Zojimbo - Thematic and mechanically sound Zoey (Hard mode)

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StartWithTheName · 9348

This is a thematic blades and fanaticism Zoey build. I cant be the only one who has been dying to play her in this style, and im happy to say this seems to work well and has that swift hunter seeker feel.

Its been refined over a few hard mode runs of various scenarios paired with a variant of my current Finn deck. They've comfortably cleared up to lost in time and space in Dunwich and im hoping to try that and Carcosa soon. Im yet to try it in TFA so if anyone does give it a bash please let me know how it went (Tip: Keep Take the Initiative and Ward of Protection back for tests).



A fast, thematic, and effective, blades and zealotry Zoey build capitalising on the fact that Timeworn Brand offers the equivalent to the common Machete with passive +1 from a Beat Cop setup. The tempo advantage of this huge, replacing a previous two card combo with a single tutorable card. Or if you did draw Machete first, you're still only looking for one more card for the same +2 +1 damage, minimal drawbacks rig.

Cash is plentiful so, any time you have a spare action, draw

High hp enemies are dealt with swiftly through numerous burst damage options. Note that Blood Eclipse can be used to detonate Bro X, and that Double or Nothing + Brand’s one shot or a max Eclipse both attack for 8 damage at base 8 to 10 ish before any other boosts, so they land reliably and hard. Note also that Zoey's Cross allows you to reliably kill 3hp enemies (seemingly the new norm in TFA) in one action.

This leaves space for a high synergy low cost event suite with zoeys cash paying for all the big ticket assets. On the Hunt and "Let me handle this!" provide enemies to fuel auto clues. This also avoids the need for Cache bursts, or the actions to play them.

Finally wider treachery protection is provided by high , Bro X's soaking, Ward, Guts and Take the Initiative.


APPETISERS (Campaign Starter)

For practical reasons I actually just start like this and slowly convert over (It's not long before you get the brands anyway):

If you wanted to be a bit more thematic, then perhaps take Survival Knives, Guard Dogs, rather than guns and cops. This is untested and will likely be less effective but not everything is about power level.


SIDE ORDERS (Flex Slots)

These are fairly flexible slots, do with them what you will:

Take the Initiative was picked as nice encounter protection, especially in TFA where tests are a risk. Unexpected Courage is another good option. Drawn to the Flame was chosen to give a little more clue support in non combat turns (and potentially dig up more enemies if youre lucky). I used Rite of Seeking in this slot for a while but its a bit expensive particularly since it ideally wants Brother Xavier in play, and you really want that early cash for the brand. Other good off faction options include:

Going Solo? - I havent tested this but "Let me handle this!" should probably be swapped for a clue tool. Flashlight is the obvious pick.


DESSERTS (Upgrades)


  1. Timeworn Brand x2 asap!
  2. Brother Xavier x2
  3. Blood Eclipse x2
  4. Keen Eye - this helps late campaign once more tokens are added to the bag, alternatively see Beat Cop (2) below, or
  5. Reliable - Shout out to @myriad in the comments below for highlighting this. I have yet to try it but in principal this should play a similar role to the passive +1 offered by Beat Cops but without hogging the ally slot, or breaking theme. Note that on the Brand it will give you +2 on the once per game ability since it adds to both and .

Then options:




FIRST SERVICE (The Mulligan)

If you got the brand, just look for whatever looks useful for the scenario. I usually dig for clue tools or On the Hunt/"Let me handle this!".


SOMETHING STIRS (Encounter handling & Enemy Tutoring)

BREAD AND BUTTER (Enemy Handling)

  • Day to day combat is simple. Youre aiming to attack at base of 6. You want to be 3 above test strength on hard and this covers you for enemies upto 3. Get The Brand down asap, this will kill most things with one or two hits.
  • Reliable, Overpower or other skill pips may be needed on higher combat enemies. Notice that almost all the events and spare weapons have pips on them if needed. Alternatively if you dont mind a little theme detachment, keep the Beat Cops or grab Upgraded Cops for mid/late game accuracy.
  • Zoey's Cross if you can find it, lets you deal with 3hp enemies with single actions if you draw them (these are much more common as of TFA), and makes short work of annoying 1hp enemies like Acolytes or Whippoorwills. Vicious Blow can be used in a similar way on 3hp enemies, you rarely need it for larger things since you have other bursts, which leads me to:

ZANTETSUKEN ! ! (Burst damage)

Ok i know thats not a cooking term (Zantecooken?), but some of us have spent too much time playing final fantasy games to miss an opportunity like that ...anyway...

Almost all scenarios have some form of boss or mini boss type enemy. Usually monster traited with at least 4 or 5 hp and VP. On the Hunt and "Let me handle this!" help ensure they end up engaged with you. The deck then has a few options to dispatch them fast:

  • Both Timeworn Brand's in built once per game attack and Blood Eclipse can attack for 4 damage with a base of 8/7 skill (ie they dont miss easily). 9/8 skill with Brother Xavier down.
  • Either of these can be an 8 damage attack with Double or Nothing. If somehow base 9 or 10 isnt looking enough to land the blow, Take the Initiative, Overpower or all the other pips should put you in range.
  • Alternatively Double or Nothing + Vicious Blow on a regular Brand attack is still hitting at base 8 & 6 damage so its fine for lower high hp enemies especially with a boost from Keen Eye or skill card pips.
  • finally Blood Eclipse can be used to self detonate Brother Xavier for a bonus 2 damage on top of the actual attack (its not direct damage). Or if you're wanting to keep him in play take the hit on yourself and save his HP as compensation for the HP loss.

