Nine aces - Skids ruins everything

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becxabillion · 222

Why run three aces when you could run nine?

Specifically, three copies of Three Aces, four of Daredevil (thanks to alternate skids), and two of Practice Makes Perfect. Practice makes perfect can search out daredevil or three aces, so you draw any three of the nine and you're good to go. This will net you three cards and three resources, as well as thin your deck by (up to) four daredevils, and draw one for each practice makes perfect you use. Since the deck already has less cards than normal you're halfway through your deck almost immediately.

Manual Dexterity and Perception are even more card draw and help with tests, and alternate targets for Practice Makes Perfect once the aces are in the discard. Daredevil level 0 can also shuffle your discard if it didn't get used with the aces - it will discard the entire deck except weaknesses - hospital debts stays in your threat area once drawn, and if you only have one weakness you can't shuffle it back in, so it gets discarded.

Mauser C96 is a really decent gun, and Act of Desperation is there for if you empty one so you can get it back in your deck via shuffling your discard. Leather Jacket and Lonnie Ritter are the only soak you have, but comboing together you can heal 1/1 a turn, and your deck cycles quickly so losing one isn't a big deal either. Lucky! is awesome and makes you good at anything, and "Look what I found!" is action compression and clue gathering. "You handle this one!" is here to keep your terrible heads from getting you killed too easily.

For resources you have parallel skid's ability - on standard you have good odds of getting 1 resource a turn, or three with manual dex or on the lam committed.

The rest of the (tiny) deck is one-of assets that give you more 'stuff' per turn.

At level 0 just replace three aces with your favourite three rogue skills. There's a lot of scope to upgrade the deck too - better guns Mauser C96 .41 Derringer Chicago Typewriter, Lucky Cigarette Case (or two copies and Relic Hunter), packing the deck with more Lucky! Lucky!, Charisma and an ally Leo De Luca Delilah O'Rourke, and of course a tenth ace Ace in the Hole. Eucatastrophe is a high priority too. Do be careful adding rogue skills - they are awesome but for every one you add you need another of your aces in hand.

With 30 cards total in the deck including weaknesses, you draw 13 without spending a single action, and 5 in your opening hand. Playing all your assets (one gun only) takes 5 actions and 15 resources. You can reasonably expect to achieve this in 2-4 turns, after which point you are awesome. This deck doesn't go infinite like some previous decks have, but does go awesome extremely quickly and consistently - it might edge over the line from good to unfun. It's also fully compliant with the latest taboo.

Oh, and keep an eye on blurse payoffs - if there's even one that this deck likes, Tempt Fate pushes this deck even further.


Oct 19, 2020 brkndevil · 1

I think you are technically under the minimum card limit since alt skids rules means that Daredevil is considered not part of the normal card limit You can basically fix this with Tempt Fate so i guess its really only a minor matter, but you have a deck of 30 instead of 28

Oct 19, 2020 becxabillion · 222

@brkndevil Arkhamdb isn't counting the additional daredevils in the 25 cards in the deck. I'm actually really impressed with whoever coded this because they added extra functionality just for alt skids.

Oct 20, 2020 unremb · 179

You made a tiny mistake in the deck build - the cards that do not count towards the limit are the Daredevil (0) and not the Daredevil (2) cards. No difference in the greater scheme of things, but the (dare)devil's in the details. ;-)