Play-by-Play #2: Jenny’s The Midnight Masks

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Derived from
Play-by-Play #1: Jenny’s The Gathering 3 2 3 1.0
Inspiration for
Play-by-Play #3: Jenny’s The Devourer Below 1 1 2 1.0

Magnificate 545

Opening Hand: Guts, Machete, Hard Knocks, Leo De Luca, Emergency Cache

#1: PLAY Emergency Cache, PLAY Leo De Luca, ACTIVATE Jenny's House (1 resource, Leo de Luca), PLAY Machete, upkeep (2 resources, Emergency Cache).

#2: Hunting Nightgaunt, FIGHT, FIGHT (2 damage to Hunting Nightgaunt), FIGHT (defeat Hunting Nightgaunt), PLAY Hard Knocks, upkeep (2 resources, Switchblade).

#3: Crypt Chill (pitch Guts, draw Perception), INVESTIGATE (pitch Perception, clue, draw Flashlight), PLAY [Emergency Cache], MOVE to Rivertown, INVESTIGATE (clue), upkeep (2 resources, draw Jenny's Twin .45s).

#4: Acolyte (Graveyard), MOVE to Graveyard (2 horror, 1 clue dropped on Graveyard), FIGHT (+1 , 1 clue dropped on Graveyard), FIGHT (+2 , defeat Acolyte), INVESTIGATE (clue), upkeep (2 resources, draw Dynamite Blast).

#5: Acolyte (Rivertown), MOVE to Rivertown, FIGHT (+1 , defeat Acolyte), MOVE to Graveyard, INVESTIGATE, upkeep (2 resources, Unexpected Courage).

#6: On Wings of Darkness (+3 ), INVESTIGATE (pitch Leo De Luca, clue), ACTIVATE Act (Peter Warren), INVESTIGATE, INVESTIGATE (clue), upkeep (2 resources, Elusive).

#7: advance Agenda, Locked Door (Graveyard), FIGHT (+3 , 2 damage to The Masked Hunter), FIGHT (+3 , 2 damage to The Masked Hunter), FIGHT (+1 , pitch Switchblade, defeat The Masked Hunter), ACTIVATE Locked Door (pitch Jenny's Twin .45s, discard Locked Door), upkeep (2 resources, Guts).

#8: Acolyte (Rivertown), INVESTIGATE (clue), ACTIVATE Act ("Wolf-Man" Drew), MOVE to Rivertown, FIGHT (+1 , defeat Acolyte), upkeep (2 resources, Elusive).

#9: Hunting Nightgaunt, EVADE (exhaust Hunting Nightgaunt), MOVE to Miskatonic University, FIGHT (2 damage to Peter Warren), FIGHT (defeat Peter Warren), upkeep (2 resources, Perception).

#10: Obscuring Fog, MOVE to Northside, INVESTIGATE (pitch Perception & Elusive, clue, draw Searching for Izzie (Graveyard)), INVESTIGATE (pitch Unexpected Courage & Flashlight, clue), Hunting Nightgaunt moves to Miskatotic University, upkeep (2 resources, Unexpected Courage).

#11: Mysterious Chanting (2 doom on "Wolf-Man" Drew), MOVE to Downtown (Arkham Asylum), FIGHT (+1 , pitch Unexpected Courage, 2 damage to "Wolf-Man" Drew), FIGHT (+3 , defeat "Wolf-Man" Drew), ACTIVATE Act (Ruth Turner), Hunting Nightgaunt moves to Northside, upkeep (2 resources, Mob Enforcer).

#12: Crypt Chill (pitch Guts, draw Backstab), PLAY Elusive (Graveyard), INVESTIGATE (discard Searching for Izzie), MOVE to Rivertown, MOVE to Southside (Historical Society), Hunting Nightgaunt moves to Miscatonic University, Mob Enforcer moves to Easttown, upkeep (2 resources, Overpower).

#13: On Wings of Darkness (1 damage, 1 horror, dropped on Rivertown), MOVE to Southside, MOVE to St. Mary's Hospital, FIGHT (pitch Overpower, draw Overpower, 2 damage to Ruth Turner), FIGHT (pitch Overpower & Quick Thinking, draw Lone Wolf, extra action, defeat Ruth Turner), RESOURCE, Hunting Nightgaunt attacks (1 damage, 1 horror), Mob Enforcer moves to Rivertown, upkeep (2 resources, Machete).

#14: Hunting Shadow (2 damage), MOVE to Miscatonic University (attack of opportunity, 1 damage, 1 horror), INVESTIGATE (attack of opportunity, 1 damage, 1 horror, +6 , clue, discard Obscuring Fog), INVESTIGATE (attack of opportunity, 1 damage, 1 horror, +3 , clue), RESIGN, R1.

Campaign Log:

The Gathering: R2, Jenny’s house is still standing!, 8XP (Ghoul Priest, Flesh-Eater, Attic, Cellar, 3 bonus XP)

The Midnight Masks: R1, Jenny interrogated the Masked Hunter, Peter Warren, "Wolf-Man" Drew and Ruth Turner! Herman Collins and Victoria Devereux got away! 8XP (The Masked Hunter, "Wolf-Man" Drew, Peter Warren, Ruth Turner, Graveyard, Northside, Miskatonic University)


Oct 12, 2017 Synisill 199

You really got the hang on it! I observed a fascinating flight scene near the end and an unexplicable undecisiveness at the start. She was laid siege on from the very first turn, entered the graveyard despite fear being beyond her strength and defending brilliantly there! But then she left the terrifying place again to beat the shit out of an ...Acolythe?... only to move back to the godforsaken place right afterwards? It was almost funny how much trouble fate had in stock for my heroine! I am glad she made it out alive!

[Again, i stumbled on the script. I can not make any sense out of #4 1 clue dropped on Graveyard. What did i miss? There was no apparent reason to drop a clue.]

Oct 12, 2017 Synisill 199

[AAH! Found it - token!]

Oct 12, 2017 Magnificate 545

Indeed, the Graveyard bit at the beginning was frustrating. Fortunately, Graveyard has 1 shroud and then the chaos bag was mostly in Jenny’s favour which allowed her to sweep up four cultists in the end. Jenny even had enough health and sanity left to attempt to grab the last XP point from the University that she ignored earlier.

Oct 12, 2017 Synisill 199

With both her weaknesses on the board, she did more than just a good job! I am looking forward to read more!