ZANTECLUEKEN ? ... ! (Clues)

yeah ok that ones even more tenuous but I spent hours fighting ruby weapon and I have to get this out of my system

This should be fairly self explanatory in combination with the encounters section but:

  • use On the Hunt, "Let me handle this!" and sort of Smite the Wicked let you get enemies in play to play Scene of the Crime and Evidence!.
  • Drawn to the Flame (if you took it) offers a little extra enemy independent cluing and can potentially draw into enemies if you get lucky, otherwise you have a ton of encounter protection if needed.
  • Late game you should start to be rich so if youve picked up Keen Eye, then feel free to burn a little cash on it to investigate. You can combine it with the pips on Evidence! if needed rather than waiting for an opportune kill.


As ever, thanks for reading! I would love to hear thoughts and experiences.


Oct 25, 2018 Randolph · 2

It looks good, I'll try it with some modifications :)

Oct 25, 2018 Dr.Macaquito · 1

Looks great and very thematic! I will definitely try the Brother Xavier and Blood Eclipse combo.

Oct 25, 2018 hotelfoxtrot · 80

Just wanted to say I absolutely love all of your deck write-ups! The decks themselves are fun and powerful, with clearly a tonne of thought and testing put into them, and your descriptions are super helpful for piloting. I’m currently having a blast with a version of your Yorick deck, and I’m excited to give this a try too.

Thanks very much, and keep up all the great work!

Oct 26, 2018 StartWithTheName · 9348

Thanks for the kind words guys. Glad to hear the decks get used :)

Oct 26, 2018 OzValdo · 215

WOW another great deck ... iv been waiting for the right Zoey deck, and this is it

Oct 30, 2018 mitsotakis666 · 1

They get used all right! I have been looking at your decks for ideas for many months. Very useful and clearly a lot of work invested into them. Thanks.

Nov 01, 2018 StartWithTheName · 9348

cheers too you two

Nov 02, 2018 Myriad · 563

Nice build. I think the only card missing is reliable, which lowers the barrier for some of those tests and boosts your timeworn Brand strat to even bigger heights.

Good show!

Nov 02, 2018 StartWithTheName · 9348

Yeah I really like that @Myriad. It would play a similar role to beatcop for the passive +1 combat but without breaking theme as much. When I get a chance I’ll add it to the upgrade options list.

Nov 03, 2018 Spicyniknaks · 1

Just wanted to echo hotelfoxtrots comment. Love your decks & write-ups!

Nov 22, 2018 mogwen · 85

Very good deck and really good use of Brother Xavier! Now that the Flamethrower is out it would be cool to burn all the monsters with holy fire (Custom Ammunitions)!

Dec 05, 2018 StartWithTheName · 9348

Cheers @mogwen (and @Spicyniknaks)

Yeah Flamethrower is a really nice card. I think you are right there is likely a holy flame theme deck out there that can be made. It would likely require a number of adaptations from this spec to accommodate all the firearm supports (basically a lot of ammo), so i would be inclined to think of it as a separate deck possibly but first impressions is that Flamethrower would get around the need for passive boosts just as well keeping the ally slot open. It would also work in Leo ofc since he can host Venturers more easilly, but it would lose some of the holy theme in leo i feel.

Dec 15, 2018 Holy Outlaw · 14

@StartWithTheNameGreat deck. Are you confident about the interaction you mention in the description between "Let me handle this!" and Ward of Protection? "Let me handle this!" reads "After" and Ward of Protection reads "When," so my understanding has been that by the time you take someone else's treachery, it's too late for the cancel. Is there something I'm missing?

Dec 18, 2018 StartWithTheName · 9348

Thanks @Holy Outlaw. I didnt notice that, but youre right. Clearly your rules-foo is greater than mine :) taking those out now.

Dec 21, 2018 Holy Outlaw · 14

@StartWithTheNameI'd trade my rules-foo for your deck-foo anytime. I appreciate the deck and description, sincerely.

Feb 01, 2019 Fishfreeek · 2

Another rule you might of overlooked on Corrosion, you don't actually have to play your Machete down as you can discard assets from the hand. Not sure if you knew that or not but your wording in the paragraph about Ward of Protection makes it seem like you want to play Machete before drawing it.

Great deck though, if I ever play Zoey again I will definitly draw inspiration from this.

Feb 07, 2019 StartWithTheName · 9348

thanks @Fishfreeek, That is true ofc. While i linked to Corrosion i was referring to asset destruction in general however. Crypt Chill or Lost in Time are other examples which directly effect the items in play. If you were to lose your last blade with an enemy engaged, you would be forced to take an AoO to put the weapon in play or deal with it with your bare hands (or Blood Eclipse/Brother Xavier)

Obviously the specifics of the encounter decks can be used to decide whether to play or hold back in hand. Probably Corrosion wasnt the ideal example for that sentence.

Feb 28, 2019 Gizmo_86 · 7

I already love this deck!
@StartWithTheName if I want to add 2 Reliable to this deck, which cards could I remove?
What about the new cards in the Circle Undone expansion?

Feb 28, 2019 StartWithTheName · 9348

Cheers @Gizmo_86. I think it depends on your group composition. when i ran it recently i dropped an Evidence! and an Overpower in exchange for 2x Ace of Swords. This performs a similar role to the Reliable without being dependent on being drawn after the weapon, and although its higher priced if you dont see it in the mulligan, you will be swimming in money anyway.

If the team are more capable with combat, maybe drop both Overpower.