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StartWithTheName · 60535







This is a heavilly tested and refined deck. Paired with various seekers, iterations of it have comfortably cleared numerous hard mode scenarios including all carcosa that is currently released (upto Phantom) and the first half of Dunwich (still underway). Its also cleared NoZ on standard (Lita (0 cost & 3/3) is broken with Yorik's ability) but i plan to go back on hard.

While it is a very effective brawler and tank more importantly it is ridiculously good fun to play and probably my favorite deck that ive ever ran (sorry wendy you will always have a special place in my heart though).



This deck makes use of a standard guardian fighting base (Machete/Vicious Blow/.32 Colt/Beat Cop) with the addition of damage soaks which are recurred along with reactive damage options to create a solid tank with seemingly unlimited health and sanity and increased damage output. The deck makes high use of his to get bonus use out of the the many pips on its assets doubling up on card usage while saving asset installing actions over the course of the game.

As it gains xp it also gains combo pieces to build to semi-frequent power turns pairing turn long stat boosts from Fight or Flight or The Red-Gloved Man with huge multi action turns from recurring Police Badges and/or action guarantee from Will to Survive. Note that all of these are recurrable via Yorik's ability or Resourceful, or if you draw an .

Its not fool proof. This is a full on brawler build with limited investigating options until you get The Red-Gloved Man, which will be a few scenarios into the campaign. It is however an extremely strong combat compliment to a team with other cluing options, even if that is just constituted of a single seeker of your choice.


ACT 2 (Priority upgrades)

I thought i would put the upgrades up here since so few ppl (understandably) want to read the main text.

New Ally of your choice either:

Both work. Beat Cop II is more steady and possibly slightly more effective overall but Aquinnah III is substantially more fun and why are you playing the game if not for that. Hybrids would probably also work, but ive not tested them.

Note that we’re expecting the guardian patron soon and depending on thier ability, they may replace Madame Labranche and may even be kept longer term - fingers are crossed.


ENCORE (Later Upgrades)

No particular order


BEHIND THE SCENES (Detailed piloting)


PREMIER (Mulligan & early game)

  • Grand Opening: Mulligan hard for a Machete (preferred) or a .32 Colt. If you got one in your starting hand, chuck anything that isnt Vicious Blow, Emergency Cache, Cherished Keepsake, or Guard Dog (keep 1x each max)

  • Stage Fright: You want to take 2 horror early (1 on standard) on Yorick himself to turn Fight or Flight on (see below). It is worth taking this by choice (attack of opportunity etc) if the opportunity arises unless the HP hit is substantial or the horror would take you over 2 on Yorick himself. 3 horror turns on some fairly annoying token effects and encounter cards. Ive never done it, but this interestingly makes taking a point of mental trauma potentially a time saver.


PERFECTING YOUR PITCH (Optimal ability use)

The value of this cant be overstated. It allows you to:

  • Recur items multiple times (ok I know thats obvious),
  • Save actions you would normally use playing assets, and
  • Get some mileage out of the pips on those assets.

Get you your first weapon down asap (that + damage is just too important), but appart from that basically play the remaining rig from the discard as opportunities arise. Very occasionally I play a Guard Dog/Madame Labranche or Cherished Keepsake naturally if it’s quiet or I expect to use them very soon, but they are better off pitched if possible.

A further advantage of pitching assets here is that has a similar effect to increased hand size. You still have a form of access to these albeit at a steady trickle. You dont expect to play all your assets every game here. You expect to play the ones you need at the time. So while the deck has a high cost curve (All those 3s oh no!), you are unlikely to play more than 2 of the weapons or the Dogs or Beat Cop II more than once or twice in a game.



  • Bear hug! recurring Guard Dog, Cherished Keepsake, Madame Labranche, and later Aquinnah III & The Red-Gloved Man will provide you with an endless supply of hp and sanity. You will mainly be recurring fairhful Mr Pewterson (at no cost) since you have a high base HP and Aquinnah III redirects the damage element of an attack.

  • Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war Guard Dogs and Aquinnah III also provide test free reactive damage boosting your overall damage output per turn. The test free aspect of this is substantially more important than it looks on higher difficulty levels where token effects can be harsher and getting your skill high enough to reliably land attacks can cost a lot. Also note the combo here with Heroic Rescue, allowing you to both trigger your Guard Dog/Aquinnah III abilities and deal yet another point of non-tested damage while fobbing any actual harm to you onto your recurable allys and teddy bear.

  • A pound of flesh The inevitable Machete is your primary damage dealer. .32 Colt tides you over until you draw it, offers a back up +damage weapon when engaged with 2+ enemies, and helps deal with specific enemies like orbs or fliers. This has been chosen over Knife after much practice with both. In short Knife costs you more in the long run (and you need that cash once you get xp), takes up too many of your free installs if Machete doesnt turn up, and leaves you in trouble too often when you miss on a discard. Its fun tho. If your playing on lower difficulties id suggest taking it despite its inferiority just for the shear enjoyment. This is a game after all. Gravedigger's Shovel can be used in truely desperate times for an attack, but without the bonus damage it just burns too many actions if your using it long term. Its here for cluing only really, but it can occasionally save you burning too many pips - which leads me to some maths!

  • Pip Pip Hurray! On hard you want to be aiming 3 above skill test if you want good odds on landing attacks. 2 above gives you about a 50/50 which is too slow but can be ok if the enemy has retaliate and your packing Dogs. This means Machete alone is fine for str 2 enemies (3 with Beat Cop if you take it), but above that you`ll be pitching some pips to get 3 above test strength. Between Machete,.32 Colt, Gravedigger's Shovel, Guard Dog, Resourceful & Police Badge (with xp) you have 10 or 12 cards with single pips that actively play into your game plan when committed to combat checks plus your Vicious Blows. Overpower and Oops! both offer double pips (Never play oops as an event, its just here as spare Overpowers that you can get back with Resourceful) covering you for Str4s with a single card. In a tight corner, Lucky! or Unexpected Courage could also be used, but these are better reserved for or tests particularly from encounter cards.

  • Seeing Red! Fight or Flight and later The Red-Gloved Man are MVPs in pip-land. Both give you a whole turn at +2 (assuming youve taken the recommended 2 horror) covering you for str4s, and importantly boss/miniboss fights where you expect a str4 or 5 enemy with 4+ health. Resourceful can recur Fight or Flight or your ability can recur Mr Gloves giving you multiple turns with these.


TOUGH CROWD (Encounter protection)

Most of the encounter protection comes from the fact that you dont really mind taking indirect damage/horror due to so many soaks. And you dont care badly if you are forced to discard assets. This means you can let alot of encounter cards like Rotting Remains/Corrosion through and just replace things later on. Occasionally you will need to block a nasty test that has more nuanced repercussions and thats what Unexpected Courage & Lucky! can help with. Also dont miss the and pips on Cherished Keepsake, Madame Labranche, Police Badge, Aquinnah III, Resourceful and at a push Heroic Rescue (but the latter is rarely worth it).



You arnt really here to clue, but you can do a litte. Early campain very little.

  • Gravedigger's Shovel Your primary clue tool until you get Mr Gloves. Unless you are using it in desperation as a weapon, this shouldnt ever be played from hand. 2 actions and 2 resources is a high price to get 1 clue. if you can auto install its still not cheap in a cash hungry deck like this, but it is at least test-less.
  • Lucky! Can be used to clue. Note that the preferred way to use Lucky! is to take tests at 1 lower strength than you would other wise do, ie aiming for a 50%-60% pass chance. If you pass great! if you fail spend the Lucky!. This way you are using it to save pips on multiple tests rather than as a panic button safety net. Its also thematically satisfying to be "lucky" while it sits it is in your hand, once you fail your lucky streak has ended.
  • The Red-Gloved Man/Will to Survive See the combo section below, but essentially once you get one of these clueing becomes much more of an option by either boosting to 6 or just never taking tests.


SHOW TIME! (Power Combos)

Your xp choices will be slowly building up the following combo pieces. Any two of these make a power play (apart from Fight or Flight + Mr Gloves which play similar roles) and additional parts build to an even bigger power turn:

Would you like a 5 action turn where all your tests pass? would you like to take multiple actions using offspec stats? Want to hit that boss 5 times this turn for 10 damage (before any Vicious Blows or reactive damage)? These things are possible with little effort collecting combo pieces since there are so many permutations in the upgraded deck. Notice that you can reinstall and re use a Police Badge in a single turn with your ability after you have used it once. Notice also that you can get both Police Badges in play at once with Relic Hunter, if you dont mind dropping your Cherished Keepsake for a turn, potentially giving you a 9 action turn (My record is 7, but thats not uncommon due to the trick).


