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Drawing Thinh 36 18 11 1.0
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MinhFinity Stones (Hard Mode) 0 0 0 1.0
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Drawing Thinh 2 0 0 1.0
Minh is a "Stone"-cold killer 4 2 4 1.0

StartWithTheName · 33296



Huge shout out to @Unitled of the fantastic Drawn to the Flame podcast for the original concept with his deck Drawing Thih Available Here

You can also DttF previewing and discussing the Seeker lvl3 Grisly Totem which inspired the deck and its counter part The Survivor lvl3 Grisly Totem at this link:


All ive really done here is tweak it, play test it and refine it a bit. I originally looked at this as a bit of janky fun but It turns out to be something of a beast. It is at least also an absolute blast to play and has some real potential for utter nonsense, just seriously effective nonsense.

It's a now a moderately refined deck thats cleared the first half of hard mode TCU paired with my Current Yorik Deck. There are likely still a few tweaks that can be made, in particular im unsure about Cornered vs another Manual Dexterity just now, but I just wanted to get it published as I dont know when i`ll get time to refine it more. It is shown here with a little xp to show the general direction/game plan of the deck long term. For a campaign legal starter drop all xp cards and add:

You will then have something like this: MinhFinity Stones (Pre Stone Age)



A deck focused on instant draw generating assets to provide fuel for Minh`s and Grisly Totem, and exploiting Drawing Thin to both get huge numbers of charges on Ancient Stone (Damage version), and deal considerable automatic damage passively while taking other actions.

Day to day clues are obtained through boosting high with bonus clues from Deduction, Working a Hunch and Winging It recursion via Mr. "Rook". This allows Scavenging recursion on spare assets, fueling More Totem Draw, Cornered and/or reloading The Stones.

A large proportion of wild pips enable versatile test passing on any stat, clearing of The King in Yellow, and the passing of tests boosted with Drawing Thin while drawing cards to activate Ancient Stone. This more or less lets you one shot one or two 1-3hp enemies at a location from a single evade or fight test or even just kill them during the test on Track Shoes (which could even be activated actionlessly with Pathfinder) in a cocky driveby shoeing.




Once the stones are solved:

Other Priorities:

Later Upgrades (This is mostly speculative and untested):





Keep any of the following (in order of priority) and muligan away anything else:

This mainly sets up for early cluing and easy draw options to find more cards quickly. Note that Mr. "Rook" isnt on this list. You dont need him that early except perhaps as soak. see The King in Yellow section.


D-Rrrraaaaaww Powwweeerrr! (Setup and Deck Core Principals)

About a 1/3rd of the deck offer draw and/or cash generation. The draw obviously plays well into the standard card spam Minh schenanagans to get the most from her ability. But there are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Set up your draw engine as a priority Get Drawing Thin, Grisly Totem, and Analytical Mind down as a priority. Track Shoes to support the Drawing Thin (you can trigger them on the test anytime you move - Also see enemy handling section for some serious nonsense this enables). Mr. "Rook" and Eureka! help you tutor for these early game. Once you are drawing 4+ cards a turn everything else (including your weaknesses) will show up in a few turns.

  • You will cycle your deck several times a game I rarely do so less than 2 times. Make sure you have Mr. "Rook" down to soak the horror you take when you do so, and if playing Dunwich you`ll want to modify the deck to bring some suitable encounter protection for spoiler such as Dr. William T. Maleson or Forewarned.

  • You will see all assets, and early but play them wisely you can get away with loads of singletons and still be consistent due to this much draw (5 cards a turn sees 1/6 of your deck!) and Mr. "Rook". You will need to use Drawing Thin to pay for alot of the 3 cost assets here and there. Note that almost all of the assets here are either fast, or action saving in the long term, ie they offer economy/draw, free movement, free test triggers (see below), or recursion. Despite this you will still want to pace yourself in playing them. Basically if its a singleton in the deck its not an early game card and can wait. You really only want to play an asset when you are about to use it.

  • Once youve been through your deck, and played your assets the deck speeds up big time. You will usually end the first cycle of the deck with 5-8 cards in hand and 5-8 in play, leaving around 20 ish in the deck. At this point you are also likely drawing around 5 cards a turn including upkeep (so about a quarter of your remaining deck). These will almost all be skill cards/events (and weaknesses) as the low pip cards (the assets) are mostly in play.

