Patrice investigates with her doggos and compass (13exp)

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Patrice, Disney Princess - 19 xp core 24 20 8 1.0
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Hi, here is a !seeker !multiplayer Patrice build. To be a good seeker our favourite violinist uses some tricks to get more clues in one turn:

  • Mariner's Compass - you have (only )5 cards in your hand and you will want to take 2 clues in one (exhausting) action , so you will need to do some careful resource management, because
  • there are also two amazing helpful good boys who want to join you, and there is only one correct way to make friend with them to have them as your faithful companions.
  • remember that you should be a proper seeker even when you are cornered

To put all these cards we will need some money but the best way, working nice with Mariner's Compass is our emergency button. Example of -emergency- button's use:

  1. You have 1 resource (because unfortunately you used all of them the turn before on your compass. You also have doggie and summon friend stuff in your discard pile and Resourceful in your hand and Drawing Thin in play. So firstly you do some test with Drawing Thin for 2 resources.
  2. You investigate successfully with Resourceful to get A Chance Encounter
  3. Play doggie for 3 resouces (2 from Drawing Thin) by A Chance Encounter.

Because you are a seeker, your team guardian will be probably another emergency button to handle the beast that doesn't like you for some reason.

The rest of this deck is a typical survivory mystical seeker stuff with some soak.

Aaand because this is Patrice, and Patrice is a cool flexible survivior, she is able to do some nessesary random - skill test for your team. Talking about nessesary things, I am not sure if Dark Horse is really needed in this deck. May be swapped for Keep Faith - use this when you will be ready with compass, cornered and doggos in play and money won't be so important.

Upgrade path example:

"Look what I found!" "Look what I found!"

Lucky! Lucky!

Rise to the Occasion Rise to the Occasion

Scavenging Scavenging

Voice of Ra, 1 Emergency Cache Nothing Left to Lose etc.

You can experiment with some Déjà Vu and Fortune or Fate stuff, or if you have Keep Faith, take some Ancient Covenant.