Name Class C. Type Icons Traits Set Encounter
Wendy Adams: The Urchin Survivor Investigator Drifter. Blessed. Cursed. Red Tide Rising 37
Daisy's Tote Bag Neutral 2 Asset Item. Read or Die 2
Directive: Due Diligence Neutral Asset By the Book 25
Directive: Red Tape Neutral Asset By the Book 26
Directive: Consult Experts Neutral Asset By the Book 27
Directive: Seek the Truth Neutral Asset By the Book 28
Directive: Leave No Doubt Neutral Asset By the Book 29
Heirloom of Hyperborea: Artifact from Another Life Neutral 3 Asset Item. Relic. Bad Blood 18
Mysterious Photo: All I Have Left of Him Neutral Asset Item. Red Tide Rising 45 Red Tide Rising 5
Roland's .38 Special Neutral 3 Asset Item. Weapon. Firearm. By the Book 30
The Necronomicon: John Dee Translation Neutral Asset Item. Tome. Read or Die 3
Tidal Memento Neutral Asset Red Tide Rising 38
Wendy's Amulet Neutral 2 Asset Item. Relic. Red Tide Rising 39
Dark Memory Neutral 4 Event Spell. Bad Blood 19
On the Lam Neutral 0 Event Tactic. All or Nothing 9
Abandoned and Alone Neutral Treachery Madness. Red Tide Rising 40
Cover Up Neutral Treachery Task. By the Book 31
Hospital Debts Neutral Treachery Task. All or Nothing 10
Clover Club Bouncer Mythos Enemy Humanoid. Criminal. All or Nothing 16 All or Nothing 6-9
Elspeth Baudin: Hyperborean Sorceress Mythos Enemy Humanoid. Sorcerer. Elite. Bad Blood 23 Bad Blood 4
Namer of the Dead: Presence Within the Grimoire Mythos Enemy Monster. Geist. Elite. Read or Die 7 Read or Die 4
Siobhan Riley: O'Bannion Enforcer Mythos Enemy Humanoid. Criminal. Elite. All or Nothing 15 All or Nothing 5
A Covert Conspiracy Mythos Agenda By the Book 33 By the Book 2
Eyes All Around You Mythos Agenda All or Nothing 12 All or Nothing 2
Hyperborean Blood Mythos Agenda Bad Blood 21 Bad Blood 2
Mortal Inquiry Mythos Agenda Read or Die 5 Read or Die 2
The New Girl Mythos Agenda Red Tide Rising 42 Red Tide Rising 2
Trail Goes Cold Mythos Agenda Red Tide Rising 43 Red Tide Rising 3
Your Deadline Nears Mythos Agenda By the Book 34 By the Book 3
A Walk Down Memory Lane Mythos Act Bad Blood 22 Bad Blood 3
Capture the Conspirators Mythos Act By the Book 35 By the Book 4
Hot on your Tail Mythos Act All or Nothing 14 All or Nothing 4
Playing Cards Mythos Act All or Nothing 13 All or Nothing 3
Searching for Dad Mythos Act Red Tide Rising 44 Red Tide Rising 4
Speed Reading Mythos Act Read or Die 6 Read or Die 3
Arkham Police Station Mythos Location Arkham. By the Book 36 By the Book 5
All or Nothing Mythos Scenario All or Nothing 11 All or Nothing 1
Bad Blood Mythos Scenario Bad Blood 20 Bad Blood 1
By the Book Mythos Scenario By the Book 32 By the Book 1
Read or Die Mythos Scenario Read or Die 4 Read or Die 1
Red Tide Rising Mythos Scenario Red Tide Rising 41 Red Tide Rising 1