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Uncle George the Farmer · 9811

Hello Fellow investigators

Welcome to my structure deck series!


We finished with the core set and we decided to buy the whole Dunwich Cycle to feel the Arkham experience. We 'll discuss the new cards we added in our deck and which upgrade choices we take in solo and multiplayer.

I will focus on 19 XP upgrade routes since this is pretty much average in my Dunwich runs. I will also create decks of the Dunwich investigators and I will upgrade everyone setting as the final cycle The Forgotten Age. In the Circle Undone, Taboo List was introduced and I think you will already know the advantages/disadvantages of your favorite investigator in order to create your unique deck.

Let start with the show, shall we?

Jenny Pros and Cons

Jenny is a versatile character. She is the Phoenix in Tichu, the Joker in cards. Unlike other investigators who specialize in a specific role, Jenny works as a generalist using her talent to overcome any test.

Her biggest advantages are:

1) Her main ability provides an extra resource during the Upkeep phase. This guarantees Streetwise to be ready to use in every turn. Cards like Dynamite Blast and Leo De Luca with high cost/high reward are becoming viable for Jenny since she can afford them. Also, your elder sign ability benefits from your resources which is a good addition for succeeding tests by 2 or more.

2) Jenny's Twin .45s. A nice asset that provides Jenny a solid boost dealing damage successfully with most enemies. The only drawback is that it requires two-hand slots. In the beginning, try to gather your clues in the low shroud locations with Flashlight and build up some resources before you play it.

3) Her plain stats. They show you the way to build around her. You need to provide her with talents and assets that boost her stats if you want her to shine. Even her health and sanity are in a good spot allowing her to take a few hits here and there.

Her biggest flaw is:

Searching for Izzie and specifically in solo. In multiplayer you can have another investigator to investigate for you so it is easier to deal with. In solo, it feels like a combination of Cover Up and Smite the Wicked. If you are playing a standalone scenario don't even bother with it. Fortunately being a rogue you got some answers to deal with it fast like Elusive. In the first scenario before you get Streetwise cards like Perception, #Unexpected Courage got your back while Dr. Milan Christopher can be helpful also with his +1 . Let's hope it doesn't go to a high shroud location since it could be messy for you if you don't have these cards in your hand.


Before we start mention/suggest cards lets talk about the new deckbuilding options the Dunwich investigators have and what criteria you should use to determine your card choices.

First and foremost the Dunwich Investigators have access to all classes and they can choose 5 cards from them. The criteria you should use are:

1) The most important is that you should choose cards that will impact your gameplay until the end of your campaign. You won't change them so better use their full potential.

2) Are you playing solo or Multiplayer? Some cards are great for solo, others for Multiplayer and some play well with specific investigator combinations.

3) Try to close the gap or neutralize your weaknesses/disadvantages as an investigator. Specific cards can help you with your low sanity or health or even boost greatly your signature ability where cards from your class cant.

Saying these let's talk about which cards I recommend for Jenny for both solo and multiplayer:

1) Dr. Milan Christopher. A great ally that can provide +1 resource with each successful investigation. Cost less than Leo De Luca and synergizes well with Jenny's ability. Also his +1 can be quite helpful with high shroud locations and with Searching for Izzie.

2) 2x Physical Training. This is your solid choice as your additional talent along with Streetwise to cover all your stats. If you are willing to have Adaptable after the first scenario you can always start with Hard Knocks and Arcane Studies in your Lvl 0 deck in order to have access in all stats.

3) 2x Dynamite Blast. Jenny can afford it since she has resources to spare and it works well with Elusive. A great multiplayer tool dealing with multiple enemies. Until Jenny fills her field with her assets she will need to evade more. This card becomes handy in those situations where enemies are swarming and you can't afford actions to them. Later on, adding Cat Burglar in your deck along with Elusive this card becomes even more relevant.

Honorable mentions:

1) Art Student. This card is great in higher difficulties. The reason I didn't choose it in this cycle build is that it misses Calling in Favors to fully utilize it in Jenny's deck.

