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Death by Chocolate · 730

This deck was originally conceived as a meme deck - "What if we crammed all five myriad cards into a Trish deck?" and it was... disgusting in practice. Weighing in at just over 11 xp, by the third scenario it was vacuuming clues from all over the map, flipping its entire deck every 2-3 turns, assembling the pendant by turn 3 (and using it 1-2 times every round for the rest of the scenario), committing Deduction 3-4 times per cycle, and never failing a skill test that matters. Most scenarios have ended with max VP and about 8 doom to go on the Agenda clock. Multiple times we have sat around for 2-3 rounds just taking draw and resource actions waiting for the penultimate agenda to flip and expose a VP enemy before we end the scenario.

There isn't much room for upgrades, but they pack a punch! Upgraded Deduction makes it pick up another 1-2 clues EVERY TURN for just 4xp! Another Day, Another Dollar may seem like a weird upgrade for a deck that gets to play each card multiple times, but the extra starting resources make setting up MUCH faster and mean early Surprised Rabbis can add secrets to Mr. "Rook" so he can be maintained for an entire game of use every turn. Another Another Day, Another Another Dollar is just as good as the first!

You can make more room by getting Versatile. We loaded up with some Swift Reflexes, Quick Thinking, and another Moxie to just buy more actions and consistency. If you do, it is worth upgrading to Perception to speed back up - but you can add whatever you want!

There are definitely some weaknesses that will make you cry, but unless you are Doomed the deck is surprisingly resilient. We've had it have its hand discarded (by the encounter deck) before it got started, and it took a few turns and a lot of card draw to recover, but it took off and we still cleared the scenario in record time. Trish's personal weakness is a complete joke because of her ability. Often you can clear it during the same action when it appears because of how much you draw during a skill test.

A disturbingly typical action:

Even if you don't draw Inspector Devineaux and Ms. Argent while investigating, Pendant of the Queen or In the Shadows will get them off your tail in a jiffy.

Make sure your cards are sleeved, because you will be shuffling 4-6 times a round!

The only downside to this deck is its lack of damage. It can evade (honestly or otherwise) an enemy here or there, but its a hoover not a fighter. But even in a three player campaign, this deck can single handedly clear the map, easily picking up all necessary clues with gas to spare.

If you wanted to slim this deck down a little for Stand Alone play with no extra weaknesses, I would suggest using level 0 Lockpicks and dropping Moxie and either Easy Mark or Segment of Onyx, but you might be better served upgrading Deduction or Another Day, Another Dollar and taking the extra basic weakness instead.

tl;dr - This deck goes brrrr, and it is NOT okay!!!

10/15/2020 Taboo update: The chaining of Mr. "Rook" and Segment of Onyx has added 11xp to the cost of this deck, but at 24xp this deck still swings WAY above its experience cost weight class.


Oct 03, 2020 gowonnie · 32

Nice deck! The only thing I have against is playing both the Surprising Find and the Astounding Revelations. It's a nightmare to mulligan 6 research cards that aren't supposed to be in the opening hand. Even when you prioritize search cards like Eureka before resolving draw effects, that assumes highly conditional game states. It certainly does work if you're stacking your Rook during your investigation to pull PMP to search and then use your LCC/Eureka to search 1 more time, but i had how bloated the sequencing can feel. I think playing 1-2 double or nothing and combine your perceptions to your 3 aces + double or nothing is much more reliable and better way to transition post-dumping all of your research targets than playing both surprising find and astounding.

Moxie is an interesting tech for treacheries. I am unconvinced as well, bc it more or less forces you to put resources into a test that deals horror until you've covered the worst token modifier (after Moxie comes out.) I feel like Liquid Courage and Logical Reasoning are still better in these situations. Especially since you're going to end up at least drawing 1 Research card, you can dump those Research cards to heal 1 additional horror by failing the willpower test on Liquid Courage(1)

Oct 03, 2020 chirubime · 3479

@gowonnie i believe the author mentions the surprising finds were added in originally because of the meme of giving her all the myriads she could take. I think the points you bring up a valid to some extent. The Surprising Finds also don't trigger Dream-Enhancing Serum unless they are defeating its own purpose.

