Zoey Samaras: They That Hate the Righteous Shall Be Desolate

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LivefromBenefitSt · 603


Messing around with a Zoey deck which will run Enchant Weapon and, hopefully, cause a lot of havoc. It might work solo, but I imagine setting it up with a clue-getter. If I was going solo, I would swap out Stand Together for something else. As always, comments and suggestions welcome.

Notable Cards


  • Meat Cleaver -- it's a great card for the lower investigator, and it's thematic. I am a bit on the fence about this. Enchanted Blade would probably work as well, although that would mean redoing the splash cards
  • Survival Knife -- If Zoey can't kill them in her phase, maybe she can kill them in their phase. It depends a bit on the scenario -- some campaigns have more horror-dealing than damage-dealing, which makes this less useful
  • Sixth Sense -- It's gotten a little cliche, but it's nice to be able to investigate at 4 rather than 2



  • Steadfast -- it can help kill enemies or get clues or pass annoying treacheries. Maybe swap if for Daring, if that's your jam


Standard Zoey: get a weapon out and start killing things. Pick up clues when you get a chance. There's nothing really fancy in this build. My secondary goal was to make a deck that was relatively simple to pilot, without a lot of complex card interactions.

Mulligan It's best if you can get a weapon, Sixth Sense, and an economy card.


In rough order

That's enough XP for most campaigns. I like Well Prepared, and it's great if you can get Zoey's Cross out, but there aren't a lot of assets with multiple icons...