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Lucaxiom · 1878

...It's a secret. A secret themed deck that is. And my first foray into a deck built well and truly for hard difficulty; not stan-hard, not 'we start on normal difficulty and adjust the difficulty based on our performance', true start-to-finish hard difficulty.

While this deck would be perfectly serviceable on normal difficulty, the number of boosters is likely overkill, and the heavy investment into token-ignoring tech later on will provide less dividends when the worst modifier you can draw is -4 instead of -6 and the symbol tokens are not nearly as punishing.

Despite being tailor-made for hard mode, the strategy that this deck is built around is as straightforward as can be, and will not require much detail to outline. It's main claim to fame is the adding of 'secret' uses to assets in order to prolong their usage; that's it.

A VERY quick description

The three cards that add secrets to assets are Truth from Fiction, Enraptured, and Astounding Revelation.

Enraptured is a practiced skill card, and Astounding Revelation requires searches to make use of, thus, we include Practice Makes Perfect, a cool card introduced in the latest cycle. To guarantee Practice Makes Perfect hitting a practiced skill card, we also include Deduction, Perception, and Prophesy (N.B. Only use Practice Makes Perfect during an investigation action or test).

More searches are needed to make Astounding Revelation likely to trigger, and two Daisy staples, Research Librarian and Old Book of Lore do the job swimmingly. One more for good measure, No Stone Unturned will pick up the slack when Old Book of Lore is replaced by a better tome, and until then, it's a decent support card and guarantor that you'll have a tome to work with, even on a bad starting hand.

Speaking of tomes, let add some to the deck, specifically ones with 'uses: (secrets)': Archaic Glyphs and Scroll of Secrets fit the bill (A sparse library for now, but by the end of the upgrade path, we will own six secret tomes, none that are lvl 0). Other than those, one Medical Texts for emergencies, and the aforementioned Old Book of Lore. And while not a tome itself, Knowledge is Power directly synergies with a tome deck, so why not include it?

And with four slots for two pairs of cards remaining, we take the boosters that are Alyssa Graham and St. Hubert's Key; expensive, but within the deck's budget. Why Alyssa over Dr. Milan Christopher? Boredom with Milan mostly, so I think I'll have more fun with Alyssa Graham, since this deck isn't for want of many resources and extra sanity soak is good to counter The Necronomicon. Still, if you're try-harding, I concede that Milan is the better pick.

Told you it'd be quick.

The Upgrades (AKA The Interesting Part)

With the amount of boosters this deck boosts, we will actually be fine for investigating from start of campaign to finish, which gives us breathing room to focus our exp purchases entirely on tomes. The following upgrades can be done in any order that you chose, but they should be the first three improvements you make to the deck:

  • Pnakotic Manuscripts, unsurprisingly, is going to be our 'endgame' card; the most powerful seeker card so far (when measured by the combined sum of exp and resource cost), and a tome that uses (and thus takes) secrets. What might be surprising is the fact that it will taken so early, but it's going to be a necessity to alleviate the punishing chaos bag on hard difficulty, which starts to bite from scenario one. One copy will suffice as first, replacing Old Book of Lore, and you'll be looking to either start with it in your hand, or fish it out of your deck with your wide selection of tutors.

  • Archaic Glyphs Archaic Glyphs (3) should be an upgrade that you perform as soon as you 'Translate the Glyphs', as they'll be a dead draw in their un-upgraded form after that. The specific upgrade will be 'Guiding Stones'; nothing exotic, just a way of leveraging Pnakotic Manuscripts's token-hate and Daisy's naturally high (galvanised with a bevy of skill cards) to get the most out of all your cards. this combo allows you to be 100% efficient with your critical investigate actions; you need only commit the exact amount of icons to clear a location, no more, no less, and you are guaranteed to succeed and not waste those commits. If that way, it beats out the Higher Education/Guiding Stones combo, which is stronger at lower difficulties.

  • Scroll of Secrets Scroll of Secrets (3) will be the utility tome that plays into the side-roll of support for the rest of the team, without compromising your clue-gathering, and for the low, low price of 1 resource. It's low-impact and budgetary nature is key; investigating is already a full-time job, especially if you're the primary clue gatherer. Seeker's resources and actions are at a premium, and so minimising the number of distractions is a priority. Fortunately, Daisy's additional action helps to this effect, and allows her to support her team in the other way seekers primarily contribute to a party; by keeping all players well stocked on cards.

17 exp gets you this far, which is quite standard for the mid point of a campaign. After this, the upgrade path is more a suggestion that a requirement, and you can tool it as you'd like. Imagining that you'll have around 35-40 exp by scenario seven, I personally will upgrade as follows:

One Charisma will alleviate the four allies problem, and round out the total exp used to an even 20.

Two No Stone Unturned adds two more deck-wide searches to trigger Astounding Revelation, as well as improve the odds of Pnakotic Manuscripts coming out regularly. This will be important as the next upgrade will be:

Versatile, to shore up some weaknesses that exist in a very trimmed down deck. Deck-wide searches are not effected by the size of the deck, which will temper the downside of a larger deck. The five cards that I would include would be:

One of the following choices:

Total exp cost: 34-37.


The most glaring weakness is the lack of any kind of defence; no "I've got a plan!", no Mind over Matter, no Anatomical Diagrams. I find that, as a seeker, you can only have one secondary role alongside investigating; either self-defence or support. Choosing both spreads you too thin and leaves barely any time to gather clues. Some seekers fit one role more easily than another, and Daisy's better suited for support over combat, but that does put additional strain on your guardians to keep enemies off both of your backs.

