Silas Marsh's Deadliest Catch

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ramensgood · 116

Silas Marsh's Deadliest Catch



At the start use Fire Axe with Madame Labranche as cash grab together with Dark Horse. Also use and other pips on skill cards to pass a skill check and get the card back with Silas ability (once per round).

Your main weapon will be Timeworn Brand later on which replaces the Fire Axe(s) and in the long run also Madame Labranche.


The deck is mainly in support of a dedicated clue gatherer. But Silas can also get some clues himself using skill cards to trigger the ability.

Encounter Deck

Make use of cards like Steadfast or other pip cards like Rise to the Occasion or Unexpected Courage to counter hard treacheries.


Silas has a high 4 already and will get even more with Track Shoes, Peter Sylvestre and skill cards.


Card explanations

Here's a brief explanation regarding the cards and possible plays.

Event cards

  • True Survivor - You get 3 Innate skill cards from the discard back to your hand. All skills are Innate in this deck.
  • Lucky! - Self-explanatory.
  • Scrounge for Supplies - Lets you pick up the majority of skill cards including Resourceful or Take Heart if needed.
  • Eucatastrophe - Transforms your failure into which lets Silas commit a skill card from the discard pile to the result and get that card back in hand.

Skill cards

Silas ability lets you return any skill card committed to a test. For example, if you would still fail the test after revealing a chaos token you can choose to return the card to your hand. And of course, if you would succeed at the test, without the card’s modifier/effect, you can also choose to return the card and use it later instead.


Possible upgrades

1x Charisma - 3xp
1x Fire Axe -> 1x Timeworn Brand - 5xp
1x Fire Axe, 1x Lucky! -> 2x Brute Force - 2xp
1x Lucky! -> 1x True Survivor - 3xp
2x Peter Sylvestre -> 2x Peter Sylvestre - 4xp
2x Madame Labranche -> 2x Jessica Hyde - 2xp
2x Unexpected Courage -> 2x Grisly Totem - 6xp
1x Track Shoes -> 1x Timeworn Brand - 5xp
1x Key of Ys - 5xp
1x Scrapper - 3xp
2x Rise to the Occasion -> 2x Eucatastrophe - 6xp

The Desperate Catch Route

1x Versatile - 2xp - adding St. Hubert's Key (getting your sanity set to 3) and 2x Desperate Search, 2x Say Your Prayers for a little more encounter protection and investigation, or whatever Desperate cards you prefer.
1x Relic Hunter - 3xp - to be able to use both St. Hubert's Key and Grisly Totem at the same time.


This is my first own deck and I'd love to get some feedback if someone uses it and how it went :)
I don't know how the book version of Silas with Nautical Prowess playes but there could be a potential Weapon issue since Timeworn Brand then would be the only weapon. The Nautical Prowess skill card looks cool with getting it back to hand using Silas ability plus card draw.
ahc01_cardfan_survivor4.pngAlways red.


Nov 06, 2020 CliveBixby · 1

@ramensgood Hi there. First of all, thanks for your write up. I really like it and it actually resembles a Marsh deck I'm currently playing and trying to tweak in quite a lot of aspects.

I'm actually using Nautical Prowess and Timeworn Brand as my only weapon and it works quite well. I Brute Force my way through a lot of enemies as well.

One thing that I think is bit misleading is when you say that "Silas  ability lets you return any skill card commited to a test, regardless of the result". If you take it back, it basically means you haven't played it in the first place. So you should only take it back if you would have failed anyways or if you had passed the test even without the skill card(s).

Having said that, I really like Silas, as almost all Survivors. He's really fun to play :)

Nov 07, 2020 ramensgood · 116

@CliveBixby Thank you for pointing that out :) I've edited and explained that part better. It's cool to hear that using the Nautical Prowess and Timeworn Brand is working. I think I need to buy the book for those cards now :D

Nov 19, 2020 Valokiloren · 10

Just an FYI - due to the current Taboo List, some of the upgrades have an incorrect experience cost. The Key of Ys is marked as Exceptional so it's worth 10 EXP. And Scrapper is currently marked as Chained: +1 EXP so it's 4 EXP.

Other than that, I can't wait to try this out, and am holding out hope that Innsmouth will bring us a good 1-Handed Red weapon above Lvl 3 sooner or later.