"Hey buddy, catch." [Co-op Standard/Hard] (Taboo)

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toastsushi · 44


Testing a combat-oriented multiplayer deck for Mark Harrigan aggressively pulling monsters from the encounter deck to him and blowing them up with the cool-looking Mk 1 Grenades. Machete and Elusive will not be used in this deck as I wish to try more versatile options and respect the current taboo list.

Use in any campaign except TFA (as it is more detrimental to defeat monsters, unless you have an evader in your team.)

From this point onward, I'm assuming your team of investigators is playing on Hard difficulty and you have at least 1 investigator gathering clues. This is a multiplayer-only deck catered to fighting and protecting your friends, and fighting is all you're going to do.

For Hard difficulty, let's stick to the +4 rule: Keep every skill test you perform at +4. At +4 , you get an 87.5% chance of succeeding (14 of 16) since the only tokens that can kill you is the -5 (-6 for TFA) or . If you really have to pass a critical test, push it up to +5 or +6 if need be.

1st Scenario startup

Mulligan as hard as possible for at least 1 weapon in your deck. Then, depending on the weapon you have in your hand (or no weapon at all), this determines what bad guys you can fight. Let's go through each case from the worst to the best:

No weapon: The worst possible case, but salvageable due to Mark's powerful card draw ability, if you have either Guard Dog or Venturer out, put them in the front lines to have damage dealt. If no Allies were drawn in your starting hand and you're just super unlucky, spend the first few turns drawing until you get a weapon. It is imperative that you get your weapons out, or you're only hitting 1-fight enemies at best.

.32 Colt [5 ] : This is the second worst case, but with the spoiled 0xp "Eat Lead!", your chances might be slightly better. You may wish to throw in Steadfast or Vicious Blow to ease your chances. Otherwise, use Sophie.

.45 Automatic/Survival Knife [6 ]: Here, your chances are better now. You can reliably fight 2-fight enemies at this level (or 3-fight with Survival Knife).

Enchanted Blade [7 ]: This is the stuff! Save your charges for 3-fight enemies, don't waste them for 2 or less.

What about 4-fight enemies? After playing enough, it's fair to say that at most 1 or 2 of them exist in the encounter deck (or are just Elite). This is where you go all out and throw all your skill cards (Steadfast, Vicious Blow, The Home Front) at them and kill them as fast you can. Again, you have Sophie to back you up on this. Alternatively, you could get desperate.

Act of Desperation [9 to 10 ]: Once you've depleted your ammo or charges on your weapon, and you're certain that you've killed enough enemies in the encounter deck, you may opt to hurl your weapon like a faux grenade. This is a one-time method to attack 4 fight enemies if you have no other choice.

"Let's see you catch this..."

What's your game plan during a scenario?

  • Get a weapon out. (As above)

  • Lay down a Smoking Pipe or an ally. Mark has a fragile mind, we have to make sure he doesn't succumb to horror. Ideally, you'd want Venturer to keep your pipe (or cigar) smoking, not forgetting that he's also a horror soak.

  • Direct enemies to yourself. Here's the meat of your build, either go with "Let me handle this!" or force an enemy spawn with On the Hunt. Keep in mind as to what enemies you can attack with the weapons in your hand.

  • Use Sophie or Steadfast to thwart willpower treacheries. Let's be honest, you're going to eventually draw one of these horror dealing treacheries. For the first few scenarios, it's tough. At best, you could take the hit once or twice, then mitigate with horror soaks or puffing on your pipe. In the later scenarios, you will get allies or items with better horror soaks, upgrade your Enchanted Blade, ask your seeker pals to heal you up, or beg your mystic friends to discard the treacheries you can't deal with.

  • Stay close with your friends for the first few scenarios. Don't wander off, sometimes they may need your help. Sometimes you might need theirs. You could potentially be one short of the "4 and up" rule, and a skill card from a friend at your location can make all the difference in the world. After a few upgrades, station yourself constantly at 1 location away from your friends. You'll be using your grenades for attacks and you don't want to injure them in the process.


Emergency Aid: This card is to make sure you keep your head above water and not flip Sophie.

True Grit: This is a card that you could potentially pile some damage on with your pipe. Heal 1 horror, put 1 damage on True Grit, draw 1 card. Rinse and repeat. This card could also be swapped out for Something Worth Fighting For if you're horror adverse.

Emergency Cache: This deck is awfully resource hungry, even with Act of Desperation keeping you afloat, you would use those resources to cycle in a 2nd weapon. Don't be hesitant to draw resources during your turn to get a weapon out.

Shortcut: Get around the map faster. Save your friend from a monster. Jump into the fray with 3 fight actions. This card kind of speaks for itself. Also has a pip, as an emergency.

