Roland/Minh PtC Shotgun

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captainbux · 1

This is a Roland Banks deck to be paired with Minh Thi Phan. The pair will stick together and do their jobs. Roland will handle ALL enemies as well as cheat clues from high shroud locations. Minh will support Roland and handle getting clues from low shroud locations.

Card Restriction: I am only using cards from the Core Set and Path to Carcosa. Also, I want to use Shotgun, Extra Ammunition, and Stick to the Plan because it seems like a fun combo to try out.

Dealing with Enemies: On the Hunt, "Let me handle this!", and Heroic Rescue will help get enemies engaged to Roland and not Minh. Dodge and Shortcut (probably from Minh) will help get the enemies in the right locations. Use the guns and skill cards to attack them. Later, Lvl 2 Beat Cop, Lvl 3 First Aid, and Inspiring Presence can help deal some extra damage and provide some extra horror soak.

Cheating Clues: Clues will come from Roland Banks's ability and Working a Hunch. I'm also considering making space for Evidence!

Economy: Ever Vigilant will be attached to Stick to the Plan. Minh will also help with resources with Charles Ross, Esq. and card draw with Old Book of Lore, Eureka!, etc.