Tony Passing Skill Tests In His Sleep

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cwin · 41


This deck takes Tony Morgan's strong economy and uses it to fuel a large set of Rogue and Guardian events which in turn can be captured by the Crystallizer of Dreams to help Tony pass skill tests. Tony seems like the optimal character to use the Crystallizer of Dreams because he can easily deal with the Guardian of the Crystallizer, and some of the time it may actually help him play events like Scene of the Crime or get additional resources through Bounty Contracts.


Tony can generally defeat weak enemies using his Tony's .38 Long Colt, but Sleight of Hand and Lupara can be used to burst down tougher foes. Ideally, Tony's .38 Long Colt should be used for the last hit to generate another bounty.


Almost every event in this deck has icons, which combined with Flashlight should allow Tony to do a bit of investigating when he's not fighting. Additionally, Scene of the Crime and Intel Report can be used to help clear high shroud locations.

Encounter Deck

Tony has difficulty dealing with some treachery cards due to his low willpower and low sanity. To deal with this, he can pass difficult treachery cards to his "friends" with "You handle this one!" or he can heal horror with a Moment of Respite. On the Hunt helps him stick to the encounter cards he's good at dealing with. All of which add icons to Crystallizer of Dreams.


Tony should be spawning plenty of monsters to make money from Bounty Contracts. In addition, Easy Mark helps Tony churn through his deck while generating resources, and also adding skill icons to the Crystallizer of Dreams.

Feedback appreciated


Oct 10, 2019 Combatbaby · 1

This looks like a really fun deck. I can't wait to try it out!

Oct 11, 2019 acotgreave · 40

Excellent skill icon management! Was that intentional or an accident of design? (ie did you build the deck by looking for Intellect icons, or did you notice the happy coincidence?). If it was intentional, what cards got added/dropped because of skill icons?

Oct 11, 2019 Difrakt · 749

There’s lots of money in this deck, but no real way to use it up outside very expensive service events. Is that intentional?

Oct 15, 2019 cwin · 41

@acotgreave I did build the deck looking for a good mix of skill icons. It happens that the intellect icons are pretty plentiful in the rouge event cards. I started out initially thinking of using Pay Day, but it got dropped for Easy Mark for the Intellect icons. I feel like the deck might still be a little combat icon light, so I'm still considering swapping in something like Coup de Grâce, but I'm not sure yet.

@Difrakt The events are pretty expensive, and I really like the fact that the new utility rouge events like Intel Report are easy to sink additional resources into if you need them. Because of that, I didn't feel like upgrading to Streetwise immediately was important, but it could definitely be a good option with some more experience.