Off Script (Variants and Notable absences)

  • Prepared for the Worst. This comes in and out if the deck regularly. with 6 possible weapons it looks like it’s not necessary, but Gravedigger's Shovel isnt a full weapon really. This means Prepared for the Worst can be better seen as weapon 5, with the bonus option of supporting clues by searching for the Shovel later on if needed. In practice it rarely gets used except as pips, but that one time you're half way through the game and just can’t find a weapon is the one time you really miss it. Take as a 1x in place of an Oops! if you want it.
  • Fine Clothes. These are actually worth a slot at the start of carcosa in place of Oops! then sub them out when they stop being useful (wont spoil).
  • Leather Coat. This could be in place of Madame Labranche, but i favor her sanity buff and occasional cash trickle.
  • Dark Horse. I used this for a very long time. It does work. The key is to not deliberately keep yourself low on cash and just accept that it will be intermittent. You will be spending your cash down to zero regularly so it will see action maybe 25-50% of the time.
  • A Test of Will. Ive not tried this yet but it looks great. It would very likely fit as an upgrade over Unexpected Courage.
  • Knife (see combat section (Breaking a leg > A pound of flesh))
  • Bandolier. This looks useful to give you a spare hand to recur Gravedigger's Shovels whithout dropping Machete/.32 Colt but in practice i dont think i ever played it and then got to 3 hands in play. There was usually more interesting things to be reinstalling and (for a price) you can get that .32 Colt back again reloaded later.
  • Peter Sylvestre. The biggest crutch card in the game. Even when you plan to take this much horror deliberately you dont need this much horror soak. The recurring Cherished Keepsakes do a better job for free without blocking a key slot.
  • Lantern. Despite the satisfying theme this does little in Yorik. He can already reliably do 1 damage for 1 action just by attacking normally and with 2, even -1 shroud isnt going to let you investigate anything but a 1 shroud location. you can add more cards like "Look what I found!" to make a one shot medium impact very high cost combo but there are cheaper ways to clue like Evidence! without burning so many slots. It has a small amount of utility on Whippoorwills but basically Beat Cop cover that already.
  • desperate Cards. This deck started as a desperate deck (hence the name), but theyve all slowly been filtered out in testing. 2 horror is definitely the sweet spot due to certain encounter and token effects. The only time i found them good was when i deliberately went after the The Tattered Cloak to try them out but even then you need to draw it.
  • A Chance Encounter. Tried it and found I rarely used it. Its problem is that it sits in hand too long before you get use from it. I havent tried Calling in Favors but that may be better since it is an earlier game card(

Jan 16, 2018 MrTinkleton · 1

You are amazing. This is the best overview of how to play a deck I've seen on this website. Thank you.

Jan 17, 2018 siroma · 34

Would you consider replacing the shovel with a baseball bat (bonus to damage, recurrable with yorick) as you're not really using your second hand for anything anyways? The deck doesn't seem like it has the resources to constantly cycle the shovel for clues anyway, which you will end up using red gloved man for eventually. Flashlight could also be used to help hit the shroud 2 locations early on in the campaign.

Jan 17, 2018 StartWithTheName · 60535

Thanks @MrTinkleton. very kind of you to say.

Thanks also @siroma. Ive not actually tried Baseball Bat in Yorik but a friend says hes had good experiences with it in this deck.

If i ran it it wouldnt be in place of the Shovel as that slot is a clue slot here really (you want 1 slot at least). If you want weapon 5 then Prepared for the Worst is your friend here, or possibly a single Knife (above caveats noted - it does work). The use as a weapon aspect is very much just a bonus. It can tide you over as you dig for a longer term option. You are right tho, paying 2 per clue isnt a great return so you dont get to use it that often. You will probably be using it on a very high shroud location at least since you can which goes some way to justfying the price. The problem is Yorik doesnt have a lot of cheap single card options that let him clue easilly. Evidence! is an option. It doesnt have the advantage of being able to pitch it for pips to get a second use of it but it does work. Its also nice to more cards that are survivor cards simply to get more leverage from Resourceful early campaign even if that just means giving you another 1 card to pitch next fight.

