Lola Hayes impersonates Legolas

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Uncle George the Farmer · 244

Hello fellow investigators.

This is my "going solo with Lola" deck after the release of Ornate Bow. The obvious route here is to get asap your Bow and start killing monsters from the shadows. Most of the card choices here are passive bonuses like our talent cards or utility cards that helps you move/search clues or weapons/deal dmg without testing.

I must say that the first two campaigns are kinda difficult cause you're missing key cards in order to have full potential of your deck. is our primal skill. You evade alot!


-Having fun playing this deck -She becomes a force to reckon with -Easiest Lola deck to handle


  • High dependant on upgrades
  • Expensive cards / Low economy
  • Slow start/bad opening hand usually ends up badly


The only cards we have that can boost our economy are Decorated Skull, Lone Wolf and Emergency Cache. You can swap Trench Coat for Backpack in order to find your Decorated Skull quickly but i prefer Trench Coat in the first two scenarios for evading actions. Even Dr. Milan Christopher is quite helpful gaining resources.

Clue gathering

Usually you won't have any problem finding clues. Dr. Milan Christopher is here to boost your . Flashlight the low shroud locations and auto-clue the high ones with Scene of the Crime and Working a Hunch.

Utility cards

Venturer is there for your Ornate Bow. But in the first round works as a body and filling supplies on your Flashlight. If you wanna utilize him more then swap Survival Knife for First Aid or the 2x Trench Coat for 1x Painkillers and 1x Smoking Pipe.

Leo De Luca gives you that extra action, Shortcut gives you mobility through locations and Prepared for the Worst let you search fast your Knife and later on your Ornate Bow.

Coup de Grâce is an interesting theme choice giving you an easy killing blow.

Experience route

Our core choices are:

2xKnife 2x Ornate Bow

2x Charisma

Higher Education

Stick to the Plan

These are our must.

Then you can go onto:

Leo De Luca Leo De Luca

If you have Higher Education you need to change 1x Coup de Grâce for Hard Knocks and Physical Training for Well Prepared.

Coup de Grâce Borrowed Time

Hyperawareness Pathfinder

Shortcut Shortcut

Relic Hunter

1x Trench Coat 1x Key of Ys

Fieldwork Quick Study

2x Emergency Cache Emergency Cache

I hope you enjoy this guide and have some some fun with Lola!


Dec 10, 2018 Sagesse · 122

I love Lola decks. Highly underestimated investigator. Tackling a fun deck with her is always a treat.

Now for the rules lawyerish Ruination of Fun. I know it's not a truly essential piece of your strategy, and feel free to play however you'd like, but Lola cannot technically activate Stick to the Plan since she can't be a Guardian that early in setup.