Name Class C. Type Icons Traits Set Encounter
Alejandro's Prison Mythos Act Threads of Fate 131 Threads of Fate 19
Beyond the Mist (v. II) Mythos Act Union and Disillusion 244 Union and Disillusion 7
Chamber of Rain Mythos Location Distortion. The Labyrinths of Lunacy 19 The Labyrinths of Lunacy 11
Containing the Outbreak Mythos Act The Dream-Eaters 69 Waking Nightmare 7
Crystalline Elder Sign (3) Mystic 3 Asset Item. Relic. Blessed. The City of Archives 235
Monastery of Leng Mythos Location Leng. Where the Gods Dwell 297 Where the Gods Dwell 12
Pnakotus Mythos Location Shattered. Ancient. Shattered Aeons 334 Shattered Aeons 21
Premonition Mystic 0 Event Augury. Heart of the Elders 199
Protective Incantation (1) Mystic 1 Asset Ritual. Blessed. The Forgotten Age 31
Seal of the Elder Sign (5) Mystic Skill Spell. Expert. Dim Carcosa 312
Seal of the Seventh Sign: Over the Threshold and Beyond (5) Mystic 4 Asset Spell. Ritual. Shattered Aeons 311
Serpents of Yig Neutral Enemy Humanoid. Monster. Serpent. The Forgotten Age 14
Shards of the Void (3) Mystic 3 Asset Spell. Shattered Aeons 310
The Chthonian Stone: Stygian Waymark Mystic 3 Asset Item. Relic. Cursed. The Forgotten Age 30
The Codex of Ages: finis omnium nunc est Neutral 2 Asset Item. Relic. Tome. Blessed. The Forgotten Age 13
Valusia Mythos Location Shattered. Ancient. Shattered Aeons 335 Shattered Aeons 22