My other problem with Baseball Bat is that a bit like Knife it has the potential to let you down. As yorik i dont mind most aspects of the deck being transient, but my worry is that the weapon disappears on attack one against a 4 hp enemy becasue that could be a big problem. I suspect the solution is to keep a second weapon in your hand (of cards) then if the bat breaks, you can play it and just take the Attack of opportunity on allys/bears but again ive not tried it.

Incase it helps I do usually try to get Machete + .32 Colt into play for when you have 2 enemies engaged or you want to shoot something thats engaged with a comrade. Its quite expensive, but fight actions are still the bread and butter of the deck so its an investment you will get use from. Its also particularly important in boss fights when the encounter deck just needs to pop out a single enemy to neuter Machete.

Jan 17, 2018 siroma · 34

Thanks for the response!

I'm considering testing a build replacing the colt with the bat and the shovel with Look what I found. Fighting with a base fight of 4 is rather iffy for me on higher difficulties, and for Dunwich and NoZ I feel that the +2 fight is worth the ~ 6.25% chance of losing the bat. Most skulls also aren't that bad in terms of the numerical penalty, so theres a good shot that the 2 damage kills a weaker monster even if you draw a skull, and the colt isn't great against bosses anyway. I would probably swap the colt back in for carcosa though due to the extra skull in the bag. It's also serves the same role as being a pitchable card for resourceful if you need the icon.

Look what I've found is kind of like a flashlight on those shroud 1&2 locations, and with lucky or some other perception boost can also double tap those high shroud locations.

Jan 18, 2018 StartWithTheName · 60535

Awsome. I`d love to hear how it goes.

To clarify, you are usually fighting with a base of 5 (Machete) or 6 (Machete + Beat Cop II), unless you take the Aquinnah route, then the large enemies fight themselves! :) (kill the little thing for you). I wasnt meaning you use the .32 Colt to attack the bosses directly. You use it to kill any small thing that spawns while you are engaged with the boss to open up Machete for the boss. You're also probably saving a Fight or Flight/The Red-Gloved Man for a fight like that.

I had another thought though if you go down the Baseball Bat route. Will to Survive looks like it might be your friend for multi hp enemy panic moments. Might be worth bumping it up the priority upgrade list.

Be aware that the Baseball Bat isnt in the discard until after the enemy has died so you cant recur the bat on the kill that it breaks on. I would suggest some smaller disposable cheap weapon to tide you over the gaps. Possibly just Knife? despite my rantings it does work. The other option is to use the reactive damage build/saving Vicious Blow to perform the kill to get the bat back.

Ive not tried "Look what I found!" because of its need for these combo pieces (Perception/Lantern etc) to clue a single time. You spend 2 + one action on Gravedigger's Shovel for 1 clue. You spend 2 + an action + 2+ cards to get 2 clues with "Look what I found!" and you didnt even get the pips. It does however have a double symbol which, at least in carcosa, can be used for other purposes (i wont spoil) and some encounter cards. Be warned also that if Dunwich is anything to go by, these low shroud locations will dwindle in frequency as the campaign goes on. But by then you will have The Red-Gloved Man available ofc.

Anyway good luck with it!

Jan 18, 2018 Michel · 2

This looks like a really solid deck build. And I love that it has 2 of each card, I find it a pleasure to look at.

Jan 19, 2018 Icarusrising · 68

What are your thoughts on adding Ever Vigilant? You have a good number of assets and you are adding more with xp. Ever vigilant adds an additional economy boost to a cash starved deck and makes your setup quick and easy. You can even use it to play your keepsakes without feeling guilty for spending an action.


Jan 19, 2018 StartWithTheName · 60535

Thanks @Icarusrising

I’ve never tried it. But in an asset heavy deck there’s definitely scope for something like that. Not sure what I’d drop for it. But that’s a problem for future me. At a guess it could go over a UC since carcosa occasionally wants pips.

