Yoinkus Exploitus (Daisy's Forbidden Farsight)

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Yoinkus Exploitus (Daisy's Forbidden Farsight) (26xp) 1 1 0 1.0

Corrupt_Idealz · 29

They called me a mad man ... they doubted my stupidity and they suffered the consequences. Now they wish to join the fray. Now I am a mad person with all the cards.

If you desire to trivialize clueing, avoid pain from most treacheries, make your friend's test suffer with curses and cycle at least once maybe three times per turn, take a swish of that spicy water cause we going all the way.

The decks premise relies on Farsight, Forbidden Tome. These cards are powered by the card bundle Preposterous Sketches, Cryptic Research, and Deep Knowledge. The premise of the deck is to fill your hand as much as possible to make Forbidden Tome only 1 action as well as play Extensive Research for 0 resources.


This deck is meant to abuse most aspects in the game such as using Deny Existence to avoid pain caused by the encounter deck, using Knowledge is Power to avoid paying the cost of Forbidden Tome and allows Occult Invocation to be done fast, and avoid cycling horror by hiring unpaid interns such as Laboratory Assistant to let us continue our adventure. This deck is able to avoid most test through Forbidden Tomeother than fights and mythos but that's what friends and denies are for. Farsight allows for these shenanigans to occurs by essentially giving our draw cards the ability to become bargain Cryptic Research giving the deck essentially 6 of them.


The main way to keep a big hand is to have both Laboratory Assistant and Dream-Enhancing Serum on the field giving the potential to have a hand size of 20. To get to this glorious number, the card draw bundle mentioned above is used with Farsight to essentially get more cards while saving actual actions to do other things like active tomes or draw more cards.


The first two scenarios are going to be a bit more difficult given the future reliance on this build. Dream Diary, Occult Lexicon, Perception, Inquiring Mind and Deduction are used to give the deck the capability of some cluing/evade early in the scenario and protect itself from early campaign. THE MAIN TASK PRIOR TO SCENARIO 3 is to at least translate the tome since the deck is heavily reliant on the book past scenario 2 and makes campaigns easier to handle.


The basic upgrade path with 75% chance of being a desired result (at least 1 Forbidden Tome) is as follows:

(4xp) 1xDream-Enhancing Serum1xFarsight

(4xp) 1xDeduction1xCryptic Research

(3xp)2x Forbidden Tome2x(Forbidden Tome/ Forbidden Tome) Shrewd Analysis

(If going taboo (4xp)): Knowledge is Power

These upgrades should get the deck running enough to be able to get most of Threads of Fate finished (play testing resulted in getting all agendas completed) Though the engine will take at least 6 turns to begin while future scenarios (scenario 4-5) it can be accomplished by at least turn 3

From here, upgrading to Cryptic Research, Preposterous Sketches, Extensive Research, and Cryptic Writings slowly getting rid of cards such as [Occult Lexicon], Perception(/card/05316), and at least 1 Old Book of Lore.


If you desired to cycle even fast Tempt Fate would allow for a redraw at the cost of cursing the bag and possibly locking out Deep Knowledge though getting a lot of resources through Cryptic Writings or curse builds would justify the usage. Other Upgrade paths would be Abigail Foreman to use Forbidden Tome twice or Old Book of Lore to be able to set up turn 1 even faster. Studious would allow you to ensure you start off with at least 1 card draw card to start the engine while Higher Education lets you use the resources acquired from Crack the Caseand Cryptic Writings to actually do tests once in a while. A janky upgrade could be Sign Magick+Farsight to be able to both Farsights and Dream-Enhancing Serum since Forbidden Tome takes 1 hand slot though Daisy's Tote Bag needs to be on the field to hold The Necronomicon. Segment of Onyx is always a good add especially since this deck will be able to consistently get use out of it.


The Necronomicon is a joke and stays in our field since tests are for Rogues and Daisy's Tote Bag lets us have Forbidden Tome out with other tomes while ensuring The Necronomicon does not affect our plans. Other weaknesses may affect the way the deck is built since the deck cycles almost every turn meaning treachery weaknesses limit the decks capabilities while weaknesses that stay on the field will be there for the rest of the game so build towards this deck if you feel confident your basic weakness will not be a detriment to future plays.


Apr 16, 2021 stardust · 3

the card draw bundle mentioned above is used with Farsight to essentially get more cards while saving actual actions to do other things like active tomes or draw more cards.

That last part had me burst out laughing! I love drawing cards so I'm definitely gonna star this and give a shot once I have all the required cards.

Apr 16, 2021 HereticPriest · 504

We did indeed call you a madman, but you have ascended to the rank of Cycling Master and we bow to your expertise.

In all seriousness I can't believe it didn't occur to me that KiP would make those Forbidden Tomes surprisingly powerful. Do you find yourself spending actions on the Tomes frequently, or reserving that for the 2-6 times per turn you've drawn KiP? I know you mentioned your hand is usually big enough to reduce the tomes to one action cost, but you seem to have quite a lot of other useful things to do with your actions, like drawing more cards.

Apr 16, 2021 Corrupt_Idealz · 29

@HereticPriestusing actual actions for the tome usually occurs around around turn 4 since kip+extensive research get most of the clues while actual turns are used to play for set up such as lab assistant, tome or serum. This deck after around scenario 4/5 is able to churn through the deck fast enough that a couple activations through kip is possible at the cost of assistants or sanity. Since this deck was play tested in Forgotten Age, movement was delayed by exploration. Although movement was delayed, tome activation was able to be activated consistently around turns 3-5 given farsight and lab assistant were in the play area though old book of lore through bookbag was used more often as a way to continue set up or give a desired card to a friend when clues were empty/there was no where else to go. in bigger areas such as threads of fate, both tomes were used each turn sometimes with kip to be able to move and pick up clues along the way.

Apr 16, 2021 HereticPriest · 504

@Corrupt_IdealzOk, gotcha. I love how efficiently you have the deck nailed down, right to knowing which turns certain pieces come online. That's super helpful for anyone trying to optimize their play of this deck, or really anybody wanting to pilot it. And the clue/move Tome definitely seems like the best, although the healing from the damage one certainly can't hurt.

I wonder how swiftly and cleanly you would be able to zip around in a campaign without Exploration...