2) Lucky!. Another great card to secure success in your test especially concerning Searching for Izzie. If your role is not combat-oriented in your multiplayer game consider this card over Dynamite Blast.

3) Scavenging. Take this card when you build an Item-heavy deck filled with weapons and accessories. You can combine it with Burglary to gain more as a combo. Cards like .41 Derringer and Flashlight like this card since they run out of ammo/supplies.

4) Drawn to the Flame another card that provides testless clues. Works better in expert games. In standard, your talent cards are more than enough to cover you in every test including investigation.

5) Prepared for the Worst good if you are running Machete also in your deck and other weapons. It supports a combat-oriented Jenny so take it if you 're going to play the role of the fighter in your multiplayer game.

Let's move onto the card choices for the rest of our deck:

.41 Derringer and Flashlight works well together. In standard is easy to succeed in weaker enemies by 2 or more making this weapon viable for Jenny to use it. Leo De Luca is an expensive ally and usually I replace 1 copy of him for Cat Burglar. Still, Jenny is one of the investigators that she can afford him that's why keeping an upgraded copy of him later on can still be good but I must tell most of the times I disliked him since Dr. Milan Christopher works way better.

Lone Wolf is more of a solo card. In multiplayer you can swap it with different cards depending on the reasons. If your fellow player choose Agnes Baker add Liquid Courage. If you are the combat character add Burglary along with Scavenging and Prepared for the Worst. If you choose the hybrid style by supporting other players go for 1x Pickpocketing and 1x Think on Your Feet that sets up a Dynamite Blast play.

Backstab is your finisher move and can be used along with Double or Nothing and Quick Thinking. It becomes even better when you are going to get Streetwise. Elusive is your answer for Searching for Izzie so keep a copy in your hand when this weakness reveals itself. Also, don't forget to combine it with Dynamite Blast. If you 're having the resources it is quite satisfying using this card combo.

Finally, Double or Nothing works well with Quick Thinking, Flashlight, Backstab and the rest of skill cards. Also use it for some huge plays for other investigators like Wendy Adams, Zoey Samaras with her Lightning Gun etc.

Ideal opening hand: .41 Derringer, Flashlight, Lone Wolf, Emergency Cache, Physical Training.

Upgrade Route

As we mention Jenny is a versatile character and she can be upgraded differently according to your team combination. In every route you chose the core cards you are going to need are two:

Streetwise along with Physical Training are your foundation cards giving access to every stat. Your average stat line becomes great and every combo piece in your deck can be supported by those two cards. Double or Nothing, Quick Thinking, Backstab have greatly more chances to add value in your gameplay. Usually, Streetwise is used for the high shroud locations so better keep your resources for these tests.

The second card you want to add is Adaptable. Having access to every class this upgrade provides you the freedom to change your deck according the scenario. Adding Dodge for the elite boss or Ward of Protection for a specific nasty treachery. Altering your deck like that is game-changing (don't forget to swap them with the 5 cards that are restricted to your deckbuilding). Also having the option to add cards that have impact later on, is better than having them in your Lvl 0 deck from the beginning. An example is Contraband that can be used later for your Chicago Typewriter or Zoey's Lightning Gun.

These two cards add the theme feeling of what Jenny is capable of doing. She is good at everything and she got answers for every situation. Saying this now let's move on the choices we have for Jenny.

Fighter Jenny: Are you going to be the combat character of your group? If yes focus on Chicago Typewriter route. We don't have access to the upgraded Beat Cop but we got Hired Muscle to get our +1 and Jenny can afford the downside of this card.

1x Streetwise

1x Adaptable

1x Charisma

2x Leo De Luca Hired Muscle

2x Flashlight Chicago Typewriter

Hot Streak Jenny: this focuses on getting Hot Streak and spending these resources on your talent cards. Also in this route you are adding 1x The Red-Gloved Man to create explosive Double or Nothing turns. This is my favorite route.

