Zoey hungers for Blood [Theme]

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Bernat · 94

Zoey is not a soldier, she's not a detective, she's not a cop. So in this case we are not taking Beat Cop or Scene of the crime, though I know they would be good in this build.

Let it be clear that first of all this is a thematic deck.

What we know is that she's bloodthirsty and she's here to take revenge and smite the wicked.

The idea here is to play the cursed The Hungering Blade as soon as possible. Just with 4 combat it will be hard to get the first offerings, but that's why we are running, Overpower, Take the Initiative, Daring and Physical Training, which will be also useful because this is a cheap deck. We are a working class chef after all. All of them in the theme of we being a righteous psycho killer who trains and does whatever is needed to Smite the Wicked.

Mr. "Rook" may be the less justifiable choice thematically, but it can actually make sense. We want to find the wicked, because we want to SMITE them. "Are you sure you wanna know?" Oh, we are sure we wanna know. We're gonna make them pay.

Rook will be really useful because it will help us find the copies of Bloodlust we need in order to get the Hungering blade up and going. Remember to have at least 2 offerings on the blade before using Rook, or you will get horror problems. If we don't have the blade yet, he's gonna help us find it along side Prepared for the Worst.

Our events are also really temathic, useful to find wicked foes, engage them, protect the innocent, and showing them that the wicked also bleed... .

The best thing about this deck is that it works and shows that you dont need cops or expensive weapons to be a Guardian. When you get the blade at max Bloodlust, you are at +3 with the option of 3 damage. That's awesome for a 1 handed weapon, that's only 1xp and only 3 resources. There's nothing like it. YOu can even hit the boss for 3, and search for the same bloodlust you just shuffled before the second attack. Who wants big guns when you got infinite ammo with a 1 handed blade?

Remember that Rook helps you find a card AND bloodlust, because bloodlust is a weakness so you draw it in addition of any other useful card with Rook's ability.

If you need to be also getting some clues, swap the knifes for flashlights, and get also Scene of the crime (you can ditch take the initiative) and you are good to go.

Interesting Upgrades:

(Not necessarily in this order)

··Vicious Blow (2) To hit harder

·Reliable To get the sword on +1 before Bloodlust

···Stick to the Plan where we can get On the Hunt, Prepared for the Worst (ditch the other copy) and ·Ever Vigilant to get a faster setup, if we are lucky with the first hand, we can play On the hunt in the first mythos phase, to start swinging the blade.

··Well Prepared To boost our combat further, it's speccially good with Zoey's Cross for a +3. If we go for this one, we can also get ··Physical Training(2) for a 2Willpower target for Well Prepared.


Dec 04, 2019 Django · 2562

Cool deck, it's thematic and effective.

Interestingly, Mr. "Rook" also helps you get more offerings if you draw Smite the Wicked or have another basic weakness enemy. In 2-4 player "Let me handle this!" could be helpful to take over allies drawn enemies, saving you move actions?

For sanity, how 2x Smoking Pipe? Taking a breather after smiting the wicked? Also helps you killing Mr. "Rook" so you can play him again, as you can't play a unique asset while it's still in play. Mr. "Rook"s ability also helps you get his second copy.

Dec 04, 2019 masomase · 946

@Django 'as you can't play a unique asset while it's still in play' - huh. Good point. I never realised that. Learnt something new!

Dec 04, 2019 BubbaAristotle · 1

And it's +1 to hit with each copy of Bloodlust. Not +1 damage for each. That stays +1 no matter how many copies.

Dec 04, 2019 Bernat · 94

@Django Thanks! "Let me Handle this!" is a great suggestion, there's only so much deck space, but it's really on theme and it would be useful to make room for it specially at highet player counts. What you say about Mr. Rook is true, finding Smite the Wicked early when you have the blade is really great.

The smoking pipe could be quite useful as well, but it's harder to justify in my headcannon theme. Still, sanaty can be aproblem in some scenarios, because Rook is all the soak we have, but usually the 4 base willpower keeps Zoey alive quite well.

Dec 04, 2019 Bernat · 94

@BubbaAristotleYes, of course, it's 2 damage per attack, but when you have enough offerings you can take the luxury of shuffling back one copy of Bloodlust to get one damage more, so you have the option of a 3 damage (total) attack. Then, you can get that copy back immediately with Rook (along with another card, because Bloodlust is a weakness so Rook draws it automatically)

Dec 06, 2019 Django · 2562

I learned that you can't discard a unique asset with itself when i played David Renfield in another deck. Very important to know how many options you have to get rid of his doom.

Dec 06, 2019 BubbaAristotle · 1

Also remember that that's where Charisma could be dangerous. If you have a second Ally slot legitimately open you cannot overwrite run Ally with another no matter what. You have to have both slots filled

Feb 23, 2020 Zinjanthropus · 10

For more horror management, you could consider Brother Xavier (probably with Charisma, though you could use it to force out an empty Rook, I guess). I'm not sure how well it fits with the theme, but he is a holy man.