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birdfriender · 211

I had this idea for a Diana Stanley deck after I realized how potent "Eat lead!" is with her ability.

The aim of the deck is to utilize some of the Firearm synergy cards such as "Eat lead!" and Marksmanship which also happen to feature that all important "ignore" phrasing. This deck was build as a 19xp standalone deck but is definitely suited to campaign play too.

Card Breakdown:

.32 Colt while the lack of a boost on a 3 investigator hurts a lot, the high ammo count actually means this maths out really well with "Eat lead!", spending 3 or 4 ammo to fish for a 0, -1 or lets you hit most reasonable combat tests. For tougher enemies there are other options in the deck.

.45 Automatic this is the best card in the deck, the +2 is very important for letting us fight without other boosters, and then when we're down to our last shot we can try to shoot a retaliate enemy and tuck the gun away for a card and a resource.

"Eat lead!" this is the fulcrum of the deck and basically the reason its worth building. It costs 0 resources to play, basically guarantees us a fight action and then refunds us a card and a resource. Even better, once we find our special we can do it all over again.

Twilight Blade Diana's special is a big part of the reason this deck works so well with her rather than any other investigator. It can be fished out with Prepared for the Worst and it lets us re-use our Marksmanship, "Eat lead!" and even reset our .45 Automatic. It's also the reason we dont play Flashlight, you want to have a gun in one hand and a magic sword in the other, both of which you are trying to fish out ASAP, so there is no room to be playing other hand assets.

Stat boosters Diana only has 3 and we're going to be relying on it all game, we need some way to get her up to 4 or 5.

"Let me handle this!" this deck at its core is the ultimate guardian deck. If our teammate draws a treachery, we can take it an beat it, if they draw a monster we can take it and shoot it, if they draw anything else we cancel it. This helps give us options and save us actions doing all of that.

Testless clues we dont want to dedicate time actions and resources to getting clues mostly, because we are trying to deal with everything else. But sometimes we will have off actions or sometimes there'll be high shroud locations and these can let usefully engage with those. These aren't priorities and can probably be cut for other cards if you think your team will have clues down.

Upgrade Path:

This was built for standalone but if you want to build into it in a campaign, I would say the core xp cards are "Eat lead!", .45 Automatic, and Ward of Protection.

Future Changes:

Warning Shot from Union and Disillusion seems like it could be good. It's a strong combo with Dynamite Blast to herd enemies into one location to really get em with the dynamite. I expect I will try to find room for those two cards somewhere in here when that's released.

If they release another gun that Diana can take then it's an instant include, the biggest weakness this deck has is struggling to find its guns in her massive deck.


Feb 18, 2019 Bronze · 161

An interesting deck with the usage of gunfire, but it doesn't really take any advantage of her at all. A couple assets in there to deal with enemies or clues with her would help her out in the long run.

Feb 18, 2019 Chitinid · 14

You also can't use Twilight Blade to reset .45 Automatic because it specifies "events or skills"

Feb 18, 2019 birdfriender · 211

@Bronzemy theory was that you want to be proactively using the cards under with the sword so you won't end up getting to 5 and 6. In practise, I think you're right and some way to leverage would have helped and I think the next iteration of the deck will have two Shrivelling as a backup late game weapon.

@Chitinidyep, you're right. Realized this after I posted this, luckily before I played any games with it. You can still reuse the gun with her elder sign though, which "Eat lead!" can help you to fish for.

Feb 18, 2019 Myriad · 1127

In my experience, you really can't reliably count on her willpower for asset spells. I run just storm of spirits because it is only useful mid to late game and it is a test you can spike once and forget about.

Also, you always will select the lower fight value to make it fire.

I am not a fan of shriveling with Diana because her sanity is taxed heavily by playing ward of protection 2-3 times.

Your mileage nay vary. But I have had the most success embracing her guardian side.

Feb 18, 2019 Django · 3892

Seal of the Elder Sign also helps recycling .45 Automatic, though the bigger problem would be running into an enemy with retaliate in the right moment? Extra Ammunition and Venturer would be more reliable for this situation.

Feb 19, 2019 birdfriender · 211

@DjangoI definitely think Extra Ammunition would work well in the deck, another consideration for my next iteration. I think Venturer is dodgy because Beat Cop is so important, both for the stat boost and for finishing off 3 health enemies to conserve our ammo. Finding Retaliate enemies seems like it would be a problem, but honestly in practise so many enemies have retaliate, way more than I realized. There are hardly any scenarios without targets. Seal of the Elder Sign is a neat card too, 5xp is a lot for a standalone but I can see that being a strong late campaign include.

@Myriad that's an interesting perspective, I can definitely see how the horror can add up especially with her low (for a mystic) sanity. I think if I were building this for 29xp, or building it in a campaign, I might try Shards of the Void though I do have a soft spot for that card. As for her only turning on in the late game, I think that's mostly fine for this deck, since the purpose of fighting spells here would be to take over once our ammo is spent, not to fight early on. I agree about leaning into her guardian side though, I made this deck mostly as a gimmick and to take advantage of a pet card of mine, "Eat lead!", but I was shocked by how effective it was.

Feb 19, 2019 Bronze · 161

Yeah, but gimmicky is still very entertaining. Obviously this is one of those. I don't have enough experience with her yet, but her climbs very quickly from when I have played being a four usually by end turn 2. At that point forward she is your average mystic investigator and just gets better. I think there is something to be said though about early game coverage with some guardian cards in a standard build though. This is fun, and a nice additional way to look at it.

Feb 19, 2019 birdfriender · 211

The new Rogue/Guardian Gun they just spoiled on Drawn to the Flame is absolutely perfect for this deck! When i said any new firearm was an auto-include I didn't expect it to be this good!