Fist of the North Star , Cho

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Zir_Zero · 37

Who need weapon when only thing that you need is your fists (and boxing gloves)
When i want to start a new campaign and our group need a fighting focus deck , Cho is one of the best option.
High damage output out of the gate even with 0xp you can't go wrong with Cho as fighter in your group.

This deck prefer you get Boxing Gloves out on to the play area as fast as possible so you can get more spirit event after each kill and in the late game we can use Physical Training to help us with fighting high fights value enemy or help us deal with treachery that test our wills value.

Kill!! Kill!! Kill!!!!!!

Five main card you will be using is

  • Clean Them Out is the best option to take out small enemy which also giving you resources.
  • "Get over here!" to drag enemy from your friend and punch them in the face
  • Monster Slayer is card you saved for medium size enemy
  • One-Two Punch is your combo to kill big or boss enemy
  • Glory after you got a kill for extra card to fuel your bloodlust

Remember , Cho unique abiliity reset each phase that's why we put Dodge + Counterpunch Combo into the deck so you can deal extra damage in enemy phase in the case that you couldn't kill the enemy in your investigator phase.

Mythos Phase

First Watch is also a great option since you can used it to get enemy from the top of encounter deck prefer multiple and murder them instead of your friend and you can give those treachery card you don't want to someone else.

And just in case you don't have anymore First Watch and your friend happened to draw enemy card , fear not that's why we put "Let me handle this!" just in case so you will be the one to get enemy and easily deal with it .

Upgrade Path

In term of upgrade path first is Boxing Gloves so you can easily get spirit card after each kill and second is "Get over here!" so you can used Cho unique ability more often since it reset each phase.

After that you are free to upgrade which ever card you want , if you need more short burst of insane damage feel free to upgrade One-Two Punch , if you want more consistent damage (or you want to be that guy who say "Too Slow!!" to the enemy) feel free to to upgrade Counterpunch and using the counterpunch combo.

If you want guranteed damage Mano a Mano is also a good option since you can kill any small to medium size enemy by just breathing (feel free to swap "Let me handle this!" for that).


Sep 01, 2020 AquaDrehz · 153

This deck sound great. I saw it performance once and impressed.

I also recommend to put Backpack. after you first draw you almost guarantee getting your Boxing Gloves.

Then add Stick to the Plan so you can use Tactic like One-Two Punch (5) to KO any enemy in da face

Sep 01, 2020 AquaDrehz · 153

Tetsuo Mori is good choice for 0xp card . He can take many damage before he gone. Then upgrade to Backpack later for deeper search your deck.

Sep 02, 2020 MrGoldbee · 92

Only 1 ally?

Sep 02, 2020 Zir_Zero · 37

@MrGoldbee Yes , i have test this deck with 3 and 5 allies before and found it to be more hassle than it's worth. Most card in this deck having cheap cost so most of your resources will be spend on playing event and Physical Training to help you get by treachery instead of ally since there's no all atm that help with this style of deck so in term of ally it's unnecessary atm.

Sep 03, 2020 Chator · 16

omae wa mou shindeiru

Sep 04, 2020 Django · 2740

Prepared for the Worst instead of Backpack? This can also be attached to Stick to the Plan