No Fate Patrice - TCU Mythos Busters Ironman 2020

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MythosBusters · 2527

Upgrade path priority (for TCU anyway):

2x Alter Fate

2x Robes of Endless Night

2x Granny Orne

2x Ward of Protection

2x Dumb Luck

2x "Look what I found!"

2x Unexpected Courage

2x Nothing Left to Lose

Scrapper, I guess.

This is a support/flex build that beat Azathoth with Live and Learn. Yeah, you read that right. The whole idea started with the desire to play Alter Fate as many times as possible, as The Circle Undone is notorious for stacking treacheries that aren't always the easiest for all players to rid themselves of. The value proposition of a fast card that can, for free (once the Robes are down), thwart things like Daemonic Piping, Terror in the Night, Fate of All Fools, Wracked, Bedeviled, et cetera, et cetera is just insanely good.

Play Strategy

The deck is designed to keep the pressure off of your clue gatherers, while having a lot of ability to flex for clues when need be. As with basically any Patrice deck, getting a hold of the Violin as early as possible is key. From there, focus on building your willpower, play your spells, commit your cards, and flex in whatever direction the team needs. Resourceful is your prime way to recur Alter Fate aside from reshuffling. Scrying Mirror can be used for yourself or your teammates, Sword Cane is a great utility tool that you'll most often use for dodge-tanking big enemies, but can also be great to take the last health of an odd-numbered-healthed enemy without wasting spell charges. Granny Orne is basically a low-key Lucky! in a meat suit that you can share with anyone, effectively giving every skill test at your location +1 until she's spent. A Test of Will and Ward of Protection will show up at clutch times and at boring times, but in my experience, it doesn't matter. Cancel with reckless abandon; any advantage to tempo is worth the cost, and it's not like you can take it into the next turn with you, right?

Now, I imagine the first question one might ask is, why no Cornered? Well, it wouldn't be a bad include, per se, but this deck is first and foremost a support deck, and Cornered is a little on the side of selfish, isn't it? I mean, lookit the icons!!! So many icons. So much help to provide for whatever your teammates are doing, I'd argue that, at least in multiplayer, the commitment (heh) to support and use the icons for the greater good is overall a better call. But yeah, sure, throw in Cornered and it'd be fine.

A well balanced Patrice deck is like Arkham Jazz, just flowing with the tides of fate, and this deck is no different. Every turn and every hand that you draw is a puzzle of tactics and timing. I had an absolute blast taking this through TCU in a day, so much so that I know I'll come back to this build again. Enjoy!


Nov 11, 2020 JimmyNovak19 · 1

Love the list! How did you handle the Watcher? Any issues dealing with it?

Nov 12, 2020 Hilgendwarf · 1

I love this build! I think you’ve convinced me to take Patrice into our next multiplayer campaign.

Nov 16, 2020 MythosBusters · 2527

@JimmyNovak19I used to lean pretty hard on Fire Axe to take care of the Watcher from Another Dimension, but in this build, Sword Cane was doing all the work. Starting at a base 5 or 6 on that test and making sure I had the right icons to commit, he was never an issue!