However, this kind of deck is very very consistent. I think the misconception is that you have to hit all 6 research cards perfectly when in reality, it's perfectly okay for accidentally drawing 1-2 of them per cycle. Research cards are only painful to draw for decks that rely on drawing 1 card during the upkeep and don't have extra card draw built into them.

Even if your first cycle through the deck feels clunky because you drew 1-2 Research cards before you wanted to, or lacked the Search Engines (Lockpick + LCC, or extra Eurekas) outside of Rook and Practice, by the 2nd and 3rd cycles of the deck. you will have all your search engines on the board, allowing you to hit more research cards before you draw them.

I do hope you and author consider Backpack(2) for this deck. It fights perfectly into the deck's high-octane draw style and you're playing basically all items other than Rook when it comes to Assets.

Oct 03, 2020 BlankedyBlank · 10

This is one to play on Tabletop Simulator, then.

I'd be tempted to take Versatile and 2x Leo De Luca, 2x Quick Thinking and 1x Track Shoes.

Oct 03, 2020 BlankedyBlank · 10

I suppose, actually, you only need one Leo with the card draw — and you just sit on him until you have the resources.

Maybe 1x Pathfinder instead (why waste actions on pesky things like 'movement'. I have a soft spot in my heart for a high- investigator and the Pathfinder/Trackshoes combo.

Oct 03, 2020 Death by Chocolate · 730

@gowonnieExtreme disagree on cutting down to 3 research cards. You search so many times and go through your deck so much that you can hit a handful in your mulligan and draws and not even cry. Research cards suck when they kill a draw you needed, but when you have this much draw, whatever. Six researches is a large part of why the deck works.

Regarding Double or Nothing, yeah it has synergy with Three Aces, but you really need to be on a 6+ clue location for it to be worthwhile, and you are already clearing those locations super fast, that it's just... clunky. And I don't think it is worth it with Taboo list in this deck.

Moxie was originally added as tech for Treacheries, and sometimes it was used for that, but more often than not it was just a fast 1-cost horror soak - and it worked great for that!

@chirubimeThe Surprising Finds don't trigger Dream-Enhancing Serum when found, but the draw they grant can - and it isn't that hard to trigger DEH every turn between all of your draws anyways.

Backpack (2) is interesting, beyond the first loop, it only helps find Pendant of the Queen, and it is hard to find room in the list. It is probably worth trying, and I'd love to hear someone's experience with it, but I don't know how good it will be in practice.

@BlankedyBlank The issue with Leo De Luca in this deck is 1) you will ALSO need Charisma and 2) you don't need more actions most turns. Since so much of your power comes from exhausting assets or committed skills, you can typically pack all of your value in a turn into 1-2 actions.

Oct 03, 2020 Death by Chocolate · 730

Regarding this deck's original intent as a myriad meme deck, the ONLY one of the myriad cards we would consider cutting in a future version is Easy Mark. A tighter version would skip it and and Versatile and use the three spots left over from Easy Mark to add whatever flex cards you would have put in with Versatile.

Oct 04, 2020 Narduwel · 1

I started running this deck in Return to Forgotten Age. 4 xp in with all the myriad cards and I don't think I can ever play another version of Trish.

Oct 04, 2020 jw24601 · 1

I've found backpack to be great in other Seeker decks. When you want to assemble Pendant of the Queen multiple times per game, you're probably under 12 cards the second time you're doing it!

If you're aiming to empty your deck and go again, having two means you can ditch the old one, and it's a great way of finding Revelations to add Rook secrets, without having to activate Rook. I find it hard to skip Emergency Cache in Backpack builds, it's very useful to be able to find quick money with the backpack (takes some pressure off the resource mode of Revelation), and I'd lean on Cache over Easy Mark.

Any thoughts on Pickpocketing, either early before the xp myriad cards come in, or upgraded in a versatile build? It seems like we're getting an evade per turn, and the extra cards (resources later in the campaign) are nice.

Oct 04, 2020 Death by Chocolate · 730

@NarduwelI’m glad you’re enjoying it!!

