Kymani Jones
The Security Consultant



Willpower: 3. Intellect: 2. Combat: 2. Agility: 5.
Health: 8. Sanity: 6.

: Engage an exhausted enemy at your location.

When you attempt to evade an exhausted non-Elite enemy: Add your to your skill value for this attempt. If you succeed by at least X, discard that enemy. X is that enemy's remaining health.

effect: +1. If there is an exhausted enemy at your location, you automatically succeed instead.

"This doesn't belong to you."
Aleksander Karcz
The Scarlet Keys Investigator Expansion #8.
Kymani Jones

Kymani Jones - Back


Deck Size: 30.

Deckbuilding Options: Rogue cards () level 0-5, Tool cards level 0-4, Neutral cards level 0-5.

Deckbuilding Requirements (do not count toward deck size): Grappling Hook, Agent Fletcher, 1 random basic weakness.

Bonus Experience: You begin the campaign with 5 additional experience (does not affect the number of weaknesses you must take in Standalone Mode).

When the Taíno artifacts went missing from the Miskatonic Museum, Kymani was hired to assess the museum's liability. Of course, Kymani already knew who the thief was - it has been their own heist, all along. But Kymani had no interest in selling the relics. As far as Kymani was concerned, they weren't the one who really stole them. No; Kymani had sent the historical artifacts back home, where they truly belonged. The museum and the insurance company see only a villain to catch, but Kymani is faster, smarter, and better.

I honestly cannot understand why this investigator gets 5 bonus XP.

Their ability is very strong, you often can remove hard-to-kill enemies very easily. It'd said that using 2 actions and 2 tests to remove an enemy is 'inefficient', but removing 3+ health enemies usually takes 2+ actions anyway even with cards/ammo/resources/etc. When their ability costs nothing, I cannot agree that it's inefficient. With Stealth (3), it doesn't even cost 2 actions; only one action suffices.

Yes, their deckbuilding is not that great. But Ursula Downs or Winifred Habbamock exists and they do not get that bonus XP, and I do not believe they have much better front ability than Kymani. I think Kymani would feel a lot 'fair' if they did not get that 5 XP, as I think they feel a bit overpowered as currently is.

Bires · 20
I think its more for flavour than mechanical balance. Kymani literally has already stolen stuff before the game begins. — Zerogrim · 266
Stealth don't work with his ability, because the enemy don't exhaust — Tharzax · 1
It doesn't work for the first evade, but works for the second to discard the enemy — guy · 4
It doesn't work for the second to discard. "When you attempt to evade an *exhausted* non-elite enemy..." the enemy is not exhausted. Stealth(3) does not exhaust the enemy you've evaded. — MrButtermancer · 47
No, @guy is correct. Kymani's signature ability triggers when you attempt to evade an exhausted, non-elite enemy, and Stealth (3) allows investigators to evade a chosen enemy at Fast speed (in exchange for preventing that enemy from engaging you again until end of turn on success rather than exhausting the enemy). The fact that Stealth(3) does not exhaust an enemy upon success does not affect the "Succeed by X" condition for Kymani's signature. — Telosa · 35
You cannot trigger the ability unless you are evading an exhausted enemy, so it absolutely affects the "Succeed by X" part of the ability. But there is nothing stopping you from evading regularly, re-engaging that enemy, and then using Stealth (3) so it only takes 2 actions, since you cannot Evade and unengaged enemy. — Xenas · 6
Basic evade (1 action), enemy is now disengaged and exhausted. Engage the exhausted enemy using the free trigger, then evade it again with Stealth (3). You've now defeated an enemy with just 1 action. You're also testing at 7 with -2 evade for the enemy (without other static bonuses). Even if you draw a standard -2 against a 4-Evade 3-Health enemy, you defeat it with just 1 action and no additional resource or card costs. — gendrkheinz · 2
because LGBT characters are op in this game — sedlak87 · 1

Disclaimer: at time of writing (August 15th), I have not seen the deckbuilding for Amina or Carson, and we have not seen Vincent at all yet.

Kymani Jones is quickly shaping up to be my favorite investigator in the Scarlet Keys and perhaps a new favorite for the game in total. I've done multiple videos about them already, here for the first reveal and this deep dive once we had their deckbuilding. I'll try to keep this review brief to not repeat myself too much.

