Preston's Success Venture

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Mr. Fairmont,

Your pursuits have been noticed by us. A strange door is closed to others. We watch your actions with interest from our secluded place. Seek within for doom lurking in the shadows. You may succeed where others may not. Begin our ruinous deed, or secrecy endures. You will be called: be ready.


The difference between genius and insanity is measured only by success

This is a Preston Fairmont succeed-by level 0 deck designed for solo play. The idea of suceeding by any amount (or even succeeding!) may seem rather alien to Preston, our favourite chap with the terrible stats, but the aim here is to leverage his money into assets that provide boosts, events that combine stats and skills which help push that stat even further.

Go high or go home

Here are some of the key cards and interactions in this deck:

Playing the long game

Opening hand and mulligan: While this deck is meant to be flexible and for all cards to be variously useful, you may want to mulligan for Streetwise as a priority, and if you expect there to be a lot of enemies in a scenario, having Meat Cleaver in play may be to your advantage. Leo De Luca is not integral to the deck, but if anyone can afford him, Preston can, and having him in play early makes best use of him.

Early game: Preston doesn't need much setup. Play whichever assets you think will be needed, and either get moving to search the map, or take a turn or two to bank your resources so that your coffers will be overflowing by the time you need them.

Mid-game: Unless you really need to, don't bother fighting enemies; just evade them. Use the cards that provide extra actions to get things done fast. Since this is a solo deck it has not got any ways to get multiple clues in one action, as most locations will only require you to discover one clue there, but you could swap in e.g. Pilfer or Intel Report if you want to.

Endgame: Other than Leo De Luca there is no soak or healing in this deck, so if thiings get hairy, consider getting your Nimble feet to the exit and resigning. You could swap in soak such as Leather Jacket/Leather Coat if you don't like being squishy. For any big boss enemies, Preston is not particularly equipped to kill them (Small Favor won't work on elite enemies), so you could either rely on the old Meat Cleaver or sub in some more automatic damage-dealing cards like Sneak Attack or Coup de GrĂ¢ce.

If at first you don't succeed...

There is advice above on how this deck can be modified in its level 0 form. In terms of upgrades during a campaign (or for modifying the deck for a standalone), here are some suggestions for how to enhance the deck:

Good luck, and all success to you!

Mr Fairmont,

An issue has arisen and we call upon you. The doctor's reflection between the eyes never rests. Come to French Hill at midnight when the moon is gibbous next. In one word our secrets keep. All pur endeavours depend on your success.