Daisy Walker - White Mage (Hard Mode)

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StartWithTheName · 9859


This is an as yet untested deck I've been working up for a little while but not finding the time to actually play test. I basically just wanted to get it out there for people to try and maybe build on a bit since i wasnt getting it to the table. It at least uses the ‘shell’ of an old deck that I did test quite a bit (link here), so its not entirely based on whim, but everything below is a bit speculative so please take it with a little salt! anyhow enjoy!


Abridgment (TL:DR/Overview)

What I hope is a fairly thematic, evasion and passive support focused daisy build. Your main job is still getting clues. Prioritise Old Book of Lore first for the incredible deck consistency, then get to 6 via Milan or Hubert's Key to be able to reliably investigate shroud 3 locations on hard (or 4 on standard). Milan and St. Hubert's Key combined to get you to 7 are used on higher shrouds, or Higher Education can be used until they are both in play.

Rather than the common Higher Education + Shrivelling route, the deck instead uses Milan money to fuel Protective Incantation and The Chthonian Stone offering passive team support via seals, for a thematic white mage feel. Just remember to point out to your team mates every time the token you have sealed would have made them fail, a good academic makes sure they take credit for both their work, and that of anyone else near by.

Enemy handling is mainly done through conversion based evasion (Mind over Matter & Evady Glyphs( or combat, though until the Glyphs are unlocked, Mists of R'lyeh provides this role boosted by Higher Education and St. Hubert's Key. Alternatively, Cluey Glyphs can be used by keeping the Mists of R'lyeh long term, dropping Mind over Matter instead.

The early upgrade path is a little fiddly so i recommend checking the upgrades section if its unclear. It was written with core, Dunwich and Carcossa campaigns in mind so it might not be ideal for the forgotten age as it has limited hp soak and . Subbing in things like Medical Texts may help here, but i haven't given it much thought just yet - Happy to hear yours!.


Later Editions (Upgrades)

Ive put this at the top as i know not everyone wants to read the whole blurb.


  1. First 3 xp: 1x Higher Education, then
  2. Next 4 xp: 1x Archaic Glyphs and 1x Mists of R'lyeh Archaic Glyphs and Protective Incantation (simultaneously), then
  3. Next 4 xp: (Again) 1x Archaic Glyphs and 1x Mists of R'lyeh Archaic Glyphs and Protective Incantation, (and yes do this simultaneously as well).

If using Cluey Glyphs: Instead swap Mind over Matter for Protective Incantation instead of Mists of R'lyeh. Notice that if you dont care which glyphs you get Shrewd Analysis can save you 3 xp here letting steps 2 and 3 be:

This should get you to the listed deck after that feel free to do what you like.

Some Later Recommendations:


Detailed Piloting


Index: (Mulligan and set up)

Mulligan: Keep any of the following:

If you get both Dr. Milan Christopher and Old Book of Lore, keep Emergency Caches. They let you play both on turn one. Everything else can wait - Old Faithful will find them.

Set up: Priorities

  1. Find Old Book of Lore if you didnt get it in the muligan. This may mean holding back Milan so you can play Research Librarian if you find/have him. Once you have Charisma or No Stone Unturned (5) (see above) this stops being an issue, but you badly want OBL asap. The filtered draw it gives makes Daisy one of the most consistent IDs in the game, fuels Higher Education and allows you to morph into your late game seal spec reliably by mid game (I hope). You should be using this as often as possible. then,
  2. Get to 6 with Old Book of Lore in play. Ideally this means playing Milan for the income to pay for Old Book of Lore. But if you didnt find milan, St. Hubert's Key will get you the you need. between the total of 4 copies of Milan and Hubert's, you should see one of them early, especially when using OBL`s filtered draw. 6 is essential on hard as its 3 above the 3 shroud cap which will cover all but the worst locations. On hard this usually gives you about a 70-80% ish chance to pass (2 above can be about 50/50 though keep an eye on the token as these usually fluxuate and can be generous early scenario). If playing on standard you want to be 2 above, which makes her base of 5 very nice indeed!
  3. After all that, play milan as soon as you see him if you havent already. Prioritise him and Emergency Cache (to pay for him if needed) in Old Book of Lore and Eureka! searches. Even if you are at 6, his steady stream of cash is fundimental to the seal aspect of the deck.

At this point the deck will be pretty much set up. After this, just adapt to game state using the following suits:


Antagonists (Enemy handling)

This is a multiplayer deck. You are primarily the teams clue hunter, someone else should be doing any actual killing, Nevertheless you may get caught in a tight corner, so:


Binding (Seal suite)


Digression (The rest)

  • Deduction - No surprises here. Primarily used on shroud 4 to both clear efficiently and reach that magic 3 points over test strength.
  • Shortcut - Simply a great action saving card and my hair style description all in one. Never leave home without it.
  • Ward of Protection - essential for dealing with problematic encounter cards like Beyond the Veil in dunwich, or the ever hated Ancient Evils. In forgotten age, you may need to keep this back for particularly nasty agility hits and HP shocks.


Thanks for reading!

If anyone tries this out or builds on it, id love to know how it goes.


Sep 12, 2018 Elrohir · 1


i miss tomes, maybe Encyclopedia. And I think, there are too many arcane spells. However, I lile this deck.

Sep 12, 2018 Sagesse · 122

Next time I play Daisy, I'm probably doing something like this, with one minor change.

After some recent experience with new cards, I feel like if we can run Premonition, then we should always run Premonition.

Sep 13, 2018 StartWithTheName · 9859

Cheers you two! Re more tomes, I deliberately left the deck open ended for the upgrade spec once the incantations and glyphs are in. The idea was just to have a seal based Daisy mainly. Obviously feel free to slot in xp cards that take your fancy.

Due to the slightly convoluted first steps upgrade path, you should never be above 4 cards for the arcane slot, and those 2 slots never really ought to be conflicted. 1x protective incantation and 1x some sort of evade spell is the intended max build. Its unlikely you`ll get both incantations in play, and even with Milan money that may be hard to pay for im not sure. The double copy is to help it show early and reliably. But anyhow, please feel free to adapt it to your own tastes. This is just a loose guide to highlight a possible semi-pacifist alternative archtype for Daisy rather than a strict list. You could easilly go hybrid between the shriv and evade builds too

Sep 13, 2018 StartWithTheName · 9859

Oh sorry - missed the second point. Ive not actually played with Premonition. Might give it a whirl if it comes with that higher recommendation.

Oct 05, 2018 Rancord · 52

What about magnifying Glass over key?

Oct 06, 2018 StartWithTheName · 9859

The main reason is hand slots. These are at a bit of a premium in Daisy for tomes basically, and with her base of 5, she has built in what other seekers build to with a Magnifying Glass. Granted, the base deck only uses one tome, but you also have The Chthonian Stone and with xp a one off Book of Shadows is often a good add. With Milan money you can afford these things easilly.

St. Hubert's Key also interacts with Mists of R'lyeh and Mind over Matter/"I've got a plan!" for enemy handling, and the ever present for treachery tests. Importantly on hard, you are looking to be 3 above test and since so many of these tests are base 3, that means youre aiming to hit 6. Higher Education adds in increments of 2, paying 1 gets you to 5 without the key, forcing you to boost twice when you would only have had to pay once with the key. It may not fully pay for itself here, but the discount will offset that upfront cost a little so your paying realtively little overall for some big advantages elsewhere. And ofc you wont have higher ed on sc 1.

Oct 26, 2018 OzValdo · 215

i really wanted a deck that lets incantation run for long, and this is one... good build once more... thanks