Rogue Agent: Money Mandy Calls In Favors

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TheBlackHorror · 6645


This is a fun, thematic deck that imagines Mandy as an influential secret agent, a spider at the center of a web of connections that allows her to call in favors to distract, detain, and destroy those in her way.

Recommended for 1 or 2 players, Rogue Agent makes use of several key cards to generate loads of resources to pay for testless clues, damage, and evasion, while also increasing her action efficiency through Fast cards.

Why pay for clues Mandy? Good question! In this deck Mandy doesn’t pay for every clue, she only pays for a few. This allows her to assist other investigators and reliably grab clues at high shroud location. Most importantly, these testless clue cards aren’t just for getting clues—each one increases her action efficiency. Intel Report and the other favors allow her to grab clues or deal with enemies at adjacent locations. Working a Hunch is Fast, so it saves an investigate action. Art Student gets a clue, but also provides soak and banks Mandy’s resources for a future Calling in Favors, which can be used to find Mr. "Rook" or take him back in hand, giving you more actionless searches!


November 11th, 1921

Agent M,

Enclosed you will find your orders. If you become compromised in any way, destroy this directive.

Directive 1

Gather resources using Crack the Case, Blood-Rite, Astounding Revelation, and later on, Easy Mark.

Directive 2

Use gathered resources to aid in the investigation of local anomalies. Probable assets include Art Student, Occult Evidence, Working a Hunch, Intel Report, and the like.

Directive 3

Use gathered resources to finance favors from local assets in the form of sabotage and deception, such as Blood-Rite, Decoy, Small Favor, Decoy, etc.

Directive 4

Use gathered assets to improve operational efficiency, harnessing the capabilities of such assets as Magnifying Glass, Crack the Case, Shortcut, Working a Hunch, Deduction, Quick Thinking, and search resources such as Mr. "Rook", Astounding Revelation, Calling in Favors, Occult Evidence, Pendant of the Queen, etc..

Directive 5

If you are able to rendezvous with Agents R or T, or achieve status 3 or 4, consider altering your plans to include "You handle this one!" to spread disinformation and/or Archaic Glyphs for more rigorous investigative methods. Acquiring a Trench Coat may help you evade detection.

Directive 6

Once you have obtained a foothold in your target area, use your knowledge of the surrounding area to upgrade into Easy Mark, Segment of Onyx, Deduction, Magnifying Glass, Charisma, Studious, Pathfinder, and No Stone Unturned. If you notice yourself being followed or observed, elevate your Hyperawareness and become more Elusive.

Directive 7

Do not get caught. Your mission is vital. We are depending on you.




Nov 15, 2019 The King in Yellow · 138

Yeez, that goes out of the screen. But nice list anway. Could please, please tell who Agent T and R are.

Nov 15, 2019 petercheungjr · 1

Roland and Tommy, I think

Nov 15, 2019 TheBlackHorror · 6645

I was thinking Roland and Tony, basically it's a way to offload enemies to characters who want them. "You handle this one!" helps free Mandy up to do more cluevering, while acting as a kind of On the Hunt for the monster-killers. But this could apply to any companion investigator who has the monster-killer role.

I also cut down on the icons. The length depends on your resolution!

Nov 15, 2019 The King in Yellow · 138

Yeah I looked at it on my phone

Nov 28, 2019 Spectre · 1

As a side note, you can only have 2 copies of occult evidence in this deck, not the full 3

Nov 29, 2019 TheBlackHorror · 6645

@SpectreThank you! I know, it should be 2. I had thought it automatically scaled when you changed the deck size, but apparently that's something you have to manually change.