A Witch and her Shrink: Carolyn Deck SUPER FUN!

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FBones · 5716

NOTE: These decks are Taboo-friendly. They are not affected by the Taboo list: no Milan, no Machete, no Higher Education, no Streetwise, no Elusive. And yet they are still effective on Hard/Expert difficulty. (Though they will run into trouble on 1st scenario of TCU).

This is a special deck to be used as part of an Agnes & Carolyn Fern Combo (Agnes Deck Here) that is SUPER fun and pretty damn effective on Hard or even Expert difficulty. Using these decks (with 9xp each) we were 2 clues away from winning Rougarou the hard way on Hard difficulty, which is very difficult if you are only using 2 players. (Had we played the scenario using pre-existing knowledge we would have actually succeeded---we wasted two clues engaging Rougarou to find out what we needed to win, and then you have to use 2 more clues to engage again to win, and have 8 clues left over; we were 2 clues short because we engaged twice). Instead we just had to kill The Rougarou.

The basic idea is that you have a ton of direct damage ability, mostly from Agnes Baker special ability (which can be triggered at will from Forbidden Knowledge or Painkillers), but also from Alice Luxley's ability, and this is supported by Carolyn Fern's massive healing ability, which at the same time gives you tons of resources. Agnes does all the monster slaying. Carolyn does most of the clue finding---the only exception being that Agnes has 2 Drawn to the Flames to pick up clues on high shroud locations.

The upgraded Clarity of Mind is exceptionally good for Carolyn, because you can split the horror healing and each investigator gets a resource from Carolyn’s investigator ability.

Carolyn is exceptionally hard to balance, I was literally up to version 0.26 of her deck before I was happy with it. In addition to balancing clue-finding versus resources versus fighting and assets versus speed, you also have to balance how much healing to have and how to use your budget of 15 seeker/mystic cards.

I was surprised how much I liked Wither. Initially I thought it was just a crappy excuse for a card, but in this deck I actually prefer to get it in my opening hand compared to Shrivelling. The point being that early on (before Agnes gets power-ups) failing on Hard difficulty is a real risk, and every time you fail with Shriveling you lose a precious ammo. But Wither does not have this issue. Given all the direct damage options, being limited to 1 damage at a time from Wither was not too bad.

Mulligan hard for Intellect boosters, Hypnotic Therapy, and cards that let you draw other cards. You are virtually assured of getting 1 booster as you have 7 in the deck, but you really want 2 so you can investigate as a 6 early on.

Note that Inspiring Presence lets you re-use Alice Luxley ability, so you can use it when you need to do two damage to an enemy.'s

Early upgrades are Clarity of Mind, Death • XIII(replace Fingerprint Kit), Pathfinder, and Well Prepared.


May 27, 2019 TheBlackHorror · 1762

Great deck idea! I just started this pair in a new TCU campaign and I was surprised by how much I prefer Alice Luxley over the Mutated version of Milan. With the current cardpool, Carolyn continues to amaze me with how good she is. And, of course, paired with Agnes those two are dynamite. I will point out that, if you can get them both early, 2x Hawk-Eye Folding Cameras once the Fingerprint Kit is used combined with St. Hubert's Key can turn Carolyn into a Willpower/Intellect monster. I'm curious why you went only 1x Fingerprint Kit and suggest subbing it out later? It is a great way to double clue acquisition, so why no 2x Fingerprint Kit and use Death to replace the Mag Glasses? By the looks of the card cost I am guessing economy?

May 27, 2019 FBones · 5716

@TheBlackHorror, Yes, it is resource considerations, but it may also be another key difference between Standard and Hard. On Hard difficulty I really, really, really want Carolyn to get 2 intellect boosts early, and in bad situations that may require using a No Stone Unturned to find one of them. So in that bad-luck case of needing to use NSU I definitely need 1 of those 2 intellect boosters to be a magnifying glass (total cost = 7; 1 for mag, 2 for NSU, 4 for some other booster). That is much less of an early game hit than having to cough up 10 resources.

But there is another issue... Fingerprint kit is my list favorite of the options to get early (again, assuming Hard/Expert difficulty) because I'm more likely to waste a charge on it if I don't have other gear.

On Standard it would probably be less of a problem to only have 1 booster, and also less risk losing charges on Fingerprint kit.

May 28, 2019 Carkey · 1

What is the idea of having one Arcane Research in this deck? I myself have interpreted it only to have an effect with upgrading spell cards already in the deck, so with this build there would not be a single target for it.

May 28, 2019 FBones · 5716

@Carkey, Ah, I did not catch that! The idea here was twofold: 1) Cheapen Clarity of Mind and 2) give Carolyn a starting Trauma so she would have something to heal. In fact, I thought about going with 2 copies so she could take Thermos, but decided against it.

I believe you are completely right, though. Which means one should either start with Clarity of Mind or Arcane Research. I don't really like either of those options, but I would probably go with keeping Arcane Research and subbing Clarity of Mind in for Inspiring Presence, unless you were playing on Expert, in which case I would sub it for First Aid.

Jun 24, 2019 Django · 1779

I was wondering about the ressource curve of the deck. Do you think it can support Thermos instead of Liquid Courage? I'm also planning to take with 2x Arcane Research to get 2 sanity each time with carolyn and agnes.