  • Pray your basic weakness isnt Doomed or Through the Gates or similar - Yeah.... I have no solution to this. Youre going to draw these a lot. If you get doomed, try to get the following achievement: Doom yourself to death in 1 scenario. #lifegoals.



Day to day investigation is done the usual way:

  • Get yout basline high via Magnifying Glass & Death • XIII. This basically lets you reliably get clues off low or medium (1-3) shroud locations unsupported, then use a pips on high shrouds (4+). Note that for once Milan adds little to this as you can get enough money from Drawing Thin and you have plenty of pips spare with this much draw. But if you must add him, take Charisma rather than dropping Mr. "Rook".

  • Bonus Clues & Rooks Wings: Deduction, Working a Hunch and Winging It provide us with bonus clues. Note that Deduction and Winging It also add a 1 skill point advantage to the test letting you cover 4 shroud locations easily. You can get Winging It into the discard by simply playing it on any investigate action (you have enough money from Drawing Thin), or let it discard by over drawing or using Cornered. Notice how once youre deck is below 9 cards, that anytime you shuffle Winging It into the deck after playing it from the discard, it will always be in reach of Mr. "Rook". And with Cornered you can keep dropping it into the bin while putting the other Winging It back into the deck...

You can then use this solid investigation baseline to fuel other deck functions:

  • Totem Recall: With high , you will naturally exceed by 2 for Scavenging every so often (basically when you draw a 0, -1 or ). This can be forced by spending a card to just boost high if needed to get back an item you suddenly need. While these assets typically only have 1 pip, between Grisly Totem, your ability, and Analytical Mind you can then turn any recalled item into a 3 pip card, which lets you draw 2 more cards, and probably trigger Scavenging again next turn. This is a great use for the second copy of Magnifying Glass once Ancient Stone is down - or the second copy of Ancient Stone which has pips giving you a potential +4.

  • Cornered neutralises Drawing Thin. It gives you exactly 2 boost compensate for the 2 boost to the test strength. Now that item you Scavenged, or that spare Winging It can be 2 resources or a card draw without diminishing your odds of passing, and you can recur these as described above.

  • Higher Education more than neitralises Drawing Thin. Pay 1 into higher ed, get 2 back (or a card).... Even at the new taboo list price of 8xp this is likely worth the investment once the (core of the deck is in place)

HIGH AND MIGHTY (Getting Big Stones)

Plan to identify the Ancient Stone towards the end of your first cycle of your deck or later to ensure you have both Drawing Thin in play. These contribute to the test strength for determining "X" - the number of uses your Damage Stones will have:

  • You Want "X" Nice and High You can find a 4 or 5 shroud location on most maps easily. Use both Drawing Thins to boost the shroud to 8 or 9, which is 11 or 12 with the +3 from the Stone themselves. Keep an eye open for Obscuring Fog which can turn a 2 or 3 into a 4 or 5 or take a 4/5 even higher. You can also see if a friend can give you a Double or Nothing. Then just throw the kitchen sink worth of pips at the test like you would for The King in Yellow (in fact this might be a good time to clear it, remember you can probably find the thing with Mr. "Rook"). 2x Rise to the Occasion can add 6 , Inquiring Mind can do the same if a clue is there, you can get 2 more from Grisly Totem and your , or two more per Unexpected Courage or Working a Hunch. Or if you have Higher Education you can just money bomb the test. Note you get the cash and card from Drawing Thin before the test so they are available to spend/commit in time.

  • Clues on the Location are Optional but Nice. You can still investigate a location without any clues on it. Obviously you are getting a second clue from the Ancient Stone so its nice to have the benefit, but the main advantage of this is getting the option to use Inquiring Mind to go really high.


A STONE COLD KILLER (Enemy Handling)

Pre Stone Age

  • Prior to getting the Damage Stones you wont be such a bad ass Until at least sc 3 you need to rely on Fire Axe and "I've got a plan!" (see upgrade path) for kills. This is fine. you cycle your deck that fast "I've got a plan!" will come back, and Fire Axe can be combo`d with Drawing Thin at the start of each swing to give you 6 and 2 damage a few actions a turn before you even add any pips. Its much slower than the stones and a massive resource hog, so you wont be very efficient, but it's enough to see off an enemy at a time.

