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MOTUX · 4220

This Minh decks seeks to build upon her prior strengths (card draw, skill boosting, clue acquisition) using the new Seeker and Survivor cards from The Forgotten Age cycle. The deck is characterized by the following:

  1. Draw through your deck: as is perhaps the norm with many Minh decks, this one draws through your deck at a ridiculous pace. As a result, you can continuously commit your cards at will which generally negates any need for resource spending skill boosters (i.e. you can leave Higher Education behind).
  2. Card draw attack: the addition of Ancient Stone: Knowledge of the Elders puts a fun twist on Minh's card draw extravaganza by being able to spin that damage into supplemental damage.
  3. Cheap cost curve: also like many Minh decks, this one keeps the cost curve cheap, cheap cheap with a cost curve that caps out at 2; with the help of Madame Labranche, you can afford any 1 card per turn (with the additional benefit of further card draw if you burn through your hand). A low cost curve is especially helpful in The Forgotten Age since you won't need to spend supply points on "Provisions".
  4. High tempo clue gatherer: between its low maintenance and clue acceleration cards, this deck should have enough tempo to (mostly) carry the weight of investigating in a two player game.


The operation of the deck can be summarized as: commit cards at will, draw more cards, commit more cards, and draw more cards.... sometimes play a card.

The key assets you're looking for is Madame Labranche and/or Analytical Mind. Both allow you to commit cards at will and burn through your deck at an accelerated pace which means (a) higher skill boosts, and (b) more opportunities to play Winging It. Once you have Madame Labranche out, you can use her abilities to either (a) pay for one of your cards, or (b) try to reduce your hand to 0 cards every round to draw back up. If your intention is to pay for a card, be sure to use the window during the Upkeep phase (prior to gaining 1 resource) so that you are at 2 resources at the end of the round.

The decks fervent pace of card draw has added benefits for Winging It. Because Winging It gets shuffled back into your discard (after being played from the discard), you will have more opportunities to play the card again and again; I recommend playing Winging It as soon as you can, as often as you can. Other clue acceleration can be found in Deduction, True Understanding, and Working a Hunch.

Once you have it, try to get Cornered(2) out ASAP. While it doesn't work with Minh's ability nor with Analytical Mind, it is a life line when either (a) no card in your hand has a matching symbol, (b) you've already used Minh's ability, or (c) you want to activate Madame Labranche for more cards.

Ancient Stone: Knowledge of the Elders is there to add some flavour to the deck; might as well have the ability to spin that card draw into damage, right? Analytical Mind, Madame Labranche, Eureka!, and Cryptic Research(4) are your best triggers. As long as someone else has killing down pat you won't need to leverage into it too much so don't be overly concerned about finding a 4+ shroud location to use with Ancient Stone; a 2-3 Shroud location is good enough. No, you won't be taking out many enemies single handedly, but it is a nice way to contribute to the team.

Upgrade Path

See here for a fully upgraded version of the deck.

  1. Anatomical Diagrams x2 Cornered(2) x2 (4XP)
  2. Fire Axe x2 Ancient Stone(1) x2 (2XP)
  3. Ancient Stone(1) x2 Ancient Stone: Knowledge of the Elders(4) (6XP)
  4. Unexpected Courage x2 Cryptic Research(4) x2 (8XP)
  5. Lucky! x2 Lucky!(2) x2 (4XP)
  6. Magnifying Glass x2 Magnifying Glass(1) x2 (2XP)
  7. Deduction x2 Deduction(2) x2 (4XP)
  8. No Stone Unturned x2 No Stone Unturned(5) x2 (10XP)
  9. Preposterous Sketches x2 [Return to Dunwich spoiler] x2

Cornered(2) is your first priority. From there, you can dip into (a) Ancient Stone, (b) card draw, or (c) "other" cards based on personal preference. The above order is a guideline only.

Alternatives and Additions

I suggest adding the following cards for variation:

What would I cut?

What's not in the deck

I have specifically omitted the following:

  • Higher Education(3): conflicts with the deck's strategy and we don't need it for the boosts; the deck should have more than enough skill boosting via committing cards, etc.
  • Dr. Milan Christopher: Madame Labranche has resource generation covered without Milan's costly start-up fee while providing an alternative function (card draw) that works with what this deck is trying to do. We also don't need Milan's passive +1 as we have other ways to boost up , namely via committing cards.
  • Anything that costs >2: We want to keep this decks cost curve low, keeping all cards within reach of Madame Labranche. As a bonus, this leaves this deck less vulnerable to resource discarding effects and remove sthe need for "Provisions" in The Forgotten Age.

Jan 03, 2019 picollo · 165

Maybe start your upgrades from Ancient stones? You should be able to buy at least one cornered in 1st scenario as well, but you only have limited amount of scenarios to work with stones. sooner you buy them, sooner you gain opportunity to upgrade them.

In my opinion if you don't buy stones asap, you might as well skip them forever.

Jan 03, 2019 MOTUX · 4220

@picolloI would agree, but the Ancient Stone's don't provide as much immediate (or even long term) value as Cornered does; further, only being able to use the upgraded stones on scenarios 4-8 isn't that much better than scenarios 3-8, which is the same predicament most high XP cards fall under.

That being said, as long as the investigators can scrap together 5-6XP on scenario 1 (which is a fairly reasonable haul most of the time) you do not need to worry about what comes first.

Jan 03, 2019 matt88 · 542

@MOTUX Have you tested this deck?? Because I have a feeling that Minh's weakness totally destroys this strategy...

Jan 03, 2019 MOTUX · 4220

@matt88Yup, tested and works fine. The skill icon composition trends toward and so it is well positioned to blast through The King in Yellow.

Jan 07, 2019 AkaanQ · 626

Very interesting deck ! How would you tweak it for true solo ?

Jan 27, 2019 Torch · 1

What's your opinion on Yaotl and Dark Horse in Minh?

Jan 30, 2019 Dwelling_Despair · 1

I am playing this through my blind FA with Leo. I am really liking this build. When things are ticking you feel unstoppable. One thing I would say, is I wish there were more skill cards of symbols other then intellect. I get these help with the weakness, but I hit those situations where Leo or myself could really use agility or fight (especially agility for Minh, as your probably not going to fight, but If I pull the enemy and Leo is tied up or a few spaces away, There isn't much I can do that turn).