Calvin: Your Holy Haunted Helper

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Derived from
Calvin Wright: Possessed By Great Intelligence 28 21 6 1.0
Inspiration for
Calvin: Holy Haunted Helper (ESPAƑOL) 15 4 3 1.0

Trickster · 132



Hello fellow investigators, this is Trickster.

So you've decided to play Calvin. Big wowie. Not everyone would, seems super stressful, honestly, i'm, kind of afraid myself. Not only that, i also made this deck myself since i didn't particularly like any of the top ones which i'm sure are way more consistent but didn't suit me.

So what does this deck do? Honestly? Everything, but not particularly well, we need XP to do that. We cover just the basics:

As for events:

  • "Look what I found!" is great for tempo gain and clue efficiency, wouldn't leave home without it. Calvin's stats are hot garbage at the start of the game and newspaper only kicks in with no clues so it should be easy to activate.
  • Fight or Flight will become Brute Force.
  • Ghastly Revelation/"I'll see you in hell!" aren't very important. The only reason it's here is because Dream Eaters is short and i need my trauma.
  • Live and Learn and Lucky! because they are amazing cards. Live and Learn will let us fail against retaliate/alert enemies without losing tempo.
  • Perseverance is good for not kicking the bucket which is neat with this masochistic goober.
  • Trial by Fire because it's made for Calvin and Preston.
  • Ward of Protection: Encounter protection + Horror building, no reason not to take it.


  • Resourceful and Take Heart: amazing cards, don't leave home without them.
  • Rise to the Occasion: will almost always give you , the level 3 version Rise to the Occasion will set your base value to the test's difficulty, then you add your modified value through damage/horror and then you get . Then you'll draw the red token.

Upgrade Path:

Big priorities will be:

Brute Force and Sharp Vision are our tempo cards. Without them Calvin's stats are just for cock measuring. Sure you have 5 in all your stats with the Five of Pentacles, but you'll do one or two damage per action, and get only one clue. Don't let your stats be just for show, take advantage of them.

Spirit of Humanity is the reason i decided to play Calvin, though maybe it won't be your first/second upgrade: it's free stats, it's free Calvin tempo and it hecking blesses you. You can forget the enemy farming and treachery failing, you can get good by just helping your team.

Challenges: As i said, this deck starts off weak AF. Many of the cards here are very hard to change so Versatile is a on the table. I'm having such a hard time ditching cards but maybe when you favor in True Survivor you won't really need resourceful, i'm also struggling to put in the Five of Pentacleswithout it. Since Versatile would dilute our card pool and we do not have great draw, maybe Lucky Cigarette Case can make a difference since with our juicy stats we should be succeeding quite often. I don't think it has enough soak to be safe so get ready for some high impact Calvin Wranxiety. Draw engine is not a thing, cash should be tight unless you get Resourceful + Take Heart. You depend on drawing Meat Cleaver to do damage until you get Brute Force which can be tricky if you're playing solo or your partners aren't fighters.

Strengths: so much tempo and safety once we upgrade. We just fail by pulling the red token, even then we have Live and Learn. We make the token bag safer just by being there, and have stats for days. Once we get Newspaper + Sharp Vision getting 3 clues in one action won't be rare.


Mar 17, 2021 MrGoldbee · 1046


Mar 17, 2021 Trickster · 132

...this is what happens when you try to make wordplay in not your first language.

Mar 17, 2021 Trigunner · 1

What is Versatile for? Wich cards do you intend to put into the deck and especially wich Off-class card?

Mar 17, 2021 Trickster · 132

In the Spanish version i did explain it much better, so i'll answer you and and then edit the description. Versatile is there because i'm awful at cutting cards from the deck. I ran out of space for the new cards such as true survivor and 5 of pentacles. If you're better at ditching cards than i am then don't put it in. It's wasted xp and dilutes the deck further. I think Lucky cigarrette case could be a great card here though.

Mar 18, 2021 Shakiko · 3

Leo de Luca shines as well, if you go Versatile, as you can use the extra action to get more cards to have a faster setup, or 1 more clue per turn or an extra attack.

Unrelenting is a nice addition as well, you can use it early campaign/scenario when your stats still suck to draw 2 cards when sealing 3 good tokens -- and late campaign/scenario it ensures you dont draw -5 or -6 or some horrid symbol tokens.

Mar 18, 2021 Shakiko · 3

PS: If you play this multiplayer, you can start with Solemn Vow before you get spirit of humanity, transferring dmg or horror from fellow investigators really helps maxing out stats early. (and can be used to effectively "heal" your fellow players if Jessica or Peter aren't "used up" on a turn yet)

Apr 08, 2021 andresd6 · 1

@Trickster cock measuring as in pEnIs measuring?