Unstoppable Survivor (True Solo, Normal/Hard) Updated 2024

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Unstoppable Survivor (True Solo, Normal/Hard) Updated 2024 3 0 0 1.0

walla · 553

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Ready to complete any campaign in true solo with only 24 Victory Points?

Investigate: 9 | Fight: 8 | Treachery: 9 | Tempo: 10 | Consistency: 10

I have played this deck in all official campaigns released until 2024, including TFA, TCU, EotE, TSK and Feast of Hemlock Vale. The original inspiration came from this deck from jamjams32, after playing many campaigns I'm quite confident that it is even more balanced with the new cards released. You will gain the ultimate tempo and adaptability to investigate, fight and pass treachery and agility tests.

This deck has one taboo card: Scavenging (0).


  1. Get two copies of Ice Pick (1) before the first scenario thanks to the 3xp given by purchasing In the Thick of It
  2. Mulligan: keep Leo De Luca (0) and Scrounge for Supplies because they will give you an extra action for the whole scenario. Keep Ice Pick (1) for the +1 while fighting or investigating
  3. Play Leo De Luca (0) as early as possible, leveraging your mulligan and Scrounge for Supplies to search among the 10 cards discarded by Short Supply
  4. Play Ice Pick (1) leveraging Resourceful
  5. Play Faustian Bargain, Take Heart and Lone Wolf when you need resources to play assets.

You will have incredible tempo and action compression with:

You will investigate successfully with:

You will fight successfully with:

You will pass treachery tests successfully with:

With few upgrades your consistency will increase even further.


Then some options

Thanks for reading! I would love to hear thoughts and experiences.

Thanks @Drostt for recommending how to improve the deck.


Mar 20, 2024 Vanesko · 1

Great deck. With her help, I went through the return to the Dunwich Legacy and am now going through the return to the path to Carcosa. Thank you very much for updating the deck!

Mar 20, 2024 walla · 553

@Vanesko thank you! Would love to hear how your Return to the Path to Carcosa goes

Mar 20, 2024 Drostt · 57

It's a cool deck, but what do you think about more card draw provided by At a Crossroads? I think with such an amount of actions (Leo De Luca) it would work great!

Mar 20, 2024 walla · 553

@Drostt Great suggestion, drawing 3 cards at the cost of 1 action -- kindly offered by Leo -- can help find more quickly the items and skills that make the deck shine. What card would you suggest replacing with At a Crossroads?

Mar 21, 2024 Drostt · 57

I think I would start with replacing two Unexpected Courage as this is skill with medium power and not drawing you new cards. Skils are cool, but having a lot of them force you to have a solid drawing options. But not sure now what to give up later on... Maybe one Run For Your Life (it doesn't draw you cards) and maybe, just maybe one Long Shot when you get better Ice Pick.

Mar 21, 2024 Vanesko · 1

@walla Well, that was harsh. In the first scenario, I got a mental trauma due to the treachery "Visions in Your Mind (Hatred)" that forces me to draw action every turn. The Royal Emissary also helped this trauma happen. In the fourth scenario, I was very unlucky with chaos tokens and my Pete did not manage to escape from the clinic in time. The poor guy went crazy inside the walls of the Arkham Asylum.

Now I want to go into the blind run of the "Scarlet Keys" with this deck. I hope luck will be on my side this time.

Mar 21, 2024 walla · 553

@Drostt Long Shot is fantastic from the first to the last scenario when playing true solo, in addition to Ice Pick (1). I like your reco and will swap Unexpected Courage with At a Crossroads, and drop Run For Your Life when upgrading the deck. Thanks!

Mar 21, 2024 walla · 553

@Vanesko Hard luck, thanks for sharing! Just to confirm 1) the weakness "Visions in Your Mind (Hatred)" gives you 1 direct horror, not 1 trauma. At the end of the scenario you remove the direct horror 2) "Royal Emissary" gives you 1 horror, which you can put on Duke and Leo De Luca. Since it has 4 health, you can try to kill it in one round.