Lola Hayes Performs a Miracle

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Djhuti · 707

Lola Hayes

Deck Overview

Lola Hayes's strength comes from her deckbuilding options of up to level 3 cards from any class. Unfortunately, her role restrictions, weak stats, and potentially crippling weakness lead many to write her off as a weak investigator.

This deck is the culmination of trying to answer the question: "What can Lola Hayes do better than any other investigator?"

I have tested and refined it through two-player campaigns and standalone scenarios on Hard difficulty. The level 0 version shown here performs fairly well: fighting when needed and can even serve as a primary clue gatherer. The fully upgraded version is hands down the strongest deck I've played and trivialized most scenarios.

Ultimate Goal

Once complete, this deck absolutely crushes higher difficulties by avoiding the chaos bag altogether. Lola Hayes is the only investigator with access to both Will to Survive and the full suite of extra actions cards, enabling 7+ action turns where you succeed at every skill test. While this would normally be a gimmick, Lola's access to upgraded cards means that we will draw our full deck within the first 10 rounds of every scenario in only 7 actions + upkeep.

The full guide for the upgraded version of the deck is: Lola Hayes Performs Many Miracles. This guide focuses on how the deck gets to that point.

Card Choices

Our cards focus on fighting. While would be preferable in a vacuum, we will eventually want be able to fight after playing Will to Survive without needing to switch roles.

Once we have something to combo it with, we will want every card that gives us extra actions, but most cost experience. Until then, we take Leo De Luca + Quick Thinking but use as our second class (eventually shifting out of it when we buy the cards we really want).

Our third class is , and will eventually make sure we draw experience combo cards very consistently. Until we get our amazing cards, though, we don't need that much card draw and will happily take good cards that go well with Dark Horse and aren't weak to Crisis of Identity:

  • Deduction helps us be a pretty great clue finder.
  • Inquiring Mind is generally extremely useful.
  • Eureka! will be in our final deck and is good enough to include even now!
  • Shrewd Analysis is the 7th card we need for Lola's deckbuilding requirements.

We round out our deck with a few neutral staples (Flashlight, Emergency Cache, Overpower, Perception, and Unexpected Courage) that can be used while we're in any role.


This deck requires very minimal setup. You want to play Dark Horse, Fire Axe, and (ideally) Leo De Luca, then you're good to go.

You have high enough base stats and so many skill cards that you don't need to spend time gathering resources or playing assets before you can contribute. Use that extra time to get a head start on advancing the act deck.

While we aren't the best at fighting, we can deal with enemies well enough. Our base of 4 along with a minimal boost from Fire Axe / Meat Cleaver gets us to a decent chance of hitting enemies. While we run Overpower, there aren't many other icons in the deck, so you'll generally want to save Unexpected Courage for tests.

We can get free clues at low-shroud locations with Flashlight and high-shroud locations with Drawn to the Flame. Additionally, our of 4-5 combined with ample / icons should be enough to gather up our fair share of clues.

Once we get Will to Survive, the game changes completely. To play it, you need to do some minimal setup the previous turn. There are two options:

  1. Have Improvisation in hand
  2. Play Emergency Cache and switch to

One more resource during upkeep phase, and we're ready to play Will to Survive, fight as needed, then switch to and commit Quick Thinking for 4-6 actions where we succeed at every test! (and it it will only get stronger and stronger from there).

Once you've accumulated 26 experience, this deck will consistently perform miracle 7+ action turns with Will to Survive twice a scenario. Until then, you shouldn't count on that combo and should just play Will to Survive whenever you have to pass 3-4 relatively difficult skill tests. If all the cards fall into your hand, great! Don't spend time drawing cards looking for it, though; this deck is more than capable of finding clues and fighting enemies without it.

Upgrade Path

  1. Charon's Obol is an exceptional first buy. While not necessary since we're running Drawn to the Flame, this deck benefits so much from every bit of experience that it's a perfect inclusion if you're comfortable with taking it.
  2. Will to Survive (x2) is the first priority.
  3. Adaptable is necessary as the final deck contains 6 no experience cards we don't want to at the start.
  4. Ace in the Hole is incredible with Will to Survive.
    • Replaces Deny Existence. (We now have 7 cards to meet the deckbuilding requirements.)

With Ace in the Hole and Quick Thinking (x2), Will to Survive is an incredible play, but it's very inconsistent. The rest of our upgrades focus on making us draw this combo reliably:

  1. Charisma lets us run more allies.
  2. Preposterous Sketches (x2) are free and pair well with Dark Horse
  3. Eidetic Memory lets us replay either Preposterous Sketches for even more draw or Improvisation if we need to swap out of seeker.

By this point, I've found that Baseball Bat is preferable to Meat Cleaver due to the icon, no horror, cheaper cost, and no risk of breaking with Will to Survive.

You now have so much card draw that you'll typically be playing Will to Survive 3-4 times a scenario, often taking 6-7 actions during those turns. The final card we need to make this completely insane is:

  1. Borrowed Time to store up actions from the turns where we have to look into the chaos bag and use them on turns we don't.

Jun 20, 2019 Jabeato · 1

I want to start carcosa cycle with this miracle deck. So which investigator would you pair with Lola? I was thinking of Mark Harrigan or Akachi Onyele since I want to stick to carcosa investigators and I seem theirs classes complement this deck.

I want also stick to up to carcosa release date player cards so I will try to find alternatives to forgotten age and circle undone cards when upgrading.

Aug 12, 2019 Djhuti · 707

I ran a similar, unrefined list to this one as I was developing the deck through Carcosa along with Mark Harrigan, and it was a fine combo. Lola barely didn't make it in the last scenario, but the pairing worked reasonably well and Mark emerged victorious.

This deck finds small enemies really frustrating to deal with on expert difficulty as you don't want to blow your combo pieces to fight them, and Mark will happily help with that. The one area where we clashed was the pacing of the decks. Mark built a deck that had a slow setup and was comfortable surviving nearly indefinitely, while this deck can't survive the pain of the mythos deck for very long and needs to get in and out quickly.

Hope your run through Carcosa went well, and, most importantly, that you enjoyed it!

Oct 21, 2020 evoker · 1

Been looking at your deck and the upgrade path seems incorrect. After you remove the first Deny Existence, there are too few cards to have 7 of each if you don't get Charon's Obol, which I find very dangerous. How would the upgrade path look without Charon's Obol? What did you replace the 2nd Deny Existence with?