1x Streetwise

1x Adaptable

2x Charisma

2x Leo De Luca 1x Leo De Luca and 1x Cat Burglar

1x Perception 1x Hot Streak

1x Perception The Red-Gloved Man

Supporter Jenny: This focuses on getting The Gold Pocket Watch. It's quite good when you re playing in a 4 players group. Your role is to help your group and support it with cards you can swap around with Adaptable in every scenario. You can heal (Liquid Courage/First Aid), you can deal instant damage (Dynamite Blast), you can auto-clue (Art Student/Working a Hunch/Drawn to the Flame), you can add ammo to weapons (Contraband), you can protect weak investigators (Dodge) and finally you can repeat a whole investigation phase for your favor.

1x Streetwise

1x Adaptable

1x Charisma

2x Leo De Luca 1xCat Burglar and 1x Leo De Luca

1x Perception 1x Hot Streak

1x Perception 1x The Gold Pocket Watch

Solo Jenny: In solo, your main focus is to get Hot Streak for your talents and Jenny's Twin .45s. Ace in the Hole is your final upgrade.

1x Streetwise

1x Adaptable

1x Charisma

2x Leo De Luca 1xCat Burglar and 1x Leo De Luca

1x Perception 1x Hot Streak

1x Perception 1x Ace in the Hole

Honorable Mention: Lucky Dice each time it costs you 2 resources and its better to spend them on Physical Training or Streetwise rather on the dice. Also, the fact you may lose it if you draw the makes it even worse.


Jenny provides a rather simple LVL 0 deck but it requires a deeper card knowledge and scenario experience if you want to play around Adaptable. You slowly set-up your assets and that might be risky in the first rounds but after that, she performs great. Being rich in resources is quite tempting when you decide to choose Jenny as your investigator.

I hope you find this guide helpful and we'll continue with our final Dunwich Investigator Jim Culver.

To be continued..


May 06, 2020 istaril · 1

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for these decks, and their explicit descriptions. It has allowed me to embark on a long awaited campaign and taught me many of the basics of deck building/upgrade paths. Progression series was my favourite way to plate LOTR LCG, and this structure series is, largely, that same experience. I am extraordinarily grateful, and look forward to each subsequent iteration - with any luck, we will be finished Dunwich Horror in time to have our pick from your Forgotten Age updates.

May 06, 2020 istaril · 1

*that should have read Path to Carcosa updates. Although I have no idea where I will find the cards!

Jun 07, 2020 PrivateRollo · 1

Excellent post, thank you. I'm about to embark on the full Dunwich campaign, solo with 2 investigators. Jenny feels very thematic for this campaign so she'll be joining me (in a fighter role). Who should I pair her with? Rex maybe as the main Cluever?

Jun 08, 2020 Uncle George the Farmer · 9811

@PrivateRollo Hello my friend! Yes, Rex is a good pair for Jenny.

Aug 26, 2020 scottopia · 1

Amazing write up. Thank you.

Oct 09, 2020 Jagbag13 · 1

How can I adapt this deck to reflect only owning Dunwich Legacy expansion and none of the mythos packs yet?

Oct 12, 2020 Uncle George the Farmer · 9811

@Jagbag13 Hello my friend. The only cards you're missing are Lone Wolf and Quick Thinking. You can add Think on your Feet to synergize it with Dynamite Blast. Guts is also a good skill card. Consider Burglary or Liquid courage if you're playing multiplayer. :)

Nov 12, 2020 Uncle George the Farmer · 9811

@istaril Forgive me for my late response and thank you for your kind words sir :) I'm glad you liked them.

Nov 26, 2020 Seige83 · 1

Missing Fine clothes and quick thinking. Any suggestions? Have up to blood on the alter currently

Nov 30, 2020 Uncle George the Farmer · 9811

@Seige83 Hello my friend! My go with your current pool is 1x Knife and 2x Guts if you play solo. You can consider also 2xthink of your feet and 1x pickpocketing if you prefer evading than fighting and pickpocket can give you the card draw you miss from a successful Guts skill test. The only problem with these cards can shine where the agenda deck is heavy on monsters while in other scenarios may be too situational that's why I suggest Guts and knife. I hope it helped.

Nov 30, 2020 Seige83 · 1

Thanks. Still pretty new to this but hope you continue your series it’s super helpful