Kymani's ability essentially lets you evade an enemy twice to get rid of them. There's a bunch more nuance to it (like discarding a Guardian of the Crystallizer with a single evade when it spawns exhausted), but in essence, this is what our Security Consultant does. But Kymani is more than just their and abilities.

Their statline is incredibly powerful. Getting 5 is fantastic with the new Thieves' Kit to get clues, and Backstab et al for enemies you'd rather not evade. 3 on top of that makes you so resistant to the encounter deck. Run some Guts or similar to deal with treacheries. You probably won't need or , and if you want to use those anyway, there are a bunch of different ways to boost those. Or you could just automatically succeed.

Then on top of that, you get 5 XP to start with. Charon's Obol from scenario 1 gives you a bunch more XP over the course of the campaign. Easy Mark makes your deck more consistent. Another Day, Another Dollar means a better starting position for the entire campaign. I could go on.

Their Tool 0-4 access isn't the most exciting, but there are some interesting options there. Fire Extinguisher can let you automatically evade a bunch of enemies. Pocket Multi Tool can help you with various skill tests. And if you're sick and tired of Agent Fletcher, a Sledgehammer can solve a lot of problems.

Signature-wise, the Grappling Hook opens up some interesting play patterns, though I think you'll really want to have some extra actions to be able to use it without giving up most of your turn. Fortunately, gets some good options.

As for their enemy weakness, Agent Fletcher, it doesn't seem like too bad a burden? Just make sure you have some kind of plan that doesn't involve repeatedly evading them until you succeed by 3 (keep in mind that Alert, unlike Retaliate, does work while the enemy is exhausted). Stealth can help, so can Daring Maneuver.

Kymani is a very flexible and versatile investigator, and I look forward to playing them tons.

Veronica212 · 271

I don't like to write this type of review, but I have no patience with writing this. Kymani Jones is one of the most powerful investigator in AHLCG.

Statline is good: 5 for means they could do many things via rouge card effects like Backstab, Pilfer, Lockpicks. Unlike other rouges, they have 3 ; it means that they have good encounter resistance. One problem is that with no cards, nothing can do due to 2 & 2; they is not recommand to the beginner.

Ability is powerful: Someone may think Waylay. Here is huge difference, however. Waylay requires 2 action & 3 resources. Kymani's ability requires 2 action only. Moveover, Stealth (3) makes this ability 1 action-only discard ability.

The common support card make Kymani very powerful: Stealth (3) + 2 Pickpocketing + Lucky Cigarette Case. You can discard most of the enemy only with one action earning 3 cards (and 2 resources with high level pickpocketing). Moreover, you may perform 2 times if you setup two Stealth. In general (for normal difficulty), first evade may have some trouble (if, commit or boost), but Stealth test don't have trouble since -2 difficulty and +2 skill value.

Someone may think that discarding the enemy is the penalty since Victory enemy doesn't go into victory area. However, if you prepare some other fight method such as Backstab, it does not matter. Instead, discarding enemy detours Vengeance and Swarming enemy. Very powerful in some campaign. (If you discard Vengeance enemy, they do not go into Victory area, so that they do not contribute to the Vengeance points. You can discard host of swarming enemy even if there exists any swarm enemy, and all other swarm enemies goes out of play.)

Signature weakness is under average: For basic evade action, 5 vs 3 means that -2 token is successful. In standard difficulty, it's not hard work. Of course, discarding with their ability may be hard. You just fine to evade sometime and move to other location. Otherwise, here is Backstab. 5 vs 2 is usually successful.

Tool deckbuilding is not good, but enough: I think that there are few or none of non- tool cards, currently (since spoiler season, not all Scarlet Keys cards are considered). However, 0-5 is enough. They can access all key cards unlike Finn; Stealth, Pickpocketing, Double, Double, Well Connected, Hot Streak...

