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Calprinicus · 513


Rex Murphy has always been a powerhouse clue finder. Even after the Taboo errata, he can still quickly and consistantly clean locations of their clues.

This build abuses In the Know allowing you to collect clues remotely as your teammates explore. Truth from Fiction and Eidetic Memory keep it stocked with secrets. While your triggered ability, and Deduction remove multiple clues for a single action / use.

While you're staying put, "You handle this one!", Disc of Itzamna, and Barricade keep you safe from monsters.

Scavenging and Segment of Onyx is a great combo, consistently giving you a to any checks you want. If your lucky, you can assemble the Clasp of Black Onyx.

Charles Ross, Esq. (one of the most underrated allies of all time) makes all your items cheap or free. Backpack fetches your arsenal of items.

When in a pinch, Ancient Stone, Blood Pact, and Search for the Truth (and your ) can shred apart enemies in bursts as you wait for your guardian backup.


  • Amazing and abilities! He's a clue finding machine.
  • Slightly higher than average health & sanity
  • Great skill distribution.
  • No chaos bag pulls required to deal with monsters.


  • Requires a team to explore & deal with monsters.
  • Rex's Curse can be brutal.


Items are the engine to this deck!


Charles Ross, Esq. doesn't get as much love as he deserves. His action stacks each round reducing the cost by 1, then 2, then 3, etc until used. This makes essential high cost items like St. Hubert's Key or Fingerprint Kit cost next to nothing! The additional bonus of paying for your allies items is also overlooked, removing some of the burden off resource hungry guardians.


Since you're already trying to beat the shroud value by 2 for Rex's ability, Scavenging is a no brainer. This card is paramount to retrieving discarded or commited items. Segment of Onyx is especially helpful, giving you a reusable until all three are found.

It's also key to reusing Disc of Itzamna, Occult Lexicon, Ancient Stone, and Fingerprint Kit.


Nearly half the deck (14 cards) are items or supplies making Backpack almost guaranteed to be filled each use. It's also fantastic at helping the assembly of Segment of Onyx.


This build abuses In the Know allowing you to bunker in one place and collect clues remotely as your teammates explore. Truth from Fiction and Eidetic Memory give you a total of 12 uses! While your triggered ability, and Deduction remove multiple clues for a single action / use.

(Unfortunately, Fingerprint Kit and Archaic Glyphs don't work with In the Know since they're separate investigate tests.)


Ancient Stone

Ancient Stone is Rex's gun. You can spend an action to draw a card and ping an enemy you're not engaged with for 1 damage. Or burst-fire an enemy with Search for the Truth or Occult Lexicon's Blood-Rite. If your lucky, Rex's can deal 3 damage.

If you need to, Truth from Fiction can refill its secrets, but it's better to discard it by filling the hand slot, recollect with Scavenging, then replay it.


Barricade has a lot of problems. Monsters still spawn on you, non-elites can enter, and leaving allies tear it down... however it's the best option we have to prevent hunters and patrols, so it will have to do.

In a pinch, Eidetic Memory can become a copy of one.


Disc of Itzamna takes care of non-elite enemies that spawn on you. Most importantly these can be recollected with Scavenging.


"You handle this one!" is more monster spawn prevention. If you have a Disc of Itzamna in play, you will want to hold these for elite monsters.


1xp - Seeking Answers --> In the Know

1xp - Seeking Answers --> In the Know

1xp - Fingerprint Kit --> Ancient Stone

1xp - Magnifying Glass --> Death • XIII

1xp - Magnifying Glass --> Magnifying Glass

1xp - Perception --> Segment of Onyx

0xp - Perception --> Segment of Onyx

0xp - Fine Clothes --> Segment of Onyx

3xp - Ancient Stone --> Ancient Stone

2xp - Fine Clothes --> Disc of Itzamna

3xp - Relic Hunter

2xp - Connect the Dots --> Disc of Itzamna

3xp - Connect the Dots --> Eidetic Memory

2xp - Deduction --> Deduction

2xp - Deduction --> Deduction


Emergency Cache is good at filling up Fingerprint Kit and the extra resources paired with Charles Ross, Esq. can assist your allies.

