Crystallizer of Spycraft

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Fishiste · 53

This deck focus on the multiple great events (mostly free) available for Trish and their wonderful icons (7 having multiple of the same icon) reusable through Crystallizer of Dreams. The Crystallizer of Dreams malus may be turned as a bonus with an enemy entering play exhausted.

Mr Rook:

  • not only provides enemies (at least 2 thanks to the Crystallizer) to be sure to get some and becomes a double card drawer with the weaknesses, giving you a clean deck for the massive drawing effects;
  • also allows you to be sure to get the Crystallizer early in the game (before you play your events);
  • will empty the deck so Practice Makes Perfect will hit a target more often;
  • allows some nice combo for Trish. Ex. You can search, find Shadow Agents and take a Narrow Escape to investigate at +2 right after, without attack of opportunity and get rid of your nemesis immediatly, the double icons of Narrow Escape being useful to keep on the Crystallizer.

Trish's deckbuilding options are so wide you can't put everything despite some events screaming to be played with her: Truth from Fiction, Slip Away, Eavesdrop, Unearth the Ancients, Seeking Answers... All of these are strong options for their effects and their icons. Eavesdrop is the card to take if you're going to do FA with Trish, needing to evade more than kill enemies.

With very few Willpower icons and even less strength icons, and with the addition of the Guardian of the Crystallizer, this is definely a multiplayer deck, although some cards like Obfuscation and Stealth and even Pickpocketing would become unnecessary at all with more than 2 players (you just have to play first while your friends stay engaged with the enemies).

For solo deck, replace both You Handle This One with additional enemy management. For 4 players, remove at least Stealth and the pickpocketing assets as you'll need to evade less enemies for more investigating or resource boosts.

For upgrades, 5 main orientations, depending of your playstyle and your partners, can be followed:

  • Lola Santiago is your best friend: First Lola > Charisma > Second Lola; Replace Stealth;
  • Trish needs money (for Intel report and Lola) Hot Streak > Another Day Another Dollar > Hot Streak; Replace Faustian Bargain, one Crack the Case;
  • Be better at investigating (doubling the bonuses from Practice Makes Perfect or take better tools): Deduction > Lockpicks > Perception; Replace base skills, Camera, Pickpocketing;
  • Spying is learning secrets; Truth from Fiction is doubling the Rook drawing effect or the Cypher abilities, while adding a 3 intell icons to the Crystallizer. Not bad for a single one cost card; Replace Pickpocketing;
  • Managing enemies become quite easy with one recursive Slip Away; Replace any of the previously mentioned cards you haven't replaced yet!

That's already over 40 xp (some second copies are not necessary though). After that, you'll have all the classics Rogue and Seeker staples: Streetwise, Relic Hunter + The Gold Pocket Watch, Ace in the Hole, Shortcut, Pathfinder, Tarots etc. Again, spots in the deck are becoming very expensive and it's the main issue here with these awsome deckbuilding options...


Oct 09, 2020 Fishiste · 53

I don't know if editing this deck will make the previous one disappear. I didn't want to rely on Research as I'm pretty sure it is overpowered right now and something will have to be done in a FAQ. But Astounding Revelation between Practice Makes Perfect and Mr Rook was an obvious choice I didn't make and after some test, I Have to put it in this! At 4 players, remove Stealth and both Pickpocketing for it At 2 players remove Obfuscation, Faustian Bargain and one Crack the Case for it

Oct 11, 2020 lonewolf · 1

Played with this deck yesterday and it worked wonderfully. Nothing to envy the best seekers while it can evade some monsters and get some tricks from the rogues. Ty for sharing !