Ursula's Expedition Journal #3: Return to Threads of Fate

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Ursula's Expedition Journal #2: Return to the Doom of Eztli 1 0 0 1.0
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Ursula's Expedition Journal #4: The Boundary Beyond 1 0 0 1.0

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The decision has been made, we're going to put our faith in Ichtaca and hopefully she'll reciprocate. That's how I played the original Forgotten Age and the Return makes it even a bit easier. But, before tackling Boundary Beyond we have stuff to do in Arkham itself. Four whole act decks instead of three! As for the deck, Ursula is going to leverage her fame and popularity and purchase a single Charisma. I was considering the Crystalline Elder Sign, but then I remembered this scenario loves to throw free allies in your direction and without Charisma these allies are often wasted. The other option were two Shortcuts II, but there're no teammates to benefit from them so that's not a priority purchase.

Threads of Fate

Supplies: Binoculars, Chalk, Map, Rope, Mysterious Specter

Pre-Mulligan Hand: Crack the Case, Pathfinder, Inquiring Mind, Manual Dexterity, Occult Invocation

Opening Hand: Pathfinder, Dr. William T. Maleson, Jake Williams, Perception, Deduction

Ursula listens to Ichtaca's tale, informs the police about Alejandro's disappearance and wants to find the root of the problem. Ursula begins the scenario with 1 Physical Trauma.




Brotherhood Acolyte is an interesting design. If drawn first it might even not accrue doom, but it might cascade if drawn later. Still, we've got Maleson to prevent the worst. Not to mention both Maleson and Williams provide us with extensive health and sanity buffers, so we're well prepared for the next several rounds. BTW, notice that Ursula found her own Diaries at the Miskatonic University? I'm pretty sure that means at least part of these diaries were either fictionalized and published or at least used as primary sources for scholarly publications. Neat.

Board State Reminder: 6 health, 7 sanity, 2 resources, 2 clues

In Play: Jake Williams, Dr. William T. Maleson, Dream Diary, Pathfinder

In Hand: Shortcut, Deduction, Eureka!, True Understanding, Occult Invocation, Inquiring Mind

Threat: Words of Power




So secretive! We've took quite a beating, but that's still within acceptable range. What worries me more is that I've been sloppy with the timing of those parleys. I forgot Maria might get miffed if there are no clues at her location and I've taken surplus doom from parleying Harlan one round too early. On the plus side, Call of the Unknown was the top discarded by Harlan and Ursula got to finish off Maria by outright punching her in the face. Words of Power are still in my threat area, but it might well turn out to be ignorable for the entire scenario. There's only one full act deck left after all.

Board State Reminder: 3 health, 5 sanity, 4 resources, 5 clues

In Play: Jake Williams (2 damage & 1 horror), Ichtaca (2 damage & 1 horror), Dream Diary, Pathfinder Relic of Ages

In Hand: True Understanding, Crack the Case

Threat: Words of Power




Mythos phase! Excellent! Ursula once more took advantage of the encounter deck not throwing enemies at her to finish the scenario early. Which leads us to some number crunching. We've got six XPs to spend on cards and twelve virtual XPs to spend on supplies and healing. If I understand correctly I can only convert up to ten of these virtual XPs to supply points and that means we either lose the last two or dip into our budget to heal trauma. Is that right? On rereading I think that's right, so let's visit the hospital and send our pal Jake to procure some Provisions, two tankfulls of Gasoline, one Medicine, a Canteen, a Compass and, last but not least, a comfy Blanket. Getting a Pickaxe might be more useful, but with so many supply points to spend I'm feeling luxurious. Oh, and speaking of luxuries. Ursula will be taking a small detour to Hotel Excelsior. See you next time!

EDIT: No sidequests after all. I had one posted, but had to delete it.

Campaign Log:

The Untamed Wilds: Ursula interpreted the dreams. Ursula cleared a path to the Eztli ruins. Ursula earned Ichtaca’s trust. Alejandro chose to remain at camp. 8 XP, 1 Physical Trauma, Yig’s Fury: 1.

The Doom of Eztli: Ursula recovered the Relic of Ages. The Harbinger is still alive (0). Ursula gave custody of the relic to Harlan Earnstone. Alejandro is continuing his research on his own. 4 XP, Yig’s Fury: 4.

Threads of Fate: Ursula found the missing relic. Ursula rescued Alejandro. Ursula forged a bond with Ichtaca. Ursula recruited the help of another expedition. The Harbinger is still alive (1). 6 XP, Trauma Healed, Yig’s Fury: 4.