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Valentin1331 · 10474

This deck is a 0xp version, that can lead to this 30xp version published before. The upgrade path proposed here is a twist to propose a better tempo. Feel free to use the version you prefer, or a mix of both :)

Press the ♥ if you like the idea!

Cop at day, hero at night, Tommy Muldoon is the real Blessed guardian!

TL;DR: This is a combat/tanking orientated deck of Tommy that focuses on the tokens and the newly released cards.

Key Mechanic:

  1. At the beginning of each turn, use Spirit of Humanity on Tetsuo Mori, Fine Clothes, Cherished Keepsake or Leather Coat to generate 2 tokens.

  2. Seal the 2 tokens just generated to activate the Holy Spear

  3. Once there is 10 tokens on Holy Spear, use Hallow to take them out and start again.

If you need more burst or Spirit of Humanity is at the bottom of your deck, you can use Keep Faith.

If you have the 2 copies of Spirit of Humanity down, you can fill the bag with tokens using your soaks.

Encounter Deck Management:

The combination of Scrapper and Physical Training first, Plucky and Combat Training later give you solid protection against most encounter cards. Plucky also brings a side effect: you can get clues.

You should never lose your composures as no damage will ever go to your investigator card before hitting your soaks, unless direct damage, so not applicable.

Take the Initiative in the early campaign gives you a sweet boost for the scariest ones...


Thanks to The Star • XVII, Tetsuo Mori, Cherished Keepsake, Fine Clothes and Leather Coat are boosted, not only they take more damage / horror, they also bring you more money once defeated. As you play them fast with Joey "The Rat" Vigil, they become your cash machine.

Rite of Sanctification played after Keep Faith allow you to play your expensive cards before you have access to Joey "The Rat" Vigil to start the cash engine.


If you did not find your Holy Spear with a mulligan, use your Prepared for the Worst first if available.

Tetsuo Mori will be sacrificed as often as possible to bring you a soak, and Calling in Favors early game will lookin' out for #1.


Your soaks give you resources when defeated and don't cost you actions to play.

Quickly, the dynamic will become: the more you draw, the more you earn.

On top of the drawing of the tutoring, you need some drawing to compensate the 35 cards deck. That's the reason for Glory, Daring and Overpower, Unrelenting sealing all the tokens later. If you have extra xp, Overpower for extra draw and Stand Together is always appreciated.

Damage / Horror Management - Tanking:

Drawing your soaks is the first step of your money-making machine, defeating them is the second one.

Spirit of Humanity is here to turn your soaks into resources AND fuel for your Holy Spear, while Solemn Vow will allow you to use your soak also on fellow investigators! They can now investigate with an enemy engaged, you'll get the damages anyways ;)

The Star • XVII make your sponges even spongier, allowing you to tank more and getting better paid for this.

Worst case scenario, you can generate AoO by moving with an enemy for example to make sure to finish off Tetsuo.

Safeguard il also here to help you tank and increases the tempo.


Here is the link to the fully updated version of that boy.

.35 Winchester x1 Holy Spear x1 - 5xp, total 5xp

Rite of Sanctification x2 Spirit of Humanity x2 - 4xp, total 9xp

Charisma - 3 xp, total 12xp

Versatile x1 Added cards: Safeguard x2, Solemn Vow x2, Joey "The Rat" Vigil x1 - 2xp, total 14xp

Guard Dog x2 The Star • XVII x2 - 6xp, total 20xp

.35 Winchester x1 Hallow x1 - 3xp, total 23xp

Physical Training + Scrapper x1 Plucky + Combat Training - 2 xp, total 25xp

Take the Initiative x2 Unrelenting x2 - 2xp, total 27xp

If you have more XP the next steps are Overpower for more draw, or Stand Together for more drawing and better support.


Jun 10, 2021 LivefromBenefitSt · 887

Is this "Alter Boy Tommy?" It's a clever idea....

Jun 11, 2021 Valentin1331 · 10474

Not sure I understand...

Jun 18, 2021 Rowdyowl · 1

Bless tends to be associated with religious things and 'altar boy' refers to a young boy who assists at mass. Tommy's also presumably Irish which are famous for being Catholics and Catholics use altar boys.

Jun 29, 2021 AussieKSU · 645

Super deck idea. Just a few comments and opinions...

Steadfast seems to me a superior option than take the initiative. If you're playing single player, then fine, take the initiative is decent. Multiplayer, however, steadfast seems the better option.

Why use calling in favors? It turns off Tommy's ability. Sure you get the search, but I think there are better options.

I'm not convinced that The Rat is worth the investment. You're investing in a Versatile, which dilutes your deck, he takes a precious ally slot for which there are far better options (beat cop, xavier, agency backup etc), and he alone is 4 resources to play + 1 card + 1 action to play... that's SIX pips of investment. You'll need to use him 6 times before he starts paying you back in resources. Sure you get the fast window, which can be priceless, but considering what you're doing just to get this, it seems far far not worth it.