  • Or you can just evade. Spend any of the wild pip cards, the Manual Dexterity or Eureka!, Pump it high with Grisly Totem and your as needed, Track Shoes also help, and you can reliably get to 6 quite easilly. You may need to use Drawing Thin on 2 or 3 enemies if you need to use Rise to the Occasion in this instance.

On to the fun Stuff!

You can have up to 6 cards in play that let you draw a card on demand and deal damage via the Stones without taking an attack of opportunity:

You can also get bonus draw from:

Notice that most of these draw single cards allowing you to exactly match the HP of an enemy when using your Damage Stones without wasting extra charges). There are a few options and tips for dealing damage:

  • Fight/Evade or Parley Just pick whatever doesnt risk an attack from retaliate or alert. You dont necessarily need to pass the test unless you are relying on draw from Grisly Totem to deal the damage. Note that you have an pip from Track Shoes, and you can draw from Manual Dexterity or Eureka! making evasion more useful in most cases.

  • Retali-LATE! You can initiate an attack on an enemy with retaliate (or evade vs an alert enemy), tigger Drawing Thin to draw BEFORE the test, killing the enemy before its keywords activate. The test then fizzles as the enemy is dead but i think you still need to draw a token risking token effects. Or at least thats how ive been playing it, certainly i have checked that the retaliate/alert can be mitigated.

  • Engaged with 2 or 3 enemies? - Evade one kill the others Just evade the one with the highest HP, then split the draw damage over the other one(s). For one action, you are now free of all of them.

  • Aloof enemies can be killed by investigating or natural draw. They are an enemy at your location. You can just get on with getting the clues and fire the draw tools while you do so. Note that the card you draw in upkeep counts as a draw so it can snipe a 1hp aloof if needed. (Im looking at you Whippoorwills!).

  • Stones Are Relics So no problems from Geists like: spoiler, spoiler, or the like.

  • Drive By! Track Shoes let you move into a location (possibly for free with Pathfinder) then initiate an test to attempt to move again. This allows you to fire Drawing Thin, Analytical Mind, or Mr. "Rook" in a window mid test to kill an enemy off before it even engages you. For the most part you dont care about failing the test, but if you want to move as well, you can just throw enough pips into the test to pass, which also makes Grisly Totem/Manual Dexterity or Eureka! possible in the test instead or as well as of Drawing Thin. Notice that with Pathfinder this could let you move to a connecting location, kill a hunter thats about to jump you, and move back to where you were without spending an action. Want to be even cockier? play Working a Hunch as you pass through :) im yet to do this but its funny.

  • Dont forget to reload you have 2 sets of stones, so you can over write them. You can also Scavenge them back to hand. Note that if the second set didnt show somehow (despite Mr. "Rook"), you can use Magnifying Glass (which is fast) to discard an empty stone from play ready to be Scavenged. Still you wont find your doing this that often if you have 10+ charges on it, thats 3 fairly big enemies or a load of smaller ones per stone.

  • You can actually dual wield stones if needed which means 1 card drawn can deal 2 damage, one from each stone. How would you like to walk into a room with a boss, fire 2 Drawing Thin, 2 Grisly Totem, Mr. "Rook", and some Manual Dexterity/Eureka!s and deal 10 - 16 damage from Track Shoes.. then move back out again, without even engaging it, and entirely ignoring its base or , retaliate or alert skills? You can then play a Magnifying Glass to discard one of the stones, investigate your location to Scavenge it back and play it over the other stones so they're ready to be Scavenged back first action next turn... and repeat...


DRAWING KING (Dealing with The King in Yellow)

You are drawing through your deck multiple times a game, so you will see this a lot. Almost all of the skill cards have multiple wild icons. Plus Grisly Totem and your can add 2 more of any type neutering the 6 icon requirement. Now all you need to do is find 3 matching cards, which shouldn't be hard with all that draw. A few notes though:

  • Use Drawing Thin - why not, since you are going to be going obscenely high on the test anyway. These also allow you to play Rise to the Occasion if you couldn't before. Note also that you get the card from Drawing Thin BEFORE you take the test, so if its better than what you planned to spend, you can actually commit it to the test.