@jw24601Another Day, Another Dollar takes A LOT of pressure off of the resource mode of Revelation

We only had Trish making Evade checks 2-3 times per scenario, so I don’t think that Pickpocketing would have done that much for us, but our Flex was a Finn, so we left most of the Evade actions to him. That said, Trish mostly evaded through her automatic ability - typically from using Pendant of the Queen to grab a clue and auto-Evade the relevant enemy. I could see running Emergency Cache in a Backpack (2) build... but if I was going that route, I’d upgrade to Emergency Cache (3) and have my team’s Fighter agree to be a Chainsaw deck so they can go brrrr too! (And to give my ECache some team value when I’m late game flooded in resources.)

Re: pre-myriad build, I don’t really put any focus on that in this decklist because it really doesn’t matter - you basically run a pretty different Trish Scarborough with the Strong Seeker Search Package* and a DES- and then replace 12 cards for 4xp!

*Hot Take: if your character CAN run Mr. "Rook" Astounding Revelation Eureka! Practice Makes Perfect Deduction Perception and you aren’t, you should REALLY ask why! Acceptable answers include:

  • I’m not actually trying to make my deck as strong and consistent as possible.
  • Nobody on our team has 4+ Int.
  • We include Doomed in our basic weakness collection (and I started with it).
  • We’ve included this 13 card Seeker package in our last three campaigns and have imposed a local taboo list update!

Oct 04, 2020 Gatlinggoon · 34

is it just me or does this not work? Practive makes Perfect only lets you take 1 of the 9 Cards, the description reads as if you are taking all of them.

Oct 05, 2020 chirubime · 3479

@Gatlinggoon I believe the description is showing you to prioritize Deduction for the extra clues, then Perception for the draws, then 3 Aces for assembling them into your hand when it uses the >

Oct 05, 2020 Death by Chocolate · 730

Correct. The > symbol means ‘greater than.’ i.e. the priority ranking. Depending on the situation, your priorities could very, but it’s a decent rule of thumb.

Oct 09, 2020 Ten · 1

This deck is insane. I'm pairing it with Sister Mary and the constant flow of Bless tokens just make Trish's turns even crazier. Thanks for this enjoyable madness :D

Oct 11, 2020 chirubime · 3479

I just realized that if you played Double Double in this build, and had 2 PMP in your hands, you could theoretically hit all 3 aces in 1 action, and get them all in your hand to do it again in the next action.

Oct 11, 2020 chirubime · 3479

@Death by Chocolate also i would so love your opinion on my playtest of TFA with your build.

Double, Double + PMP, + 8 burst damage with I've got a plan(2), Scrounge back your Practice/Eureka, play Ace every turn by looping it.

Oct 11, 2020 Death by Chocolate · 730

@chirubimeI took a look at your Omni-Brrrr deck and here's my feedback. I hope you find it constructive:

The topic of - how do we make this solo viable (i.e. add just enough combat) is a topic in my group even though we rarely play solo. I'm not really sure why you need to add combat in multiplayer where the deck is a sleek, clue-scooping racecar, and you can let your teammates overfocus on combat because you will pick up 2-3 peoples worth of clues (maybe even 4 - we haven't tested it in 4 player - if anyone does, let me know how it goes). That is to say, I'm not sure what the goal of adding damage to a multiplayer deck is besides just to see if it can work? Which, don't get me wrong, that's a good enough reason to me.

The reason I'm unsure is the inclusion of Deduction (2) and The Gold Pocket Watch which are barely worth it and Copycat which is very useless in true solo. That said, in multiplayer, convince any rogue friends who come with to get Copycat if they can, an extra copy of deduction that then goes to the bottom of your deck for another use is great!

An extra note about The Gold Pocket Watch - we considered it in our 3-player team and decided against it because it just wouldn't... do that much. 1) Unless it waits in hand or gets used on the turn it is played, it awkwardly competes with Pendant of the Queen for the second accessory slot. 2) We usually ended the scenario with the entirety of the last agenda to spare. 3) Since the rest of the team didn't need to do much investigating, we both had pretty good combat decks and were regularly complaining about there not being enough enemies in play for us to kill. I mean, don't get me wrong, the card does a lot for 1 card, but it does not do a whole lot for 8 xp in this deck.