Starting xp is really cool: The main problem of class (and ) is starting deck is especially worse comparing other classes with high potential. Starting 5XP perfectly solves this problems. You may start with Stealth (3) for single action enemy discard + Charon's Obol. You may start with In the Thick of It + Double, Double.

elkeinkrad · 422
My goodness, Kymani Jones + signature Grappling Hook feels overpowered enough - add Gené B. + Eon Chart and are we talking really OP, especially in solo? — Krysmopompas · 302
And as in the other comment stealth don't exhaust the enemy — Tharzax · 1
Stealth is for the second evade, on the exhausted enemy — guy · 4
@Tharzax: their ability requires "evasion attampt" and "succeed by X or more". That's all. Although Stealth doesn't exhaust the enemy, it is still evasion attampt (since it has evade designator), so that it works. — elkeinkrad · 422
Unless you get the elder sign token. Then the special ability sucks... — Laerthes · 1

I wonder why devs needed to give Kymani +5 starting xp.

  • Their statline is one of the best among rogues. Compared to Winifred, they lose 1 Intellect&Combat and gain 2 Willpower. I think it's an amazing deal. While playing Wini, you can't depend on your intellect or combat without specializing on them anyway, and you may want to use your Agility instead on them with cards like Backstab/Pilfer/Lockpicks/Ornate Bow etc. However each point in Willpower actually matters, because it is the primary defensive statline (along with Agility), everyone's going to test it from time to time. Having two more Willpower could mean 1 or 2 fewer cards lost from hand against certain treacheries for instance, even if you don't outright pass them.

  • Their deckbuilding option is a bit limited. But with each expansion, this means less and less. And again making a direct comparison against Winifred, Kymani beats her on this matter too!

  • Their ability is also amazing. Yes, it's not action efficient (usually 2 successful tests to discard an enemy, and your second test needs to succeed by X), but it's totally free otherwise. No resource/xp/deck slot cost attached, means that you can specialize more on clue getting and become a... master-of-all? If you are afraid of losing victory points because this ability discards enemies instead of defeating them: 1) Most enemies with Victory X are elites anyway; 2) Just don't use this ability on them. Comparing Kymani's ability to Wini's not as easy as comparing their stats and deckbuilding. I'll just say that Wini also has an amazing ability, probably more powerful but also a bit worse from another perspective because it forces her to include a lot of skills in her deck.

TL;DR: Kymani could be the best "blank slate" to pull off whatever Rogue shenanigans you want to, if you don't need a specific off-class access. Also please give Wini 5xp too :)

Aesyn · 181

As far as solo play goes (and maybe group play) Kymani Jones seems pretty overpowered once their Grappling Hook is in play. Add Gené Beauregard and Eon Chart and I wonder just how bad things could ever get for them in AH LCG. At this point, I don't think there's much of a threat! Aside from OP concerns my only 'complaint' about them is their title - "Security Consultant". Not a very 1920s term at all. I have a feeling KJ is going to be a very popular choice for investigator especially solo.

Krysmopompas · 302

Honestly an underwhelming investigator. Their ability will almost never see use, their card pool isn't all that great and their signature asset is pretty bad. All of the positive comments about kymani have them using cards that other rogues can also use and usually better.

About the ability: It requires two actions and an overcommit, often by 3 or more, to clean an enemy from the board. So let's take the standard scenario of trying to use their ability to discard a standard 3/3/3 enemy. Most bruiser characters can clear an enemy like this in reliably one action whereas some will require two.

Kymani cannot under any circumstances do it in less than 2, and if they fail at any point they have to reset their attempt. The chance of failure? In our 3/3/3 example, you have to test at a 6 to succeed (anything less is a failure and you've lost two actions trying this). You'll need to score a -1, which will require commits or stat boosts on your part, and this will become dramatically harder on higher difficulties. Now you've spent a lot of actions, cards and resources to dispense something other gators can handle reliably in 1-2 checks. I would go as far to say you should basically never use their ability as kymani is probably better off going after clues.

Trish and Finn are better cluers, Tony is a far better fighter (not even sure you could buld kymani combat oriented), and winnifred is better at being a "Jack of all trades".

Kymani ultimately doesn't add any new playstyles to the game, and all the styles they do use are utilized better by other rogues.