Combat Training and Plucky? I don't get it. You're tanking, and wanting to take horror/damage. These cards seem to be XP wasted on cards that you'll need to destroy first before putting the horror on your ideal targets. Plus if you're running Solemn Vow, you'll be very much not wanting to soak horror for your buddies.

Winchester.. ugh... .45 Thompson seems the superior option, particularly on expert.

Great deck, thanks!

Jun 29, 2021 AussieKSU · 645

Not to mention, you can only have 1 composure in play. I'd play only 1, or neither.

Jun 29, 2021 AussieKSU · 645

"You should never lose your composures as no [horror] will ever go to your investigator card before hitting your soaks"

Sure, fine.

Jun 29, 2021 AussieKSU · 645

And winchester is great, nevermind. It works with blessed tokens. Super!

Jun 30, 2021 Valentin1331 · 10474

Thanks @AussieKSU for the review!

Indeed, I forgot about the 2 composures, therefore Scrapper + Plucky seem to be the best option.

And yes you're tanking, but on your Assets, you're going to limit as much as possible damages on your investigator cards. With Joey "The Rat" Vigil down, as long as you draw cards, you should have some soak down and therefore keep Plucky, especially with 2 sanity thanks to The Star • XVII.

The good thing also with Joey "The Rat" Vigil is that you can play your assets without causing AoO. That is true though, I haven't made the full cost of Joey and it seems a bit like a 'bet', especially knowing that he implies making the deck 35 cards when the main flaw of this deck is card draw. Calling in Favors is only here to bring Joey "The Rat" Vigil faster, so no more Joey (bringing his total cost to 9 actions!) therefore, no more Calling in Favors of course.

If you don't go this route, Safeguard is good, I'd say.

Steadfast is good indeed, as we said you shouldn't take too much on your investigator card, though it doesn't bring a draw like Daring and doesn't protect against encounter cards, which is the true weakness of Tommy Muldoon.

Take the Initiative seems just more versatile to me, but that's personal preference I guess :)

Jun 30, 2021 AussieKSU · 645

@Valentin1331, absolutely love the deck, and thanks for the response.

Yea, just preference on a lot my opinions! I love a card that people seem to be "meh" on, but I think it might be the better versatile add than joey. How about a Leo de Luca instead, particularly since you have the resources to support him. Then I personally would totally justify the investment.

Jul 01, 2021 Valentin1331 · 10474

@AussieKSU true, Leo is always a good call, but I like to think outside of the box.

Another good call for a versatile here could be the Priest of Two Faiths that would populate the bag with tokens (potentially a couple every once in a while). It's also one of the best ratio of resource/soak

Just a shame that the other deck is stapled on popular decks and not this one that is much more refined IMO

Jul 01, 2021 AussieKSU · 645

I was trying to think of another target for versatile, and I was considering bless token something. Sadly, priest of two faiths is 1XP, so unless it's been mutated, I don't think you can pick it up.

Jul 01, 2021 AussieKSU · 645

Here's an idea

Charles Ross, Esq. Might be really good support, plus with Rite of Sanctification, you'll be laughing at how cheap items will cost your team.

Jul 01, 2021 Valentin1331 · 10474

Yeah Charles Ross, Esq. is good, but does not apply to your 2 main sacrificed items: Cherished Keepsake and Leather Coat… Maybe then looking for an ally that would bring draw like Laboratory Assistant?

Jul 29, 2021 Rancord · 1374

Id make following changes:

-2 Rite of Sanctification +2 Stand Together You want to see the tokens for your winchester and Stand is easier to trigger

I am not a big fan of Calling in Favors without any entry effects on Allys. I am torn on Winchester, as if it hits its very good but if you only get one damage you are screwed. I think I would opt into more reliable weapon + Vicious Blow to have more consistency and less Lottery.

While WInchester can work pretty nice if you go into Favor of the Sun in Scenario 2 and just take the problems in the first scenario, this build does not want to stay in Winchester Territory, so I would use .35 Winchester in 0 XP Yorrick, if you want to build reccuring Favor of the Sun and Ancient Covenant or maybe in parallell Roland who starts with 5 XP, if he plays with someone who can help with some bless Tokens, so he has an insane start into the campaign and then can transition away from it.

Jul 30, 2021 AussieKSU · 645

You specifically inspired me to publish my own deck list. Thanks!


May 15, 2022 Migiggle · 1

I'm trying to make a bless support fighter deck. Maybe focuses on sealing bad tokens and adding and keeping bless tokens into the bag while being able to fight and kill things when needed is there any changes to this deck that could support that or would you have any advice on what other investigator I should use / main cards? I played with a mateo: bless is more deck but it didn't have the ability to fight things and mainly investigated/ added bless tokens into the bag.