  • Dont use Mr. "Rook" to dig 9 cards deep until you can clear The King in Yellow. A little obvious perhaps, but worth stating this. Mr. "Rook" will force you to draw it. Try to have at least 2 matched cards in hand that you dont mind wasting on The King before you do this, you can find the 3rd with Mr. "Rook" if needed.

  • Cornered doesnt count, you discarded the card, you didnt commit it so it doesnt count towards the 3 cards spent.

  • Working a Hunch has icons. This was chosen specifically to cover The King in Yellow after early test runs struggled a little at times. It is one of several events available that can do this ("Look what I found!" for example is another that could be subbed in easily and still have other uses), but it's a good one to wait to play after you clear The King in Yellow each cycle just to make sure you have options.



May 18, 2019 unitled · 1883

Thanks for the shout out! I'll stress that while I did talk about a similar idea on our cast, I probably only spotted that the deck works great with Grisly Totem and only then because we got to tease it on the cast... A few people have been playing with Stones + Minh for a bit, I just think with the Totem there's probably a tipping point for the amount of draw (plus drawing thin to help power up the stones when you translate them).

May 19, 2019 matt88 · 2127

Hey mate! I 've been tinkering with a similar deck (not tested it though) and I'd like to make a few notes:

Is Cornered really that necessary? If its use is to specifically discard Winging It, I think it can be dropped, as you are very likely to be able to discard it during upkeep with all this card draw. I also understand that every card has its use, but what do you think of Overpower and Take Heart? Both can draw you cards in a fight test and they can help you kill even larger threats.

The Track Shoes combo is fantastic, but is it worth it? I mean, how many times will there be an enemy you want to kill on a different location? The largest threats come from enemies that spawn at your location.

May 19, 2019 StartWithTheName · 33296

Np @unitled. I would be inclined to say its Drawing Thin and Mr. "Rook" that tipped the balance. They took the combos from 1 or 2 damage a turn/action from the stones up to 5+, and the guaranteeable damage (ie damage even if the test fails) from 1 per turn up to 4, which is enough to kill almost any encounter deck enemy including most of the VP badboys. But defaintely kudos to whoever was running Ancient Stone before. They werent even on my radar as a playable card. Massive kudos to whoever added Drawing Thin/Mr. "Rook" though, which i thought was you, with or without the prompt from the promo viewing, its not an obvious connection imo.

@matt88 - Yeah im on the fence about Cornered too as I say somewhere at the top. Its part of the deck that needs more testing. Its not just for Winging It at least. It combos nicely with the Scavenging engine (those assets are 1 non-wild pip), allows you to manipulate the number of cards that count as being "committed" for Analytical Mind to enable 1 more off test draw (and damage), and it effectively has the ability to change the icons on a card to 2 wild and enabling versatile passing of tests that use Drawing Thin is really nice. It is however last priority on quite a long install list. Certainly I wouldnt expect to play it in the first cycle of the deck, which begs to question its benefit vs another skill card or perhaps Live and Learn (also counters Drawing Thin) or keeping a copy of "I've got a plan!" for bosses. Certainly im open to suggestions. It is among the least well tested parts of the deck.

Track Shoes on the other hand are a really big boost to the deck. You also play them after the draw engine is down, but the option to trigger Drawing Thin on any move for either cards or cash is a huge boost to the deck`s economy and tempo. You also get alot of uses from the boost to evade. Which ofc can leave hunters on the board making the "driveby" option nice later on. (minor TCU spoilers from here) In particular The Spoiler in TCU will be adjacent to you quite often as will anything that starts in play in wages of sin, any of the cultists that spawn at empty locations, or enemies drawn by a different player. Thinking about it, every map in TCU so far has something spawning or sitting in play at another location. If you are able to use the shoes even once on entry to initiate an attack rather than needing to spend an action initiating an evade, this offsets the action spent putting them in play. The other way to get the action back is to use the free move from them at some point a bit like the way you play Pathfinder any time you would be about to move anyway, and in most games at least one opportunity to move two locations in one go.