Overall: Probably a D tier rogue. Better than Preston but outclassed by everyone else.

drjones87 · 111
I agree that their card pool is hardly any better than any other rogue, but I see a few interesting things: the 3 Willpower is already great. Then their ability can be easily leveraged with Blur/Breaking and Entering for the first evade and then Stealth (3) for Kymani's ability, making it 0 actions to deal with an enemy. And you can easily consider a big one since with the 2 base intel, Dirty Fighting and Stealth, you're already testing at 11. Add 2 Opportunists, a trench coat, Moxie (3)... you get the idea. Altogether, building them as a cluever and having a built in way to not only evade but really empty the board is to me a huge advantage to Kymani over any other 5 Agi Rogue. — Valentin1331 · 29936
I just got done playing Kymani through TCU and I was happy with their power level. They have an ability to lean into that no other investigator has (the ability to discard enemies from play) which came in quite handy. I agree their card access isn't great, but that's what the 5 bonus xp is for. I don't think Kymani is overpowered by any means, but I think 'outclassed by everyone else' is a definite undersell. — Pseudo Nymh · 4
"Cannot under any circumstances clear an enemy in less than 2 actions", sure maybe if you ignore like half the card pool. It's a pretty bad ability if you're just vanilla evading twice, but you should be building a deck so that you don't have to do that. Plus, a two-step defeat having to 'reset the attempt' is actually better than failing fight actions, because the fight doesn't turn off the enemy for a turn. — SSW · 193
Other rogues can’t get rid of vengeance, exploding witches, or non-elite nuisance enemies that you don’t want to kill (like hotel guests or lodge members). — MrGoldbee · 1324
I love when people share their reviews on cards that they seemingly don‘t understand in the slightest :D so many sentences are just utterly not true. Stealth(3) alone helps immensely in the test difficulty, the 2 action cost and it’s a card that definitely no other rogue can use better — niklas1meyer · 1
and what nobody here has mention yet is honestly the most useful tool they get access to (in my opinion): Riot Whistle. so with that plus Stealth 3, you are now taking out the 3/3/3 in one 'real' action even if they are engaged to another investigator or aloof, and you only need to draw a -3 or better on the second shot (before commits or boosts). — Death by Chocolate · 1267
I kinda like Kymani, but there are more elite monsters in this game than vindictive reptiles and exploding witches combined. Kymanis investigator ability isn't something you can rely on to deal with every threat and it's not quite good enough without card support either. You'll need to allocate some deck space to make sure it works most of the time without eating too many actions, which again leaves less room for stuff needed to kill elites or find clues. That's Kymanis problem, and it's easiest solved by playing with a three or four player group with more specialized investigators. There's no shame in being a jack-of-all-trades kind of investigator. — olahren · 2514
I ran Kymani through Edge of the Earth on expert difficulty, and they were far from D-tier. In fact, they took out more enemies than our dedicated fighter. You'll need a dedicated fighter to take down elites, but Kymani is extremely strong when dealing with non-elites. Sure, you'll need some cards to make it work: Gene B gives great boosts to the stats you need the most, stealth(3) to make the tests fast, and you're set to go. — andreasskovse · 12
Let's imagine a dedicated fighter taking on that 3/3/3 enemy from your example: — andreasskovse · 12
(Sorry, messing up and posting early): A dedicated fighter without any cards would need 3 tests, all of them at 5 vs 3, to defeat said enemy. Kymani without any cards would need two, 5 vs 3, 7 vs 6. So far, no clear winner. But let's add just a single card: The fighter gets a weapon, and now fights at 7-8 vs 5, dealing 3 damage. That's a nice weapon, proparbly costing a lot, possibly using ammo. Kymani picks Gene B, tests 6 vs 3, then 9 vs 6. Two tests, yes, but you've got Gene, more usefull than a mere weapon. And it only gets better if you add more cards. The fighters gets two cards down, proparbly a weapon and a nice ally. Kymani gets Gene B and stealth (3), and now Kymani removes an enemy in just 1 action (allthough 2 tests, but with a fair chance for succes), just as the fighter. And discarding is more often than not better than defeating. True, you won't get the xp if it's a victory-enemy, but a lot of them aren't. And there's lot of enemies that do bad stuff to you when defeated or attacked, and Kymani just laughs at these. — andreasskovse · 12
If you discard an Enemy with vengeance using kymany ability , is it added to the victory display or is it discarded?? — Shuruikan · 7
Enemies that are discarded from play are not added to the victory display, so Kymani's ability is an excellent tool for removing non-elite enemies with vengeance. — Telosa · 35