Warning Shot (1st Scenario): "Is this useful?" you ask. Well, I'd say it's a "Get Out of Jail Free" card when you have an enemy (or enemies) that you simply can't deal with your current loadout. It's awfully situational, but at least it's got a pip to throw at a test. You may wish to swap it out with the upcoming 0xp "Eat Lead!".

Upgrade Path

Prioritize these cards for the first three scenarios (assuming you get an average of 3-6 xp per scenario, maybe a friendly mystic could help out?):

From the 4th or 5th scenario onward, upgrade the other copies as soon as you can:

If you've been struggling with horror, you could opt for some soak:

On the 6th or 7th scenario, treat yourself a little bit:

"Well, now the real party can begin."

Around scenario 4 or 5 would most likely be the turning point of the campaign, here's hoping that you have at least 1 copy of Mk 1 Grenades in your deck!

Game plan: Mulligan hard for 1 weapon, Reliable and Well-Maintained. If you get grenades, good! Otherwise, a Blackjack (2) or an upgraded Enchanted Blade (3) could work for 3-fight enemies. If you didn't manage to get your grenades out, work towards playing an ally. Aggressively push damage onto them to facilitate your card draw ability (or simply just draw cards), until you get your grenades out.

Then, play Reliable and Well-Maintained on your grenades, you may do an Act of Desperation with your other weapons, and that's it! You're now a killing machine with 8 , continue to aggressively pull the enemies to you with the usual approach. Don't forget to drop in a Vicious Blow to deal a little more damage to those annoying 3-Health enemies. Now, let's discuss RoE (Rules of Engagement).

Just a Little Push

You're now asking, how do I not blow up my friends when I'm lobbing grenades at this guy or this guy or this guy?

Well, they could just walk out. But, there's a better way. Enter Shortcut. When the investigation phase begins, and you're in a location with someone else, either shortcut yourself, or your friend to a connecting location. Remember to ask for permission before you push your friend. Stick to the Plan can make this easier for you should the situation arise.

If you don't have Shortcut in your hand, then you would have to be the last person to take your turn. Make sure the room is clear, then start lobbing. Alternatively, a better approach is to constantly be 1 location away from your friends once you have your grenades out. Encourage your seeker friends who can't fight to wall themselves out as well. This way, the enemies would spawn in your location.

Additional Thoughts

  • You might be tempted to ask your Venturer to refill your stock of grenades, but he's far more suited to keeping your Smoking Pipe stocked. After all, you can keep recurring grenades with Well-Maintained. It's all up to the situation: Are you in desperate need of horror healing, or killing enemies?

  • If you failed to keep your friends safe and an enemy is in threat area, this is where Blackjack (2) would shine. Don't be afraid to step in.

  • You may be tempted to use Agency Backup for clue-gathering, but it's much more safer to use them as a horror soak. Leave the clues for your friends!

  • If you do not have enough experience to purchase Mk 1 Grenades but the other weapons, attach Reliable to them! +1 on a Blackjack (2) or Enchanted Blade (3) still does the job.

  • Remember that Emergency Cache (3) also could help to supply your stock of grenades or pipe smoke.

  • If you manage to get Ace of Swords out, attaching Reliable to grenades need not be necessary, unless you want to play it safe with 9 , the choice is yours.


I love grenades. Here's hoping you would love them as well and protect your fellow investigators with the power of friendship (high-velocity shrapnel).


Jul 07, 2019 Thatwasademo · 1

"Additionally, you can throw a used-up smoking pipe at 2 fight enemies." You in fact cannot, since Act of Desperation demands the asset you discard occupy "at least 1 hand slot".

Jul 07, 2019 toastsushi · 44

Yep, I caught that just after publishing this. My mistake!

Jul 09, 2019 Django · 2048

Funny idea, using Mk 1 Grenades as primary weapon. Frees up hand slots for other interesting strategies.

Are you aware you can reload them with Emergency Cache 3 cause they're supplies, not ammo?

In 3-4 player it's pretty common that 2 players drew enemies during mythos phase, so you should include more solutions to avoid damaging them with the grenades, so see my review on the grenades pages.

Jul 10, 2019 toastsushi · 44

@Django Yup, I mentioned the use of Emergency Cache (3) in the Additional Thoughts section. Either you could use it for your grenades if you really need to kill something, or Smoking Pipe if you need to heal horror. Smoking pipe would take priority as Well-Maintained can constantly your grenades.

Also, it's a good point to bring up multiple enemies appearing. If 1 is on you, and the other on someone else, usually you would play "Let me handle this!" to push them into your threat area, then blast them both with the AoE effect.

Otherwise, you could enter your friend's location (the one who drew the enemy) and use Blackjack (2) to hit those enemies without ever having to engage them.