One nice combo there is definitely Madame Labranche. Normally when you play her you immediately get 1 penny back. So with a penny discount she would effectively be free. Or net zero cost at least. I don’t think you could trigger her mid Ever Vigilant so that penny wouldn’t be available during the actual install process. But it’s there for later.

I suppose it’s downside is not getting the use of the pips on the pitch so there’s a hand management aspect to consider. I can’t underestime the value of these. Especially the will pips on Cherished Keepsake. But things like Beat Cop does ofc cost slot and put a passive + into play

Jan 19, 2018 StartWithTheName · 60535

Sry that should say beatcop costs a lot. Not slot.

Jan 19, 2018 StartWithTheName · 60535

Oh. I also missed a thanks to @Michel. Thanks man

Jan 22, 2018 Greatsageishere · 141

Well done for putting in the effort to write all this.

One very minor point though: guard dogs can’t be used to defeat whippoorwills since they don’t deal damage.

Jan 22, 2018 StartWithTheName · 60535

thats a fair point @Greatsageishere, i`ll get that edited out later on. Thanks!

Jan 24, 2018 CecilAlucardX · 10

What are you thoughts on upgrading the .32 Colt with the .45 Automatic? 1 cost more so harder to recur, and less ammo; but it has +2 pips and no chance of retaliate. Also, has direct damage been an issue? Does it make you want to get Yorick hooked on drugs? (Jokes: I mean Painkillers and Smoking Pipe.) At least a one-of?

Jan 24, 2018 StartWithTheName · 60535

I’ve never used the upgraded one @CecilAlucardX, but the lvl 0 is certainly an option over the colt. I favour the lvl 0 colt for its econ advantage 3 cost for 6 uses vs 4 cost for 4. Ofc if you do t use the last two bullets it loses this advantage but I do like to keep the option open. Especially if machete didn’t turn up. Anyway I see no reason the v2 automatic wouldn’t work. And it would save pip expenditure. Bizarrely you an often leverage retaliate with Guard Dog/Aquinnah etc. But it’s not always a good idea. I think the main reason I’ve not looked at .45 Automatic v2 is that I usually have other xp priorities first but that’s all.

Feb 04, 2018 OzValdo · 652

Since you tested this deck heavily with seekers, and since seekers tend to be rich due to a certain Dr Milan, i've certainly seen great advantage by keeping another friend Charles Ross at hand.

Charles could discount the plentiful 2 cost item assets for Yorrick to a 1, and the remaining 1 could be proffered by our favourite granny Labranche. Leaving Yorrick to be a total dark horse machine.

Ofcourse this requires your Seekers to be nimble at their feet. Well in comes pathfinders, and my favourite upgrade card, the upgraded Shortcuts. Hell, with that amount of speed you two would hardly be apart.

Imagine the endless possibilities ................

p.s. but then if you're a true dark horse, lucky becomes a dead card... life aint perfect

Feb 06, 2018 StartWithTheName · 60535

Cheers @OzValdo, I did run dark horse for a quite a while though it was first cut. With Madame L you do indeed get plenty of cash. If you are concerned about dark horse not interacting well with lucky, then ofc the natural sway would be to trade the lucky for the horse ofc.

Ive not tried Charles Ross in any deck yet let along alongside this one mind. One thing to note is that with Madame L and plenty of 2 cost cards, you can reliably take the upkeep penny and the madame penny to pay for one of these a turn while semi enabling dark horse (basically just during your own actions rather than the mythos phase). Charley would then allow you to access 3 cost items (ie machete/colt and more importantly the police badges) in these cycles, and becasue hes optional, you could use him only when you werent trying to spend the penny. Shame it doent help on the allies or teddies though thats where the real mileage is.

Feb 09, 2018 Fuzer · 1

Whant an amazing guide. Thanks a lot for this deck. Gonna try it for sure.

Feb 25, 2018 Myriad · 1199

Would you make slots for On the Hunt? Seems like a really good card for Yorick!

Feb 27, 2018 StartWithTheName · 60535

Obv im yet to try it, but it certainly looks like a good fit. The flex slots are Oops! after that theres also Heroic Rescues/1xResourceful. Though typically these are the slots i drop when I add Xp cards.