May 19, 2019 StartWithTheName · 33296

oh sorry - missed your question about Overpower and Take Heart. I would be inclined to take another Manual Dexterity over Overpower as I do most of my combat via evades, and if covers you for some of the encounter checks. You can still fight using the many wild skill cards ofc if the 1 extra damage is viable. But anyway either would work i think. As for Take Heart its just a solid card. you do occasionally trigger tests with Drawing Thin that you plan to fail so you would get opportunities from it certainly. Ive not tried it but i dont see why it wouldnt work, and ofc this Cornered slot is somewhat flexible.

May 20, 2019 Holy Outlaw · 144

This is a great deck and wonderful explanation. I fear the write-up may not quite have the timing right on Ancient Stone though. The description of "when" in the rule reference says: (For example, an ability that reads "When you draw an enemy card" initiates immediately after you draw the enemy card, but before resolving its revelation ability, spawning it, etc.) The fact that the effect triggers before the card spawns suggests to me it is not at your location, and therefore not a legal target for the stone damage. I don't think this does much damage to the viability of the whole engine, but worth noting.

May 20, 2019 Holy Outlaw · 144

And to @unitled's point about how some have been using Ancient Stone for a while, I wanted to concur. Honestly, I've not only "been" using the card, I've stopped using and soft-banned it. My team legitimately wrecked TFA on Expert entirely off the strength of that card, and that is not a joke or exaggeration. (To elaborate, after 5 XP on "Untamed Wilds," Daisy bought Higher Education and two Ancient Stones, then triggered them with the help of teammate's Double or Nothing to get all of the clues and 14 charges on the Ancient Stones (/card/02026) in a spoiler high-shroud location in "Doom of Etzli." All subsequent XP for Daisy was spent on card draw, and cards like Cryptic Research and Preposterous Sketches became fast "I've got a plans!" that cost no resources, couldn't miss, and came with obscene card draw. The deck could keep cycling around over and over, and Daisy would use Magnifying Glass to knock depleted stones out of hand to send them back around for each reshuffle. It honestly made me feel a little sick, and I truly think the Ancient Stone is a strong candidate for "mutation.") Sorry to ramble or thread-jack. My point is to say that, based on my experience, I see the deck posted above as not only strong, but "too strong" as the campaign advances, even for Expert difficulty. Congrats on an excellent deck!

May 21, 2019 StartWithTheName · 33296

Cheers @Holy Outlaw, im not sure either way now. Weakness enemies dont technically have revelation text, but im not brilliant at timing charts. Anyway as you say its not really meant as a feature of the deck so much as a daft little observation that made me laugh. I put it in for a little humour tbh but i`ll just take the paragraph out as theres good odds your right. Its not exactly going to come up that often and i wouldnt want to be able to circumvent rules that take the risk away too much.

Anyhow. Good to hear your experience too. Noticed Your deck. Nice write up. I have a feeling the stones skipped the taboo lists partly for being too new, and not being part of any infinte combos, and partly that the list isnt necessarily targeting strong cards so much as ubiquitous ones atm. A bit like treating frequency of use as an indicator of power level perhaps. Later lists may catch it, or possibly its enablers. I find it hard to believe Drawing Thin got past play testing, but i can see it getting xp added and/or limit 1 per investigator or test at very least.

May 21, 2019 Holy Outlaw · 144

@StartWithTheNameThanks for reading my write-up. Glad to get your thumbs-up, seeing as you're pretty much the best in the business for that department. And I wholeheartedly agree that the Stubborn Detective jumping out from his hiding spot to step on a rake every time is a visual gift that keeps on giving, regardless of how mechanically sound it is. Really strong deck here and great inspiration for my own ideas. Thanks again!

May 29, 2019 DAAAN · 1

Would newspaper 2 not be better than a deciphered reality? Works with scavenging, much cheaper, can sometimes be played to reset ancient stones.

May 30, 2019 StartWithTheName · 33296

Thanks @DAAAN,

Ive never actually used either newspaper, so im not very familair with their value. My instinct here is that they are overshadowed by the Magnifying Glasses. Hand slots here are highly competed and draw is so high that you`ll find the second mag glass without issue. Since you are primarily a cluer, if you play them you might also find they are blank for most of the game, and since they lack Magnifying Glass's fast keyword, the bonus clue from the could have been gained by simply spending the action you played them with investigating. If you are never planning on playing them and just treating them as reusable pips, then they might well work fine though.

