Agnes Baker - Structure Deck Series ( The Path to Carcosa )

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Uncle George the Farmer · 8656

Hello Fellow investigators

Welcome to my structure deck series!


We finally finished with Dunwich Legacy and moved to Path to Carcosa. Our new card pool contains all the cards of the Carcosa cycle. We will discuss our new choices in our deck and which upgrade choices we take in solo and multiplayer.

In this cycle, we will have an average of 25-28 XP to spend on our upgrade routes. I will also create decks of the Carcosa investigators and I will upgrade everyone to the final cycle of The Forgotten Age. In the Circle Undone, Taboo List was introduced and I think you will already know the advantages/disadvantages of your favorite investigator in order to create your unique deck.

After a long time of absence, I'll continue the structure decks and deliver every guide that I promised. Covid has affected us in different ways but not our love for this game :)

Let start with the show, shall we?


In this cycle, I believe Agnes is a complete powerhouse! We've got two new additions compared to our Dunwich deck. These are:

Fight or Flight: This card combo pretty well with Baseball Bat or you can use it for evade actions. Try and use it when you have at least +2 horrors on you to get a decent buff.

Uncage the Soul: We swapped Emergency Cache for this one. While we have only two expensive spells reducing their cost is a good thing especially on their upgraded versions. Also, the biggest advantage of this card is to play Dark Memory free of charge and save the 2 resources for something else.

Multiplayer alternative choices:

While Peter Sylvestre is essential in Agnes deck sometimes you may play with investigators who may want him. In these situations, you can add David Renfield. He is cheap, with decent health to protect Agnes as a shield. You can boost your by 1. Try and play safely around him watching the doom stacking up. You can kill him immediately in three ways if you want to toss the doom away. By Forbidden Knowledge, Shrivelling and Ward of Protection.

Delve Too Deep: still a great card as I mentioned in my previous guide! The only card I would replace for it is Forbidden Knowledge but the +1 dmg from your ability is too good to pass by. Another option is to remove Fight or Flight for Delve Too Deep but Fight or Flight makes our deck more consistent especially in the early scenarios.

Storm of Spirits: Consider this card only in multiplayer. There won't be many times to use it but when it happens it feels like Dynamite Blast. You can combine it with Uncage the Soul for zero cost. If you're thinking of adding more than 6 spells to your deck consider adding Arcane Initiate.

Upgrade Route

It remained the same as our Dunwich deck:

2x Peter Sylvestre 2x Peter Sylvestre

2x Rite of Seeking 2x Rite of Seeking

2x Shrivelling 2x Shrivelling

2x Fight or Flight/ Delve Too Deep 2x Flare or Stroke of Luck for the final scenario.

2x Fearless 2x Fearless

2x Lucky! Lucky!

Spend your XP only when:

Arcane Initiate: Only when you have too many spells in your deck. It is cheaper and you can avoid the doom, unlike the base version. Although is too expensive to buy it and I wouldn't consider it.

Time Warp: Only when you have an investigator in multiplayer like Wendy Adams and you really want to secure her Will to Survive turn.

A Chance Encounter: Only when a player has Brother Xavier and you can use him as your shield plus the buff.

Ward of Protection: Only when you have XP to spare and if you play a more supportive role. But usually, you are the main damage dealer and you focus on enemies in a multiplayer game. Let a supportive character like Daisy Walker make good use of it.

Don't spend your XP on these:

Seal of the Elder Sign: It's too expensive and your elder sign does not have an extraordinary effect. You may use it on a character like Zoey Samaras but still, it doesn't worth the XP. There is another investigator from the Forgotten Age cycle with a great Elder sign effect where he can utilize this card better than Agnes.

Spirit Athame: Baseball Bat deals damage and this does not. Also, it buffs your skill value only for a test and in the end, you don't really need it in Agnes. She already has 5 up to 7 when you have Holy Rosary and Peter Sylvestre as permanent boosts.

Key of Ys: This great card, unfortunately, messes with our ability. Unless it's a direct horror you can't place horror on Agnes but on Key of Ys instead. Also your main stat which is is boosted by Holy Rosary already without the XP. Spend your 5 XP elsewhere.


Agnes is a strong investigator. With the new addition of Uncage the Soul you feel safer against your main weakness. Also secondary stats like and got some love with Fight or Flight. Her deck feels complete more than any previous cycle.

We delve deeper and we continue with Daisy Walker's new Carcosa deck.

To be continued..


Nov 30, 2020 Gigaman87 · 110

Yay! Welcome back!

Nov 30, 2020 Gigaman87 · 110

Thanks for making this series. It makes it easy for my wife and I to build decks that are well made.

Nov 30, 2020 Uncle George the Farmer · 8656

@Gigaman87 Thank you my friend for your kind words! <3