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Mortishade · 70

Pockets full of Diamonds



After looking for a good deck guide for Joe Diamond I found out that he didn’t have any updated deck guides this side of the 2020’s, so I thought I’d give it a try. Since I first laid eyes on Geared Up I knew I had to try to fit it into a Joe Diamonds deck. His extra deck size and hunch deck gives room to play some great events in your deck and still let you stock up a deck full of items for Geared Up.

This is my first deck guide, please give me some feedback in the comments and I'll try to respond when I have time.

Table of Contents:

• Overview

• Main Strategy

• Gearing Up

• I’ve got a hunch…

• Other Cards

• Upgrade Path

• Make Your Own Deck!


Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆
Enemy Management: ★★★★☆
Clue-getting: ★★★★☆
Encounter protection: ★★☆☆☆
Survivability: ★★★☆☆
Economy: ★★★☆☆
Card Drawing: ★★★★☆

Main Strategy:

• Play out most of your deck turn 1 and start moving around the board to pick up clues and kill enemies.

• Get free clues from your hunch deck and Pendant of the Queen

• Hard mulligan for Backpack

Gearing Up:

During turn 1 you lose 3 actions but in return you get to play as many items as you want at a reduced cost of 1. As most of this decks items cost between 0-2 resources you should still have resources leftover for later turns.

Level 0:

• You want to hard mulligan for Backpack. This let you see 6 extra cards and usually gives you 3 extra items to play during turn 1.

Machete and Detective's Colt 1911s is your main weapons.

Flashlight and Magnifying Glass will help you with clue gathering

Hawk-Eye Folding Camera will boost your worst stat first, then help you get more clues after getting its second evidence. boosting your sanity is just a great extra aswell.

PS: You should try to avoid playing hand slot items before you're done using Backpack

Level 1-5:

Backpack is the main piece you want in your opening hand for this deck. Hard Mulligan for 1 or 2 copies. It searches top 12 of your deck for 3 items and should also hit an Astounding Revelation to fuel your resources and/or Eon Chart If you find your second backpack you stock it up in the first backpack and play it out as the last item to get a new search for more goodies.

• It shouldn't take you long to assemble the 3 copies of Segment of Onyx needed to get your Pendant of the Queen up and running. Putting diamonds in your pockets just feels great.

Bandolier should be played after playing with backpack

• Your main weapons are now Detective's Colt 1911s andStrange Solution

I've got a hunch...:

The hunch is what makes Joe a perfect Geared Up investigator. You get to stock up your deck with item assets and still get to play some great events without watering out your main deck with cards you don't get to play turn 1.

Level 0:

• You get to pick up some free clues with Working a Hunch and Scene of the Crime. You can use Eon Chart to move to a location with clues before your first action, so Scene of the Crime should never be a bad hunch.

No Stone Unturned and Preposterous Sketches is great for finding your missing pieces. Turning over some stones and finding some diamonds and/or fueling up your chart with Astounding Revelation

Logical Reasoning is usually the worst hunch you can flip, but as your is so low you can get some problems with horror, so this will help you survive the encounter deck.

Level 1-5:

No Stone Unturned makes sure you get a revelation to refuel your Eon Chart or Pendant of the Queen. It's also a great card if any other investigator struggles with finding a specific card.

Other Cards:

Professor William Webb: can help you bring back a Backpack after Pendant of the Queen leaves play and all your diamonds are back in the deck. Making sure you always have the pendant active.

Pendant of the Queen, Hiking Boots and Eon Chart will all give you extra actions to do the important stuff. Killing bad guys and gathering clues.

Upgrade Path:

Link to the full xp deck

Core Upgrades

In the Thick of It Segment of Onyx x3 + Eon Chart x2 - 0xp - Total 0xp

Backpack x2 Backpack x2 -4xp -Total 4xp

Relic Hunter x1 - 3xp - Total 7xp

Studious x2 - 6xp - Total 13xp

Strange Solution x 2 Strange Solution x2 - 8xp - Total 21 xp

Bandolier x2 Bandolier x2 - 3xp - Total 24xp

Eon Chart x2 Eon Chart x2 - 6xp - Total 30xp

Machete x2 Hiking Boots x2

Professor William Webb x2 Professor William Webb x2 - 4xp - Total 34xp

Luxury upgrades:

No Stone Unturned x2 No Stone Unturned x2 - 10xp

Deduction x2 Deduction

Make Your Own Deck!

Empty for now, but I may add other options based on the feedback!

A great thanks to Valentin1331 for this great template. It made losing the "deck guide virginity" painless:


Nov 19, 2022 An_Undecayed_Whately · 359

Do you suppose that On the Hunt might deserve a spot in this deck?

Given his stats Joe prefers enemies over testing against his weak , and it increases the opportunities for using Scene of the Crime. Not to mention using it to fish for weak enemies or for VP enemies at your discretion...