A more subtle problem is a slight resource deficiency. While the decks overall resource cost is average, it's expenses are concentrated into two or three assets, namely; Alyssa Graham, St. Hubert's Key, and Pnakotic Manuscripts (when you get it). Getting them out all at once early on will pose a problem. Fortunately, you will have cheaper fall-backs when money is tight (skill cards for cheap skill boosts, Scroll of Secrets for cheap tomes), but it does mean a likely-hood of having an asset stuck in your hand for several rounds.

In conclusion

I think I enjoy publishing decks, especially since they seem to be well-received. I going to try to make this a weekly thing, and I'll take suggestions for which investigator to do next, so long as I haven't done them already. I'm the type of deck-builder to make one defined deck per investigator, and try to fit every card, even the bad ones, into at least one deck. I'm also the type to abhor repeated use of the more powerful/popular cards, so don't worry, repetition won't be a problem.

Anyways, please let me know what you think about this deck, and thank you for your time spent reading this write-up.


Feb 08, 2020 StyxTBeuford · 2080

Scroll of Prophecies and Mr. Rook also use Secrets. I'd definitely at least consider the former since it's a book!

Feb 11, 2020 Lucaxiom · 1878

@StyxTBeuford Both were considered, Mr. "Rook" especially; I mean he's literally the Keeper of Secrets for God's sake! However, neither made the 'cut' for reasons of over-saturation and too much competition for the extra secrets.

Given that only three cards provide extra secrets, you're only going to get a maximum of nine extra secrets per scenario, and some cards' secrets are worth more than others. Lvl 0 cards are already at a disadvantage compared to higher lvl cards like Pnakotic Manuscripts and Scroll of Secrets (3) , but secrets that provide card advantage are further reduced in value when seekers have so many options for that.

This deck alone has: Scroll of Secrets, Old Book of Lore, Research Librarian, No Stone Unturned, Practice Makes Perfect, AND Perception, which totals up to 14+X card draw, where X is the number of times Old Book of Lore is used (assuming no searches whiff). That itself is probably too much, except Old Book, Stone, and Scroll, can be used on other investigators when Daisy has had enough of extra cards, adding to their value as recipients for secrets (excluding Old Book or course).

And of course, both Scroll of Prophecies and Mr. "Rook" come with downsides to their secrets; card discard and extra chance of drawing your weakness, respectively.

That it the rational for their exclusion, but a 'secret' deck is a very flexible concept that can indeed work with those cards, plus whatever else gets released in the future with 'uses: X secrets'. I wouldn't mind seeing what other people's idea of an optimal secret deck would look like.

Feb 13, 2020 Alogon · 517

hey @Lucaxiom,

I am always happy to see new Daisy decks. I think this is a solid deck. The only think that it is lacking is any kind of decent defense against the encounter deck and, considering that Daisy is very frail with 5 HP, 3 and only 2, the probability of you dying to "bad luck" is quite high, specially in the first half of the campaign.

It seems to me that as of now the best way to counteract Daisy's frailty is her access to some very good encounter deck management cards. Some cards are also quite protective. Ward of Protection, Deny Existence, Mind over Matter, Forewarned seem to be the best. I personally usually run between 4-6 of these defensive cards depending on campaign and difficulty.

Some expert deckbuilder may argue that it's all about tempo and the quicker you end the less encounter cards you draw to justify greedy builds. There is of course some truth in that but no matter how good your tempo is you are still usually drawing 10+ encounter cards per scenario. Once you are wounded with 1 or 2 HP remaining you have to start playing defensively (trading tempo for safety and never trading HP for tempo). Besides some encounter cards or scenario mechanics can also single-handedly ruin your game if not prepared for like Entombed.

And last but not least Mr. "Rook" is allot better than Research Librarian and Medical Texts is simply unplayable (specially on hard difficulty). Well that's just my opinion :D

Feb 14, 2020 Holy Outlaw · 28

This is such a curious build! I’m trying to grasp Daisy with only 1 Old Book of Lore, and no Mr. "Rook", Ward of Protection, Shortcut. These staples seem so terribly strong, and even stronger in Hard mode.

And Medical Texts, which never sees play, is even worse in Hard mode, so that choice perplexes me. Honestly, I really struggle with looking at that massive stack of books, only one of which is Old Book of Lore or Scroll of Prophecies (which I’d shorthand as “the two good ones”).

Another card that is always good in Daisy but even better in Hard mode and better still with Practice Makes Perfect is Premonition. I think Eureka! should be in too, because you don’t appear to have nearly enough catalysts for Astounding Revelation.

Speaking of Practice Makes Perfect, it seems to me that this deck is basically built to showcase that card. As a result, it has the ability to go wild on any investigate, but as far as I can tell, does not seem well-positioned to do anything else.

For a concrete suggestion, if you really feel you need the healing (which you might, considering you appear to be really at the mercy of the mythos deck and have a paltry health total) I’d change Medical Texts to Healing Words, which has the same resource and action cost, is rechargeable with Enraptured, but doesn’t go into the bag and risk not only failure but literal suicide or murder of teammates, as with the Texts. Such a change may violate the theme of a giant pile of books, but it improves your healing ability while offloading the job from an incredibly congested slot to a completely open one. (It’s a terrible card, of course, but it’s an upgrade over the Medical Texts.

Mar 13, 2020 chirubime · 1111

@Lucaxiom! I love this Daisy deck so much. What are your thoughts on the new Old Book of Lore and Abigail Foreman :D Would you take out the Alyssa Graham / Dr. Milan Christopher slot for like Abigail Foreman orrrrr something? :P

Would love to hear your input regarding these two new cards!