Amanda's Sharpe Knife

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Calprinicus · 2694


This is a combat-oriented Amanda Sharpe build. Using a mix of Machete and spells (Gaze of Ouraxsh and Manipulate Destiny) Amanda can dish out a lot of damage and feels more of a Guardian than a Seeker.

Dream Diary

Dream Diary is crucial to dealing with monsters. Unfortunately, the timing does allow you to put it under Amanda each turn. However, you can hold onto it until needed.

Research Librarian helps you fetch Dream Diary. The single copy of Astounding Revelation is to reimbursment the cost.


It requires Versatile to add this card to your deck. Machete is very powerful. Dealing 2 damage without using ammo keeps it good the whole scenario. Paired with Vicious Blow you can deal upward of 12 damage to a boss in a single turn.


s power the other damage spells. (Gaze of Ouraxsh and Manipulate Destiny) can help when you have 2+ enemies engaged.

Tempt Fate, Deep Knowledge, and Promise of Power add more curses to the bag.

Blasphemous Covenant and Favor of the Moon help mitigate the curses you add. Favor of the Moon can power both of the damage spells.


You cycle through your deck rather fast. Amanda Sharpe draws 1 additional card each turn. Paired with running draw skill (Overpower, Manual Dexterity, Perception, and Guts), Tempt Fate, and Deep Knowledge makes sure you have good options each turn for the skill you place under her.


Since you run mainly skills, you'll have a lot of extra resources. Scientific Theory helps eat those resources without using skills cards you want to put under Amanda.

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