The next thing that jumps out to me are the Hawk-Eye Folding Camera and Pathfinder because they seem to be there to solve problems the deck doesn't necessarily struggle with - Sanity/Willpower and spare actions for movement. I know it sounds weird to suggest against Pathfinder, but we found from playing the deck that finding the actions to move was pretty easy, and she could still clear 2-3 spaces in one turn on occasion. I don't think it is bad, necessarily, but I suspect you might find it making your turn so efficient that you spend actions drawing cards, but I could be wrong. (I can definitely see it being better in true solo though, were you can clear the average space in fewer actions.) Likewise for the Camera, we originally had "You handle this one!" because of how worried we were about tests, but ended up cutting them, and even the Moxie mostly just ended up as fast horror soak. Mr. "Rook" and Moxie soak a lot, and you've got Eureka!, Surprising Find, In the Shadows, and (in a pinch) Three Aces to boost relevant tests. In exchange, they're slow, and give a net +2 towards investigation. Lockpicks gives +4 which also synergizes better with Lucky Cigarette Case, Deduction (2), and Perception (2). It does give the bonus more broadly, but I'm not convinced that's worth it?

Scrounge for Supplies is a very interesting Versatile card - especially with Double, Double, although it makes me wish the attack card was level 0, so this could pick it back up. One concern I have is that using Double, Double on Practice Makes Perfect will strip all the Practiced skills and research cards out of your deck fast enough that there won't be more targets for the PMP you scrounge back. The 1x Hot Streak also seems like a good use of a deck slot (with or without Double, Double. I've already been convinced of Backpack (2)'s value here, and Ace in the Hole is great in this deck, of course.

We're always concerned about relying too much on "I've got a plan!" and its dependence on clues aligning with boss fights. We don't like putting ourselves at the mercy of the scenario design like that. In our search for combat options, we considered a few other ideas (none of which have been tested):

  • Delilah O'Rourke to pay to win. Might require more economy cards to support.
  • Backstab or Backstab for event based burst. The first could be scrounged, while the second could just live in the hand. Might require more boosts to support.
  • Our favorite option, due to minimal additional card slots and support needed to just delete a boss, once or twice a scenario: 1x Sawed-Off Shotgun and 1x Double or Nothing. Chekov's Gun can be deployed at any time alongside the Lockpicks if you don't want it taking space in your hand while it waits. Then you just need to assemble Three Aces to deal a guaranteed 5 damage, or throw in Double or Nothing to deal a guaranteed 12! More than enough for any* true-solo boss (and honestly, quite a few 2-player bosses too).

*some exceptions apply

Oct 11, 2020 chirubime · 3479

Thanks for getting back to me with your considerations. Allow me to provide a little more context for some of the cards you mentioned. I've never played true solo well or enjoyed it. I very much like to specialize my investigators as well. I absolutely agree that giving Trish damage is redundant and unnecessary since she can cluever for the whole team and let the others worry about that.

I paired Trish with Mark and Minh. Mark had more than enough damage that I haven't even used I've got a plan once. But its there... bc the way the deck cycled so fast I had no idea what to do with my extra actions. Between the 6 actions a turn from being able to cycle Ace in the Hole almost every turn, Minh and Trish's 4 Deduction(2)s (extended by the 4 PMP, and even the 1 Copycat), Necronomicon(5), Pendant, Trish stopped having something to do with her intellect icons and all the skill cards in her hand and deck very early into the scenario. That is why I reasoned I should put in something like I've got a plan since it enables you to initiate an intellect skill test to use your Eureka/Perception/PMP/Cig Case, etc on.

