Dog...

Note: if you have Sister Mary in your team, I'd recommand taking Solemn Vow because it works so well with Mary's Guardian Angel, and since as you'll see down the way I chose Jessica Hyde as upgraded ally, this would make a good combo for more soak and blessed tokens generation.

Upgrades: In terms of weapons I'd go for Chainsaw to replace Enchanted Blade, because it's just such a great weapon (and you need a great weapon, you're the main fighter after all!) and gives him an Ash Williams look, which is always great! I hope there's an upgraded Blessed Blade along the way too. I'd replace the Leather Coat by Bandolier for double Chainsaw and an increase in to help with the treacheries that will come your way and Cherished Keepsake with Police Badge for more actions for you or your teammates and another increase. Another great addition would be Eucatastrophe because it's both a great protection against the chaos bag and a great way to trigger your for more recursion.

I'd keep an eye on the covenants that are due to come in the campaign, Ancient Covenant has already been previewed and is great, I hope the Guardian one will be cool too!

Hope this not si little write-up will be helpful and this Crusader Yorick will bring fun to our tables.


Oct 15, 2020 chirubime · 1953

Shoutouts for the great idea :D Rite of Sanctification feels likes such a good economy card for Yorick considering he had none avail at the start of a fresh campaign. (since Drawing Thin got taboo)

Oct 15, 2020 mogwen · 203

Yes, and it helps Will fill a support secondary role easily.