Just noticed I missed `@CecilAlucardX``d comment about Smoking Pipe. This would also fit that slot if you expect direct horror. I used them in dunwich for that reason, though i rarely found i needed them badly.... except of course those games when you really needed them badly.. ie mouse over for spoilers. Though you just need to play around that. Just dont do the reactive damage stuff while thats down and keep any pips and Unexpected Courages for encounter tests that deal horror on fails.

Mar 19, 2018 veneretio · 332

Ran this list through Core + Carnivale with Akachi. A few thoughts:

  • I didn't run Heroic Rescue and I probably should have.

  • At least, 1 Leather Coat feels like it needs to be in here. Resources are sometimes a problem and having free stuff to get back matters.

  • Gravedigger's Shovel was kinda underwhelming. It's just so slow to get clues with and not great for fighting. I'd have rather it was "Look what I found!" or Flashlight or something else.

Overall though, awesome list that I really enjoyed and found really effective. Definitely will be recommending it to others.

Mar 21, 2018 StartWithTheName · 60535

Thanks @veneretio.

Agree re the shovel. Its not fast especially if played from hand (which i would avoid unless you badly need a weapon), and even when played from the bin its a bit of a resource hog. Upgrading to Red gloves improves this somewhat but this deck isnt built for cluing. Theres good a reason it was refined with seeker pairings. I find look what I found takes too much support to be usable. On its own you can basically clue shroud 1 and 2 locations with it unless youre willing to spam loads of actions until you find that -1/0/elder sign. If you want to raise those odds you need to add combo pieces like lanterns (Just awful with Yoriks base 2), flashlights (a little better but not massively) or burn your luckys. These are multi action, multi card and multi resource combos to open up a single occasion clue window sadly and basically as bad or substantially less efficient than the shovel. Basically pre xp yorik isnt going to clue on hard in this build so i only gave it a few slots.

If it helps, with Madame L in play there is a trick that lets you recur any 2 cost asset (which can be the shovel) once a turn assuming you can kill something.

  1. Spend to zero,
  2. Take Madame L cash before upkeep.
  3. Upkeep takes you to 2 pennies.
  4. Kill,
  5. pay 2 to put shovel back,
  6. use shovel
  7. repeat.

Again its 1 clue a turn and reliant on enemies being available so it wont be especially fast, but its better than burning large proportion of your deck slots on off spec needs. Notice how red gloves also cost 2 so this can be 2 clues a turn later on in theory at least - though from experience its very rarely in practice.

Re Heroic rescue, it can be a flex slot if needed. Its one that I find I want in the first couple of Scenarios just to boost damage until i get upgraded cops/Visc blows etc but I trade out for upgrades soon enough. I youve gone Aquinna you might still want it perhaps. Ive actually been using taunt in that spot in other decks recently as carcosa keeps throwing in aloof enemies. We also now have On the Hunt which I am yet to test but looks like a natural fit if you need to reinstall something (call back Mr gloves to get some clues anyone?).

The jacket would be a natural fit if you find yourself short on HP. I`d put it over an OOPs if anything. With the allys (especially the dogs and eventually red gloves) i didnt find i needed it but its a matter of taste I suspect. You can always upgrade over it once you have charisma/gloves etc if you find you no longer need it.

Apr 03, 2018 leikos · 1

@StartWithTheName Hey great deck. I rly want to use On the Hunt. Wahr Grad

Apr 03, 2018 leikos · 1

*what cards would u drop for On the Hunt?

Apr 07, 2018 StartWithTheName · 60535

Hi @leikos. Oops! is the natural flex slot here. though there are alot of candidate options for that space. Heroic Rescue serves a similar purpose .... sort of ... in that it gets you attacked for the Guard Dogs. Any of the surrogate taunts could probably fit that slot.

May 22, 2018 Fishfreeek · 2

what are your opinions on Survival Knife and Trusted?

May 25, 2018 11zxcvb11 · 3

i was wondering if on easy/standard difficulty the 2 pip newspaper might work for gathering clues? you commit it for the pips, then, if you have no clues, use yorick's ability to install it for 1 resource and get the +2 bonus again.

May 26, 2018 StartWithTheName · 60535

Thanks @Fishfreeek and @11zxcvb11.