A little bit about the other card choices:

  • Double or Nothing - I already was getting the clues so fast that I was trying to find something to do with Trish. Mark had a surplus of damage himself, there was nothing I really wanted to double. Even if I wanted to double something like quick thinkings, I seriously couldn't think of anything to do with my extra turns.
  • I kinda almost considered Logical Reasoning and Keep Faith because of the way the deck cycled so much I wanted something to do with the cards I ended up seeing every turn and wanted to play every cycle.
  • Gold Pocket Watch - So because Trish can't access Studious, running Versatile stacks her deck and makes it hard to see Rook in her opening hand right? So I wanted to play as many items so that I could thin them out of my deck with Backpack(2) and Gold Pocket Watch was the only thing I could think of to extend some degree of utility to my teammates. I never got to use it either. hahaha.
  • Hawk Camera - I didn't play Moxie or You Handle This One. Mark had First Watch and Let me handle this while Minh had Eye of Truth, Beloved, Unexpected Courage(2), etc. Because I was clearing the locations so fast, I just wanted to stack my intellect and willpower passively and not have to worry about it actively. I didn't find a need to play Lockpick for the +4 intellect boost bc on average I would commit like: 2 Surprising Finds found from Rook and PMP while finding Perception(2) and Deduction(2), Minh contributing Grisly Totem/Her wild icon off an Essence of the Dream she still didn't use before her turn starts, Eureka etc. I was playing on standard difficulty so with 4 intellect (2 potentially from the Hawk cameras themselves), and 11 extra icons from everything else... it didn't feel like I really needed Lockpick hahaha. I think I would definitely swap to a You handle this one / forewarned + Lockpick build in higher difficulties just to dig deeper into my deck with Cig Case.

Anyways, this may seem like a long-winded way to ask one of my core questions that has arisen from playing your build: What do I do with my extra actions, extra intellect icons, extra resources, extra deck slots? I already got all the clues and keep things evaded and I still have 2-3 actions left each turn. What now? xD

Oct 12, 2020 Death by Chocolate · 730

@chirubimeHAHAHA, yeah, that IS the problem with this deck isn't it? We spent several rounds in the campaign just drawing resources and dancing in our chairs while waiting for the agenda to advance.

The real answer is, to start by getting an actually impactful weakness instead of Unspeakable Oath (Cowardice)! Drawing weaknesses, such as Chronophobia and Kleptomania give you some more things to do with your extra actions.

I agree that the boosts become so high that you don't really 'need' the Lockpicks to succeed and the Hawk-Eye Folding Camera can be enough, but the former, as you acknowledged, helps you dig deeper into your deck with Lucky Cigarette Case, and you're only investigating once or twice a turn anyways.

I like The Gold Pocket Watch a lot more alongside Backpack since that solves the major issue I have with it rotting in your hand as you can hide it in the backpack to slip in between refreshing the Pendant of the Queen.

For a bless token team comp, I really like the idea of Keep Faith as the Versatile card. And sometimes with Double, Double it adds EIGHT tokens. Just make sure your allies bring enough things to actually do with bless tokens, so maybe save this tech for after the Innsmouth cycle is fully released.

You can also play on a higher difficulty; it certainly won't stop this deck, but it may slow it down (a little). Or start layering in Ultimatums. But at the end of the day, you are running into the biggest problem that this deck has, and the reason I named it as I did. This deck is NOT okay!!! Really, almost any seeker (or secondary seeker) can run this sort of unplayable good variant of the Brrrr! deck, but Trish's class and card bring some very powerful utility and throughput.

If you want a more omni-focused variant, build Roland Goes Brrrr! instead. He trades evasion for combat, but still is plenty slippery due to Pendant of the Queen. His weakness goes from being a crippling surprise to even less inconvenient than Shadow Agents! since it comes out early, stays in play, and can be resolved in one action. Heck, you can stick to the myriad meme theme roots with Spiritual Resolve and Solemn Vow and soak all of the damage and horror for your entire team forever! Just add a one handed gun to cycle with your signature and use Magnifying Glass or Hawk-Eye Folding Camera instead of Lockpicks. You can use Backpack to make up for lost searching, and maybe Stick to the Plan if you can pick two other tactics. Maybe Shortcut and Dynamite Blast? There is no shortage of good Practiced skills to add in his deckbuilding pool.

