Yorick calms down... a bit. Balanced Build

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Quibly · 69

This build endeavours to balance Yorick so he is decent at combat and cluing, he should be capable solo and multiplayer.

He has a pretty standard build with Guard Dog, Leather Coat, Lucky!, Cherished Keepsake, Act of Desperation and Vicious Blow and a few weapon cards. This build only includes 4 weapon cards, you could add another set of weapon cards to change balance as preferred (e.g. add another set in place of Mysterious Raven to improve combat consistency at the cost of some cluing ability, Gravedigger's Shovel would work well, whilst still keeping some extra clue gathering).

To increase his ability to collect clues Scene of the Crime, "Look what I found!", Old Keyring and Mysterious Raven are included. Testless is good with his low , and Old Keyring is basically a +2 which he needs, and can be spammed until you succeed twice and recur it.

In order to not hinder his cluing abilities when upgrading, you'll want to stick with single handed weapons so you can continue to recur Old Keyring.

Emergency Cache and Act of Desperation will help pay for his weapons and events whilst also helping recur with Yorick's ability to play assets from his discard pile. In a pinch you can chuck an Old Keyring that's in play at a monster's face for +1 and +1 damage fight action and get a resource back, and still have your other weapon in play!

Lucky!, Live and Learn and Resourceful lend support more widely, helping with important skill tests and recurring important survivor cards more consistently.

Cluing "Look what I found!" works well with Old Keyring. If you fail by 2 or less whilst investigating you can play "Look what I found!" to get two clues and you don't lose a key. If there are clues left you can do the test again with a nice bonus with Live and Learn. All these cards can be recurred with Resourceful and Yorick's abilities.

Walk to a new location with enemies, play Scene of the Crime, then discard Mysterious Raven and offload the horror onto your teddy bear and net 3 testless clues in one action. Kill an enemy and get your Mysterious Raven or Cherished Keepsake back.

If you wish to use Chainsaw with Yorick and make less of a cluer: Swap out Old Keyring with Evidence!, then replace .18 Derringer with Chainsaw when you get the experience points. Or if you want chainsaw and more combat consistency, swap out Old Keyring for Chainsaw directly.


.18 Derringer x2 .18 Derringer (2) x2 or .45 Automatic (2) x2

Guard Dog Beat Cop (2)

Scene of the Crime Eucatastrophe

Charisma (3)

Guard Dog Beat Cop (2)

Drawing Thin (3)

The pistols are similar in a lot of ways, so choose whichever you prefer. The .18 Derringer (2) is cheaper to play, has fewer ammo but does not spend ammo on misses and gives a +1 combat on next action after a miss, and it's a survivor item so can recur with resourceful. The .45 Automatic (2) has 1 more ammo. It is more expensive, however, which means it will be more effective with Act of Desperation. Eucatastrophe is a used to further supplement Yoricks cluing, plus a safeguard for important checks where an would be a threat. Charisma gives you the opportunity for more damage soak, cluing and damage dealing by opening up opportunities for more effective ally use. Drawing Thin is great to use in conjunction with Eucatastrophe (plus all your other survivor resources) for more resources and card draw, for practically free when used on easy investigation tests.

Other upgrade options for consideration

Aquinnah (3)

A second Charisma (3)

Police Badge (2)

Relic Hunter (3)

The Red-Gloved Man (5)+Will to Survive (3) (A great but expensive combo, combined with Police Badge can give 7+ testless turns with a base skill value of 6)

Lucky! (3)

Vicious Blow (2)


Sep 12, 2020 Peter the Strongman · 1

A straightforward and reliable build, well done. Stuff like this, just works! The only side note I would add, is: it is a bit weird to see the new Survivor cards turning Yorick into a flawless machine - even though he was always a bit unpopular. Power creep, you could say - but it was also needed for Survivors.

Sep 13, 2020 Quibly · 69

Cheers @Peter the Strongman. Yeah the idea was to be reliable, and not play to the survivor failure side of things too much, or be gimmicky, nor bordering on exploiting like some Yorick builds. Yorick can be a bit if a beast for sure and the new cards helped out his less offensive side.

Sep 13, 2020 TWWaterfalls · 539

I played Yorick in TFA and he was awesome. I am a bit more partial to Meat Cleaver as a primary weapon with either the .18 or Enchanted Blade as a backup. I would also consider taking the Shovel instead of Scene of the Crime since it does double duty as backup backup weapon and similar as a testless clue (2 if upgraded).

I used the Stray Cat similar to how you plan to use Mysterious Raven and it worked awesome in TFA. He still killed plenty of enemies but tossing the Stray Cat at two plus enemies per scenario saved a lot of actions since it usually takes two hits to take an enemy and you can also fail. It was awesome tbh. The Raven should work quite well like this.

One cool synergy with L2 Shovel, L2 Vicious Blow and Overpower is Yaotl. I almost always had a +2 available to Yorick with 6 cards in the deck and Yaotl copying whatever was on top of the discard pile. Act of Desperation also has double but I didn't have room for it. I did include Reliable since Meat Cleaver stayed in play for the whole scenario.

I think your build would work quite well even if you didn't change anything since most of my changes are just a derivative of what you have. Very similar concept.

Sep 13, 2020 Quibly · 69

@TWWaterfalls I had not considered Meat Cleaver, I'll have to look into it and test it to see how it works out! Your catering for TFA does bring up a good point that I didn't address, that builds should be modified to work even better per scenario and are not set in stone. Thanks for the comment. You bring up a lot of ideas to contemplate. I might try out your build when I play TFA, it looks interesting!

Sep 13, 2020 TWWaterfalls · 539

I was skeptical about Meat Cleaver but it worked fantastic in combo with the Teddy Bear.

I think the Stray Cat would work in other campaigns due to the action compression. Killing an enemy usually takes two swings (and you can fail) whereas the Cat was one action +1R to play and then 1R to recur. I am guessing that it probably saved 2-3 actions most scenarios and can really get you out of pickle where there are multiple enemies or you need to run for the exit.