Carolyn Fern - Agent Provocateur

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unremb · 159

Designed for a 4-investigator campaign (Taboo compliant).
Difficult choice to include Foolishness (and To Fight the Black Wind), but I felt the +1 is necessary with the higher difficulty.
Has limited healing ability at the start, which will be boosted significantly once Kerosene and Ancient Stone (4) are added.


Difficulty: Hard
Primary role: Support/Healing
Secondary role: Cluing

Complexity High
Clues Moderate
Combat Very Weak
Card Draw Weak
Resources High
Treachery High
Hand Hawk-Eye Folding Camera
Hand Magnifying Glass - Ancient Stone (4) with XP
Accessory Hallowed Mirror - Police Badge with XP
Ally Peter Sylvestre - Peter Sylvestre (2) with XP
Arcane - perhaps Protective Incantation with XP
Tarot - Death • XIII with XP


Priority goes to Magnifying Glass and then to Peter Sylvestre.
If you have both Hawk-Eye Folding Camera and Read the Signs, keep both, otherwise, mulligan both for the Magnifying Glass.


Foolishness is only used as an Unexpected Courage in the earlier scenarios before Ancient Stone (4).
Delay the Inevitable on Dynamite Blast is a hilarious combo.
Use Solemn Vow to move horror from other investigators to Peter Sylvestre - this will provide you with action-less economy.


High Priority Upgrades

Medium Priority Upgrades

Low Priority upgrades

Support Upgrades

Playing on Standard

See my Carolyn Fern - International Arms Dealer deck for a standard difficulty build.

Playing on Expert

I would add more test-less events like Working a Hunch, Scene of the Crime, etc.