[Multiplayer] [Guide] Luke Perfected

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Role: Cluer / Transport

CORE The deck focuses on the utility of Eldritch Sophist. It moves charges between Alchemical Transmutation, Eye of Chaos, and Gate Box or secrets from Eldritch Sophist to Scroll of Secrets.

CLUES You'll be picking up 2 clues at a time with all the charges being moved onto Eye of Chaos. As well as running both Stirring Up Trouble and Drawn to the Flame.

FIGHTING You don't have many options. You can use a Gate Box charge to leave. From gatebox you can use either Storm of Spirits or Spectral Razor. His 3 is decent in a pinch. Leave the fighting to your teammates.

DRAW It quickly cycle your deck to find cards with Deep Knowledge, Tempt Fate, Crystal Pendulum, Scroll of Secrets and Word of Command. (Note: the solo copy of Astounding Revelation is to make the first play of Word of Command free).

ASSIST You also help the team move across the map with Open Gate & Shortcut. It can also help setup & prep with Faustian Bargain & Deep Knowledge.


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The average XP across scenarios is ~25. So at 2exp, you may find you have some extra xp to spend. Here are some suggestions.