Leo Anderson - Ammo and Allies

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This Leo deck is all about keeping him supplied with a constant stream of ammunition and creating a wall of allies in front of him. It will take a few scenarios for it to really come together but he should be fighting at 7+ combat level and chipping in a few clues while being able to avoid the worst of the encounter deck (except tests).

Variations of this deck have been played through Carcosa twice with Ursula and Cluegetter Jenny on Hard Mode. I think Leo and all of his allies handled it better than Mark did. Leo's only struggles in the second campaign were failing with the .45 Thompson 3 straight times in the first scenario against a retaliate enemy and not being able to deal with a spoiler.

Which Expansions Are Truly Needed

Not Much TBH

Leo is pretty flexible in deckbuilding. You really need the Core campaign (2x is better but I didn't have 2x), Forgotten Age deluxe expansion and the .45 Thompson from The Circle Undone. If you don't have the .45 Thompson then the .41 Derringer and .45 Automatic will do fine until you can upgrade to the L2 version of both. There are enough substitutes of the other cards to make it work pretty well.

The Weapons

On my first campaign I used the .45 Automatic and .41 Derringer and they have their positives (one hand slot and lower cost) but the first couple of scenarios were a struggle without the +2/+1 damage from the weapon. For my 2nd campaign I chose the .45 Thompson as my primary weapon. I also go with 5 weapons instead of including Prepared for the Worst.

  1. .45 Thompson - would love to upgrade to the .45 Thompson but I don't have the card yet - it would really help the economy of this deck.
  2. .45 Automatic - a decent weapon
  3. Enchanted Blade - backup weapon early in the campaign but I will probably keep it since I am playing Carcosa. In a different campaign I might upgrade out of it. I don't have the Enchanted Blade(3) yet.

Extra Ammo Options

  1. Sleight of Hand - basically functions as cheap Extra Ammunition - it doesn't synergize with the Two Handed .45 Thompson if playing Taboo though. Will ultimately get upgraded to one of the ammo resupply cards below.
  2. Extra Ammunition cheap upgrade
  3. Custom Ammunition - love the +1 damage to Monster enemies
  4. Contraband(2) - might run this one instead of Custom Ammunition or Extra Ammunition


The other most important part of this build due to Leo's free action and discount. With just one Charisma Leo will have up to 8 damage/horror soak standing in front of him. Leo can take a lot of hits.

  1. Guard Dog - A very nice ally to have but it gets cut during upgrades
  2. Beat Cop - A very important part of the deck boosting Leo's combat to pass tests more easily.
  3. Venturer - resupplies the guns and other supply cards but just use it for ammo
  4. Leo De Luca(1) will be added when Charisma is added as the only unique ally.
  5. Brother Xavier - not currently planned as an upgrade. The would be nice and he soaks up a lot of damage though. Too expensive and he is unique.
  6. Hired Muscle is a possible option as a short term combat boost and damage soak. There probably isn't deck space for him though.


Leo could be quite useful as a cluefinder with a different build. I still like to a couple of clue finding cards in the deck even if Leo is responsible for enemy management.

  1. Scene of the Crime - probably the best but I don't have it yet
  2. Evidence! - Fast action and cheap
  3. Intel Report - a great card but Leo has too many expensive things to pay for
  4. Interrogate - my favorite (it is fun) of the cluegetting cards available to him - a good option if you include the Fine Clothes in your deck for other reasons - the best part is that it picks up a second clue from anywhere (like a high shroud VP location) - pretty difficult to actually use
  5. Flashlight - makes use of his 3 but he wants to use the .45 Thompson.


  1. Venturer - fills up the guns
  2. Extra Ammunition - cheap XP but I prefer the +1 damage from Custom Ammunition
  3. Custom Ammunition - +1 damage (Monster) on the .45 Thompson is awesome
  4. Contraband - L0 Contraband is pretty finicky to use but L2 has high potential with the Thompson and Venturer
  5. Emergency Cache(3) - a final upgrade if there isn't anything else to spend XP on - loads up the Venturer


The economy of this deck is pretty tight with many expensive allies, guns and extra ammo. Leo's discount on allies will help.

  1. Emergency Cache - 2x
  2. Lone Wolf - great for 1p/2p but not as good beyond that
  3. "Watch this!" - usually works and doesn't cost an action

Other Optional Cards (I will be forgetting several)

  1. Tennessee Sour Mash - my plan is to let the wall of allies soak up any horror that he can't handle instead of using this
  2. Decorated Skull - a card that I want to love but it takes an action to play and an action to get the bonus.
  3. Leo De Luca - You could include him at the beginning but then you can't play Mitch Brown in the first scenario
  4. Inspiring Presence
  5. Trusted
  6. Teamwork - worked a few times with wealthy Jenny
  7. Emergency Aid or First Aid - First Aid could be resupplied with the Venturer but that really isn't the best use of his supplies.
  8. Investments - I don't have this card yet but it would be great with Leo.

Upgrade Order

Allies First and then Ammo/Guns/etc

  1. Charisma
  2. Leo De Luca(1) - An extra action is awesome each round. This is the one necessary Unique ally for the deck.
  3. Beat Cop(2)
  4. Ace of Swords - not an ally but I like to throw one of these into the deck early to have another potential +1
  5. .45 Thompson - it isn't actually bigger but it really helps out the economy of this deck since Leo will be spending resources from the beginning to the end of the game.
  6. .41 Derringer or .45 Automatic for stronger backup weapons if you want
  7. Stick to the Plan isn't as useful in this deck until you have the extra ammo below stored on it.
  8. Pick your favorite ammo card - Extra Ammunition - Custom Ammunition - Contraband
  9. Police Badge - always a great card
  10. Hot Streak - probably not as necessary once you have the upgraded .45 Thompson