The Council's Coffer is good for the whole group in the final scenario.

Deciphered Reality is crazy powerful.


Nov 03, 2019 robert054321 · 1

You probably wanted Pendant of the Queen instead of Clasp of Black Onyx :P

Nov 04, 2019 Cyggie · 1

I like this build. Have you tried it with Archaic Glyphs?

Nov 05, 2019 Calprinicus · 513


Yes, Pendant of the Queen is correct. Thanks.


I have tried Archaic Glyphs but Charles Ross, Esq. is simply better in all aspects.

  • (1) Charles has an unchallenged ally slot.
  • (2) able fo soak damage & horror
  • (3) no pulling from chaos bag (esp. with Rex's Curse)
  • (4) Archaic Glyphs requires a success which is harder on high shroud locations.
  • (5) costs XP & actions in campaign to acquire.

Archaic Glyphs takes a hand slot & unless both hands are empty, you'll likely just play an asset that replaces the hand slot it occupies. It is however recollected with Scavenging... But overall little benefit.

Nov 05, 2019 Cyggie · 1

@Calprinicus Very good points but once you translate the Archaic Glyphs and upgrade them to Archaic Glyphs, they take a spell slot so it won't compete with your asset cycling. I can see how it might be difficult to translate it at first without Knowledge is Power. That's probably a separate build from your item juggling one.

Also, upon closer reading both Charles Ross, Esq. and Archaic Glyphs cannot be combined due the latter using "printed cost". Would have probably made both of them more compatible if you could factor in Charles' discount!

Nov 05, 2019 TWWaterfalls · 199

I love playing Scavenging with Rex. I tried it with Agnes and even though she had ridiculous Willpower she just didn't have enough items in their deck to retrieve. One of my favorite cards for strong investigate skills.

I had NO IDEA that Charles Ross, Esq. stacked. WoW! I think he is only underrated because that isn't well known. Now I might need to redo my Joe Diamond deck that I was working on. His economy was a little tight and this would help A LOT.

I will always remember the time I discarded a Brood from Undimensioned and Unseen with the Disc of Itzamna. I couldn't believe that it was allowed but I Googled many references. Great card for Rex.

Surprised to not see "I've got a plan!" in a Rex deck but I see what you are doing with Barricade and [In the Know]. (/card/03027)

Nov 05, 2019 Calprinicus · 513

@Cyggie they are very easy to translate since we already run Truth from Fiction.

It should be noted too that Archaic Glyphs puts the item out & you still get a clue for the investigate test.

It's also better for cheap items instead of expensive assets. Fingerprint Kit (the most recycled asset) would require a success of 5 on a shroud 1 location. With only 3 charges it's not worth it. With Charles Ross, Esq. you get the Fingerprint Kit cost reduced to 1 or 0, by the time it's used up.

I still think Charles Ross, Esq. is superior.

Nov 05, 2019 Cyggie · 1

@Calprinicus Ahh I never thought about Truth from Fiction and Archaic Glyphs. Great use for it early game.

I agree in your build (with more expensive assets being cycled) Charles Ross, Esq. is the right option.

Thanks again for sharing your deck.

Nov 07, 2019 masomase · 637

Just wanted to say this is a super interesting deck! Definitely makes me want to try post-taboo Rex. Nice work!

Nov 09, 2019 RegisF · 25

How do you know that Charles free action can be stack?

Nov 09, 2019 Calprinicus · 513

@RegisF It is part of the FAQ and has been explain by Matt Newman.

Q: How does Charles Ross, Esq. work?

A: Charles Ross’s ability applies until it is used, so if you use it in one round you will still get the discount next round, and if you use him more than once before playing a card, you would get a –2 discount.

Nov 09, 2019 RegisF · 25

Thx! I'll read it. Don't you suffer a lack of wisdom against high shroud locations?

Nov 14, 2019 Alogon · 291

The fact that Charles Ross, Esq. stacks is an Astounding Revelation to me!

Nov 14, 2019 Django · 2147

We use counters to indicate how much Charles Ross, Esq. reduces the next item. However if you play an item thats cheaper than his cost reduction, you still lose all cost reductions.