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MOTUX · 4493

This is a (mostly) offensive spellcaster Jim Culver deck designed to take advantage of the chaos bag manipulation tools in The Forgotten Age. This is a "stand alone" version, though I have drafted up level 0 and "max level" versions which I'll take about later. The primary goal of this deck was to avoid using Shrivelling(3) and Shrivelling(5) (a tried, tested, and exhausted deck). Instead, we dip into Shards of the Void(3) and Song of the Dead(2) for our magic power. I have written extensively about the card compared to Shrivelling(5) here.

This offers us a few advantages. First, the XP cost is the same as 2x Shrivelling(5) but instead we get 4x offensive Spells out of it. Second, the deck is focused on maximizing the upside of our cards, rather that mitigating their downsides (i.e. Shrivelling's(5) self-inflicting horror). Third, it's a fresh approach to Mystic offense. Is it as powerful as a tried and true psycho mind killer Agnes Baker deck? Maybe not, but I haven't found the power level difference to be so wide. For those looking for something different I encourage you to give it a shot.

Piloting the Deck

What's in the deck

The main priority for this deck is getting either Shards of the Void(3) or Song of the Dead(2) out along with Olive McBride; Olive helps more consistently trigger the conditions on the aforementioned spells. These are the cards you want to mulligan hard for.

Other key pieces include Premonition which can give you a heads up of a result, while Dark Prophecy can do in a pinch for Song of the Dead(2). Recall the Future is there not only to take any sting out of Olive McBride but also to strategically pick off tokens that will make you fail. The Chthonian Stone has three benefits: (1) one less bad stuff token, (2) improves our odds of seeing a "0" or , and (3) it usually counteracts any downside to sealing a "0".

As you can probably glean from the above, the wonderful thing about this deck is that each card compliments one another and makes the deck better for it. Rounding out our deck is Enraptured and Recharge(2) to add some consistency, Emergency Cache(2) and Take Heart for economy, Live and Learn and Lucky! as fail safes, and Ward of Protection (because who doesn't)?

Perception is there to give this deck a touch more utility. While this deck is mostly focused on combat, between Jim's ability, Perception, and Recall the Future(2) you should be able to pick off the occasional clue during down moments.This deck should be paired with an investigator who can share most of the investigating load.

The Level 0 deck

The level 0 deck can be found here. I'll give some reasons for certain cards:

XP Path

(A fully powered up version can be found here)[https://arkhamdb.com/deck/view/257659]. The deck is pretty lean on XP, so Delve Too Deep is not really necessary. I recommend the following upgrade path:

  1. 2x Kukri 2x Song of the Dead(2) or Shards of the Void(3) (4-6XP)
  2. 2x Shrivelling 2x Song of the Dead(2) or Shards of the Void(3) (4-6XP)
  3. 2x Ritual Candles Recall the Future(2) (4XP)
  4. Emergency Cache Emergency Cache(2) (2XP)
  5. 1x Enraptured 1x Recharge(2) (2XP)

18 XP - now at current deck, further upgrades below

  1. 2x Ward of Protection Ward of Protection(2) (4XP)
  2. 2x of Enraptured/Guts/Unexpected Courage 2x Time Warp(2) 4XP
  3. 1x of Enraptured/Guts/Unexpected Courage 2x Spirit Athame(1)(/card/03311) (1XP)
  4. Blood Pact(3) (3XP)

Commentary Whether you grab Song of the Dead(2) or Shards of the Void(3) first will depend on how much XP you get in Scenario 1. Grab whatever you can and ditch those Kukri's. Blood Pact(3) is at the end because why not, it's a good emergency boost if needed but otherwise it's a low priority.

Alternatives & Additions

What's not in the deck

  • Rite of Seeking: let someone else do the investigating, this deck is about offense!
  • Shrivelling(3-5): the goal of this deck is to not include these cards.

Dec 01, 2018 jd90 · 11

Great to see that Jim finally works!

Dec 02, 2018 PureFlight · 450

This is sweet! Why do you feel the need for all the back-up test cards in Lucky, Live and Learn, AND Time Warp? Seems like a lot of cards dedicated to a similar purpose, when those Time Warps could be Statues or Seal of the Elder Sign or something.

Dec 03, 2018 MOTUX · 4493

@PureFlight Insurance :D. Originally I just pegged them until I could think of something that fit better. In the end I left the splashes in for the extra smoothing (handy if say an Olive test goes horribly wrong) and also for taking other tests (evasion in The Forgotten Age, investigating, scenario tests, etc).

Dec 03, 2018 PureFlight · 450

Congrats on Deck of the Week, by the way! www.reddit.com

Dec 07, 2018 Shakiko · 3

Cthonian stone is strange, unless you want to replay it often. Would cut it for for protective incantation, should be cheaper in the long run

Dec 08, 2018 Hydraxos · 2

Thank you for the write up and fantastic deck name!

Dec 18, 2018 duke_loves_biscuits · 482

Great looking deck. How would you change it to make it more of a combat/investigate Hybrid?

Jan 29, 2019 housh · 60

Great deck! Very helpful while trying to cook up a chaos manipulation Jim.