Its been a while since i ran this deck and alot of cards have come out that look like they fit well, though as I say my thoughts are not based on experience at all. Survival Knife certainly looks like it fits the build, possibly over the .32 Colt if you dont mind loosing flyer/orb support. You are choosing to take hits by choice and the +2 is Yorik`s sweet spot for Hard mode. Im less sure about Trusted. The allies here are so transient that I suspect the slot is probably better spent elsewhere and am rarely a fan of card combos that require the cards to be available in a specific order unless they are very strong. A couple of cards I do have my eye on for Yorik though are:

  1. Reliable, which i realise comes with the card order problem, but it might offer a solution to the Guard Dog/Beat Cop trade off if it's attached to Machete effectively getting Machete to (the magic) +2, and
  2. Yaotl, who with this many + pips may be similar to a constant passive +1 or 2, and the option to mill a card every turn to get assets in the bin if not is very appealing. Im just not sure if the deck needs more allies really.

Re Newspaper I honetly have no experience using the card at all. Almost all of my face to face campains have been 3 or 4p where the shear volume of clues on locations makes the one off bonus look less appealing. I gather from conversations with friends that it gets alot more game decks generally in true solo. The other issue on Hard (and i realise you werent refering to hard) is it only gets you to 4, which is only reliable at 1 shroud locations. But on standard that would essentially just change to 2 shroud, when if im taking tests for clues i usually aim for 3 shroud as a baseline. Ofc this could be fine if paired with an auto clue build or something.

The other thing that is worth noting incase anyone was considering it, is that Im not actually sure this deck would perform well in forgotten age for reasons that i wont spoil. It was written during carcossa, when we didnt know what FA would throw at us. So in some ways its calibrated to deal with a different set of challenges. This is a good thing ofc. I dont think "one deck to rule them all" would be very much fun. Much better to have to think and adapt decks to situations than have a generic solution to everything :)

May 26, 2018 Fishfreeek · 2

@StartWithTheName Thanks for the detailed responce. I'm actually running him through the forgotten age with my friend (playing Ursula Downs) I found this deck while looking for what upgrades to get.

I've been running double Machete, Survival Knife and .32 Colt for maximum chance to draw weapon. Survival Knife is nice but there have been planty of times I've wanted it to do an extra damage or for the reaction to be usable with attack of opportunitys so I might cut it or go down to one in the future.

I can see what you say about Trusted, there have been a few times I've drawn it and not got an ally. It is great to get an extra use out of Guard Dog or Aquinnah though (and the one extra horror soak on dog is nice if I cant find Cherished Keepsake). I'll probably upgrade it into something later (maybe Reliable as you suggested)

As for the Forgotten Age (spoilers) it's been going well so far, first senario went not so great due to us drawing five Ancient Evils and the interlude destroyed us. Second one went very well though manly due to us avoiding doom at all costs, had plenty of time at the end.

Jun 13, 2018 avlpigeon · 1

@StartWithTheNameGreat deck! If pairing with Ursula, would you replace Heroic Rescue with Let Me Handle This since she's likely to be moving around a lot?

Jun 13, 2018 StartWithTheName · 60535

yes absolutely @avlpigeon, the various taunt cards are all fairly interchangeable here to suite play style:

Oh i swear theres another one but its not coming to me.

Jul 12, 2018 Gamedog · 1

Played a version of this last night (+2 Leather Coats, -2 Oops — ‘cuz I’m used to playing a poor poor Dark Horse Pete and was terrified I’d miss a free install trigger because I didn have enough cash! ;) ! But, no worries. Deck worked like a charm. Or a Cherished Keepsake.

Really fun deck! Always loved recursion mechanics (“Damn! Lost my Colt passing through that Arcane Barrier. Maybe it’s inside this Ythian Observer. I’ll slice him open with my Machete and see. whackwhack*. Found it!”)

Really enjoyed reading your write-up, lots of great insights. Looking forward to continuing Dunwich campaign with this deck.

Nov 27, 2018 Erdjo · 314

@StartWithTheName 10 months later, what newly released cards would you refine the deck with?

May 13, 2019 StartWithTheName · 60535

Dear all, ive published a newer version of this deck that brings it up to date with the TCU card pool.

Click here incase anyone is interested!