Joe got his Hunches (Path to Carcosa circle)

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Sotosprotos · 42

I play as Joe Diamond and my girlfriend as Sefina Rousseau in the Path to Carcosa circle. So far we have played three scenarios and our team seems nearly invisible! Joe is a strong clue gatherer using neat "free" events from hunch deck to gather clues without a test, such as Scene of the Crime and Working a Hunch.

This deck utilizes in mostly investigation and a little bit of fighting. At first, we didn't know what to expect from the scenarios (we have another campaign of Path to Carcosa running with Akachi, Mihn and Yorick, also three scenarios so far in the cycle) but Sefina is a kinda strange and one of a kind, so we didn't want to set our "roles" from the start. But as the game progressed successfully and as we realised that Sefina is one of the most powerful investigators out there, we decided to change roles: Joe became the main clue gatherer and Sefina the fighter or evader, depending the situation. That means that we seperate a lot from each other so Joe needs some weapons, a few, but strong ones and some movement seeker tricks.

The power of Joe lies in the Hunch deck. But, most of the cards are situational, such as Crack the Case or Logical Reasoning or even Preposterous Sketches if you are not in a location with clues. That means, that if you draw those cards from the start or late game, is a dead draw. I found out that if some of those cards are shuffle one in the deck and one in the hunch, it will give some balance to this issue. Also, with No Stone Unturned, Mr. "Rook" and an early draw of Preposterous Sketches, will give you some of the cards you need.

So, in mostly cases, my hunch deck has: 1x Crack the Case 2x Delay the Inevitable 1xNo Stone Unturned 1x Preposterous Sketches 2x Scene of the Crime 1x Shortcut 1x Working a Hunch 1x Unsolved Case 1x Logical Reasoning

The disadvantage of Joe Diamond is the will checks. Steadfast, Take the Initiative and Inquiring Mind can be used in order to pass some nasty treacheries like Frozen in Fear , Rotting Remains and Marked by the Sign or used for investigation, fighting or evading (if the things get really really nasty).

Also, Fieldwork has helped us A LOT in this campaign especially. Sefina engages everyone, Storm of Spirits them and then i move to the position, and kill easily everyone with base 6 fight value or using Alice Luxley ability depending the case. This happened in every play so far and i realised that i need to be more versatile, so later on I spent some exp for seeker's best friend Pathfinder. Fieldwork can also boost the base investigation stat to one-shot investigate The Man in the Pallid Mask because most of the times he spawns in a location that is not even revealed, so clues will placed on it.

Mr. "Rook" is just a maybe-card. I don't know why exactly we keep tally marks for The Man in the Pallid Mask as I said before, this is our first run in this circle, so the idea to draw cards at the start of the scenarios just for that is still on the table. We will see what happens :) !

Upgrades So far: -2 Hawk-Eye Folding Camera / -2 Enchanted Blade / -1 Shortcut / -1 .45 Automatic / -1 Deduction

+2 .45 Automatic / +1 Magnifying Glass / +2 Deduction / +1 Shortcut / +1 Pathfinder

Later on I am thinking to upgrade to some Death • XIII for quicker base investigation, Cryptic Research for free draw power, Forewarned for the nasty treacheries, and for engame Glimpse the Unthinkable and Deciphered Reality that are both huge cards for Joe in the hunch.

Feel free to comment or ask questions :)