The purple version with Luke Robinson is likewise an interesting space to explore. Enraptured is a great additional Practiced skill, and Whitton Greene has her bonus stats on by default, and can trigger her deep search constantly for researches and Segment of Onyx whenever you jump to your pocket, and she'll still be there for you after Mr. "Rook" winds up as the first card added to the Forbidden list! Unfortunately the purple myriad cards are a lot less exciting, but Open Gate can be fun to help the rest of your team be as mobile as you are. You'll also want to find some events that are more able to take advantage of his investigator ability. There might also be a version that uses the continual search of the non-unique Arcane Initiates to spin through the deck. Detached from Reality is much less fun to hit each cycle, but you can probably pass the investigate check, and its a thing to do.

tl;dr - The solution to your problem is to put worse cards in your deck or play badly. That said, if you figure out what to do with your extra actions, intellect icons, resources, and deck slots, let me know!!!

Oct 14, 2020 sycondaman · 1

From the deck description:

assembling the pendant by turn 3 (and using it 1-2 times every round for the rest of the scenario)

Just a mistake or am I missing something. Pendant of the Queen exhausts and I don't see anything in your deck that would allow multiple uses within a round.

Oct 14, 2020 chirubime · 3479

It's not a mistake @sycondaman If you use the last charge on a Pendant of the Queen, and then manage to combine the 3 segments again in the same turn, you can use another charge off the freshly reassembled pendant. There's a few tips and tricks to do this:

  • Use the last charge of your previous Pendant when your deck is very small. Then use something that draws through your deck fast like playing 3 Aces, or 3 Easy Marks, Perception(2) + Surprising Find. The deck has a lot of cycling
  • Also, Dream-Enhancing Serum helps passively draw back into it.
  • Another consideration is to play Backpack(2), when you have a deck size that's 9 or less after you spend the last charge of the previous Pendant, 3 segments go back into the deck and Backpack(2) searches all 3 out immediately.

Oct 14, 2020 sycondaman · 1

Got it. I realized after commenting that was likely what you meant--I just thought it was something you were triggering more frequently.

Oct 16, 2020 Death by Chocolate · 730

10/15/2020 Taboo update: The chaining of Mr. "Rook" and Segment of Onyx has added 11xp to the cost of this deck, but at 24xp this deck still swings WAY above its experience cost weight class.

Oct 20, 2020 Jedort · 1

Trish cannot run level 4 seeker cards though.

Oct 20, 2020 Death by Chocolate · 730

@JedortIf you are referring to taboo’d Mr. “Rook”, that’s not an issue. He was ‘chained’ which doesn’t change his level, only his xp cost. So he is a level 0 seeker card that costs 4xp. He is not a level 4 seeker card.

Oct 25, 2020 omegaMK13 · 1

@Death by Chocolate I really like that deck and plan on using it for my Innsmouth playthrough together with my friend. I'm only wondering what cards you'd recommend using instead of the ones you listed that cost XP. Any tips will be appreciated.

Nov 07, 2020 boardjamesgeek · 1

@Death by Chocolate What is your level 0 decklist look like for this deck?

Nov 09, 2020 Death by Chocolate · 730

@omegaMK13 @boardjamesgeekThere isn't really a 'level 0 decklist' for this deck since you completely change the entire deck by flooding it with myriad cards. You can make the level 0 version however you like. I do have a few recommendations though:

But like, run whatever efficient, good cards you feel like or want to try out - because they won't last long. This deck runs lean and mean.

Apr 08, 2021 TechnoMaestro · 1

I'm genuinely in awe of this deck but I have a single concern - how did you get around the horror from drawing your deck and playing cards? If you're going through your deck multiple times a game, you're accruing a rather significant amount of horror just from having to reshuffle your discard into your deck.

Apr 08, 2021 sycondaman · 1

As you get closer to the end of your deck you slow your draw and try to go through your Pendant as quickly as possible so it keeps filling your deck with the three segments, which you can then get out easily.

Apr 08, 2021 Death by Chocolate · 730

@TechnoMaestro @sycondaman Actually, no, you don't slow down at all, mostly because we want to put our research cards and Deductions back into our deck. ESPECIALLY after we upgrade to Deduction (2). However, between Moxie and Mr. "Rook", we're never really in danger from the horror. You will almost certainly have a fresh Rook in hand to play if he dies, and Moxie can be used as fast soak when necessary.

So even flipping through the deck every turn or two isn't that much horror. And you don't need to sustain it indefinitely - most scenarios will run out of clues a few rounds after you hit full speed under the oppressive hoovering of this deck.