Trish Goes Brrrr! [19xp Taboo'd Ver.]

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suika · 7598

Trish Goes Brrrr! by @Death by Chocolate was a masterpiece. No doubt FFG saw it and took offense, specifically targeting it with Taboos to double its XP cost.

This deck is the result of trying to cut it by 5xp to 19xp for standalones and still retain its effectiveness.

Despite how few changes seems to have been made, cutting was an exercise in frustration due to how lean Death by Chocolate's deck already was. Cut out Mr. Rooks and you don't have enough draw. Cut out LCC (3) and you can't assemble your myriads. Nearly every change resulted in the deck playing sluggishly, lacking draw, lacking resources, lacking consistency.

The solution is to replace the Mr. Rooks with another LCC (3), another Relic Hunter, and Whitton Greene. Whitton digs out the Segments of Onyx and provides a static +1 while any of them is in play, which also frees up the pressure to get Lockpicks into play to start investigating. The second LCC (3) does same thing as Mr. Rook as long as you oversucceed, which happens every turn with Trish anyway. It's even better for timing your weaknesses and doesn't even rely on secrets, and thanks to Taboos is now also cheaper in terms of XP.

Not being forced to draw your weaknesses also means that with a bit of luck, you can discard a weakness without resolving it. With a weakness and 3 other cards left in your deck, if you resolve 3 search and draws (via LCC x2 + Eureka), you can draw 3 cards and discard the weakness since it'll be the only card left in your deck, and you can't shuffle a single card back into your deck.

Without being limited by the secrets on Mr. Rook, you use Astounding Revelations for just cash. Combined with Cryptic Writings (or Crack the Case for better team support), you can easily assemble a pile of resources to get a +5 on treacheries with Well Connected, or to over-succeed even harder on your Lockpicks and dig through your entire deck.

Here's what an effective 0XP version of the deck could look like in a Taboo compliant playthrough:

The only problem is that it no longer uses all the Myriad cards, but if you have strong feelings about that just get 2xp more and add them back into the deck. It'll probably make the deck worse though.



Mar 16, 2021 Lord Triloth · 957

Aaah, I've waited for a Taboo'ed version of that deathless art piece. Even though this hint of greatness tempts me too try out the NON-Taboo version.

Mar 21, 2021 Death by Chocolate · 742

@Lord TrilothDoooo it! Taste the power! Your perspective of the game will be forever changed! You will emerge from the experience a different player than the one who began it!

But I'm excited to see that people are picking up and continuing to test and evolve Trish Goes Brrrr! I want to take some time going through the deck and will return with further thoughts, but right off the bat a couple things jump out to me. First, the resource package to take advantage of Surprised Rabbi now that it no longer feeds Mr. "Rook" is really interesting, and I'm intrigued by the use of Well Connected as a versatile pseudo-Lockpicks. I agree that Whitton is probably the right new ally to replace the Rookster, and that she also helps reduce dependence on Lockpicks. I feel like it might be correct to leave one of the Celaeno Fragments unreplaced to save 1 xp, and give her one extra target to pull. The one anti-synergy I see is that in a group, with Whitton Greene you want to be the one going first to reveal locations, but Lone Wolf makes you want to act last if the group is stacked.

As far as the two missing myriads, I think leaving Easy Mark out is fine (though I believe they're a significant upgrade over Cryptic Writings), but Surprising Find is incredibly effective in this deck. It is easy to underestimate, but the card tends to provide an effective 6 actionless draws and 3 skill pips each deck cycle.

These are just my initial impressions. I'll be back after I've had more time to think about the deck and discuss it with the original pilot.

Mar 22, 2021 suika · 7598

@Death by Chocolate I tried quite hard to keep the myriads in, but in the end it came down to XP and deck slots.

The only things can can feasibly be downgraded in this deck, as you have noted, is the 2x Lockpicks (1) Celaeno Fragments. Losing 2 depth in searching will hurt a little, and adding another Myriad takes 2XP and 4 deck slots effectively because adding Surprising Find or Easy Mark makes the deck cycle fast enough that you must add Moxie or you end up losing actions and resources replaying Whitton to soak the horror from deck cycling. You could add them over, say, Lone Wolf/Well Connected/Cryptic Writings but in the end I didn't do it because it made the deck cycle too fast. Blasphemy, I know, but seeing your weaknesses more often can result in a net loss of tempo.

Regarding Lone Wolf vs. Whitton's anti-synergy: you don't actually need the searches from Whitton once you've dug out the pendant, and the resources from Lone Wolf are just icing on the cake after you're set up, so it doesn't feel too bad losing the effects of one or even both. I find that Lone Wolf cards smooth out setup enough that its worth including despite the anti-synergy.

Mar 23, 2021 Shoggunik · 1

How good is Dream-Enhancing Serum here? Is it just good because it can let you keep a lot of cards in hand so you can quicker cycle through your deck again? Or is it just independently good as a card draw with all the myriads?

Mar 23, 2021 suika · 7598

@Shoggunik mostly for the draw and allowing you not to waste your draw by having to discard during upkeep.

When you are doing 2-4 searches a turn, it's trivial to search for a card you already have in your hand to trigger DES. The myriads don't really factor that much into it, you don't really draw Astounding Revelations and you almost always have Pendant of the Queen in play.

Having a big hand won't actually help cycling speed here, since apart from your assets, every other card will replace themselves when committed, and so will speed up cycling whether you committed them to skill tests or just kept them in your hand. So you may as well commit them — I heard doing that also gives you bonuses to skill checks.