I personally love Deciphered Reality mind. With Drawing Thin money, the price isnt an issue, and minh goes so high on tests you can land it easilly. With this much mobility its possible to just run around revealing locations action free for the fun of it too. The main thing about decipher for me is that you dont have to shoot the moon. Even just 3 or 4 clues for one action is really nice efficiency and given that you get 2 from your own location, that can just be 1 or 2 other locations with clues on. Even just the bonus clue from your own location can be nice in a pinch (albeit an expensive pinch) when time is tight. Still, each to their own. decipher is meant as a later non-priority upgrade and tbh by the time your looking at these you will have a feel for what you want in the deck. Plus, by then youre probably looking to add a few fun toys to play with irrespective of power level - it is a game afterall. Decipher just happens to be one of my favorite toys especially in a deck that runs about for no better reason than it can :)

Dec 06, 2019 thakaris · 168

@StartWithTheName First of all, thanks for sharing this deck, It is amazing - or better, it has been amazing. I really wonder what to do know that Drawing Thin is on the taboo list. You have to afford the stones ASAP as well as spending XP for Drawing Thin now and up to this point, I really am looking for a solution on this matter. the draw power is significantly reduced by this and it needs 23 XP to have the base mechanic going (6 for Drawing Thin, 6 for Grisly Totem, 3 for Relic Hunter and 8 for Ancient Stone. So what would you suggest?

Dec 07, 2019 StartWithTheName · 33296

Cheers @thakaris,

I think I would just make 2x Drawing Thin the first priority. This means you are looking to make 7xp of the first scenario, but as far as I am aware this is at least possible in all first scenarios of campaigns released to date. Assuming you manage to solve the stones on the second Sc, you could make do with 1x Damage Stone (which will only cost 3xp since you get a 1xp refund from the Ancient Stone itself), if you want to defer getting the second stone in place in favour of other toys. You can still use the axe in one hand.

All the taboo has done is delay how soon the deck gets its pieces in place. The "core" of the deck doesnt take a lot of xp. When I took it through return to carcossa recently there was little i was interested in adding past the middle of the campaign. Everything after that was just adding things that looked fun rather than things with important functional roles. So adding 6xp to the front of the list is fine i think. Its possibly also a bit better balanced. I think most ppl accept that drawing thin was a bit on the strong side at first printing.

Dec 07, 2019 thakaris · 168

@StartWithTheName I am totally with you regarding drawing thin, it was to strong the way it was and since I like using the taboo list (it creates a more balanced game experience in my opinion) I was really wondering, if this deck would still work. Go with the drawing thinx2 first ist a good suggestion though but you will lose the extra symbol and card draw granted by the grisly totems in early scenarios. 7xp in the starting scenario is reachable except Dunwich II guess, but I don't like the Dunwich champaign that much so I usually do not play it. Anyway, may just go with 1 stone is a consideration since the drawing power of this deck is incredibly good. You created a really fun deck, I like it a lot.

Mar 11, 2020 Taevus · 338

@StartWithTheName I'm using your work heavily for my upcoming TCU run and first shot with Minh - so thank you. Even talked Daisy Walker into taking a copy of Premonition so I can nail the big Ancient Stone test. The new (since this deck was published) Sharp Vision card I think is tailor made for Minh. I'll be trying it instead of Cornered and Winging It (both cards I like btw). Without Winging It or other cards like Fingerprint Kit, you are always doing a basic investigate action, and the 3 icons are great for The King in Yellow.

I considered A Glimmer of Hope for a while as well, since you could farm out more icons, but ultimately I decided to go with Take Heart and an extra Perception.

Apr 04, 2020 Taevus · 338

@StartWithTheName I ended up starting with a couple copies of Take Heart. I didn't actually get to use them for the card effect, but I was able to use one in addition to Inquiring Mind and Rise to the Occasion to clear The King in Yellow, the other in a clutch situation to add one via Minh's unique. Obviously there are better cards to get if you just want to succeed, but it was a welcome alternative use to these.