Norman vs The Universe

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Calprinicus · 428

Norman Withers is an amazing investigator. One of my favorites.


  • With a 5 he is perfect for finding clues on high shroud locations.
  • With a 4 he is suited to succeed at casting spells.
  • Easy weakness - Vengeful Hound doesn't have hunter and only 2 health.
  • Access to the top card of your deck essentially increases your hand-size by 1 and it also reduces its costs.


  • Split the Angle is a pretty bad card. It's best commited for a +2 or +2 on a skill test.
  • His is on the weaker end.
  • Fighting and Evading is an issue with his 2 and 1.
  • No access to some core Seeker upgrade cards like Higher Education.


Norman will be finding clues & preventing the chaos bag & Encounter deck from devastating the party. He can handle smaller monsters but will likely need to team-up for bigger threats.



  • Fingerprint Kit: This is a decent but probably not the best. it does help remove clues from high shroud locations.

  • Magnifying Glass: this card is free when on the top of your deck. It makes investigations easier making most locations a breeze to investigate. However, I still replace one of them rather early with a Four of Cups.

  • Art Student is 2 resources for 1 clue (1 resource while on top) and can soak damage! Once I have them in play, treat them as fodder. Their 2 sanity can be used to heal damage with Painkillers or they can take an attack of opportunity so I can put an asset like Shrivelling or move to a location with other foes for Storm of Spirits. When you have The Chthonian Stone in play, you will want to take less skill test. Art student is great to avoid an investigate check, especially on high shroud locations.

  • Working a Hunch works on the same vein as Art Student, it's 2 resources for a clue, however this card is fast and doesn't use an action. When on the top of your deck, you can't beat the 1 resource for 1 clue trade!




  • No Stone Unturned is a great tutor for you or your teammates. It searches the top 6 for the best card. For 1 resource when on the top of your deck it can't be beat!

  • Shortcut is a free move action. You're guaranteed to do it in a scenario, so I keep it in the deck.

  • Guts mainly to increase a Shrivelling or Storm of Spirits skill test.


  • MYSTIC 0 SLOTS: Don't waste one of your five precious Mystic-0 slots for something you'll into upgrade later. I see too many decks start with Shrivelling or Ward of Protection which you'll upgrade out of.

  • SCRYING: Scrying has always under preformed. It seems good at first glance, but it's limited in charges and you either need to spend (1) Actions or (2) XP. There are better things to perform action on, and cards to upgrade into.

  • ALYSSA GRAHAM: Alyssa Graham is really only good with Split the Angle and the chances of having both is slim. This card also competing with Dr. Milan Christopher for your ally slot.


  • ARCANE INITIATE: Arcane Initiate I think this is strictly better than Scrying. It can consistently grab you a spell mid-late cycle. It's cheap. Doesn't take actions to perform. Replaces the top card of your deck. It's a decent replacement for Art Student if you can spare the Mystic-0 slots (or 3xp).

  • CRACK THE CASE: Crack the Case: I do not own this card, but the added resources really let you keep chaos tokens sealed with Protective Incantation & The Chthonian Stone. Would likely replace my 2x Anatomical Diagrams.

  • I GOT A PLAN "I've got a plan!" has under preformed the last few times I tried it. I have replaced it with Storm of Spirits. There are only a few monsters each scenario with 4 or more health & it requires you to have 3 clues to get the max out of it, which goes against most scenarios as saving clues is often punished. Instead, storm consistently does 4 damage across 2 monster, sometimes more. It also benefits from locking up chaos tokens.


(6xp) 2x Knife -> 2x Shrivelling (2)

  • Your knife sucks. Get rid of it ASAP for some something more reliable.

(1xp) 1x Magnifying Glass -> 1x Four of Cups

(2xp) 2x Anatomical Diagrams -> Protective Incantation

  • Seal more chaos tokens!

(4xp) 1x Fingerprint Kit & Fine Clothes -> 2x Ward of Protection (2)

  • Ward is some powerful negation on the encounter deck.

(10xp) 2x Guts -> 2x Seal of the Elder Sign

  • What's better than ? a .

If there is more to spare...

(4xp) 2x No Stone Unturned -> 2x Time Warp

(6xp) 2x Ward of Protection (2) -> 2x Ward of Protection (5)