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Valentin1331 · 47877

The Chef cooks you a delicious stew made of your enemies and Police officers.

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Credit: Heening Ludwigsen


This Deck is part of a series of Decks created for the release of the Revised The Dunwich Legacy Campaign. Find the other Beginner Deck Guides for the other investigators here:

 Clue Vacuuming Rex

Mo-Jenny Rules the World

 True Ma-Jim

 Pete and the Underdog

If you do not own The Edge of the Earth, an alternative only using the Revised Core and The Dunwich Legacy is available at the bottom in "Make your own Deck!"

Drawing an enemy during the Mythos Phase can debilitate your party, costing many actions. With Zoey, deal with them quickly and prevent your team from being swarmed and eventually defeated!

Limiting ourselves to the newly released campaigns, Revised, The Edge of the Earth and The Dunwich Legacy, we will try to show how to make Zoey deal with enemies like nobody's business.

Table of Content:

• Overview

• Main Strategy

• Killing enemies efficiently

• Succeeding at your tests

• Other Cards

• Upgrade Path

• Make your own Deck!


Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆

Enemy Management: ★★★★★

Clue-getting: ★☆☆☆☆

Encounter protection: ★★★☆☆

Survivability: ★★★☆☆

Economy: ★★★☆☆

Card Drawing: ★☆☆☆☆

Main Strategy:

• Use your .45 Automatic, Machete and Brand of Cthugha to kill your enemies faster doing damage 2 at a time.

• Use Zoey's Cross and allies to deal extra damages to enemies with uneven health points and heal them afterwards with Bandages.

• Boost your tests never to waste an Action, Ammo, Charge or precious Skill Card.

Killing enemies efficiently:

Machete, .45 Automatic, and Brand of Cthugha allow you to deal damage to enemies 2 by 2, which is quite good, especially early game.

• Zoey's Cross allow you to deal an extra damage to an enemy, making it possible to get rid off , Rats and 3 hp enemies with one Machete Hit.

• Early game, 10 damage in one turn is usually the most that you should be dealing to an enemy. With Zoey's Cross, Machete/.45 Automatic/Brand of Cthugha *3, 2 Vicious Blow and using your Guard Dog or sacrificing your Beat Cop, you could potentially deal them in 1 turn!

• To deal more damage later in the campaign, you have:

•• Beat Cop (2) for an instant damage that you can abuse thanks to Emergency Aid and Bandages. 2 Beat Cops (2) on the table means 2 test-less damage on tap.

•• Brand of Cthugha (4) that allows you to deal damages 3 by 3.

•• Fang of Tyr'thrha or Gang Up (if Brand of Cthugha and Bandages down) to deal 4 damage in one action and finish what's left with your other actions.

•• Vicious Blow (2) that is a luxury update if you need extra damage in the late campaign.

Succeeding at your tests:

Zoey Samaras has amazing fighter abilities, but only has 4 base . We therefore need to boost her stat to improve her chances to succeed tests and gain tempo. Ideally we would reach 7 at each tests to make it roughly +3 at any fight action.

• Machete/.45 Automatic/Brand of Cthugha all give +1 to your .

Beat Cop and later with Charisma you can have 2 Beat Cops (2) online at the same time, giving you another +1 and up to +2 .

• Jury-Rig on your Machete for 3 times +2 to your fight action.

• Overpower and Vicious Blow for a boost on a stern test that you may miss.

• Bruiser is also a way to boost your tests once all your weapons are on the table.

With all of this, except during the setup, you should always be fighting around 7,8 or even 9 . This will prevent you from ever missing an attack.

Other Cards:

• Prepared for the Worst is a stapler; brings your Machete if you don't find it in your opening hand and after Mulligan. It is an overall better target than the .45 Automatic as it is cheaper and does not use Ammo. The .45 Automatic is still valid when dealing with multiple enemies.

Dodge is here, especially at the beginning in case you cannot kill every enemy and in case one has 2 or 3 Horror.

• Emergency Cache is your first economy card, upgraded into On the Hunt that also brings 3 resources but is fast and also brings you an enemy instead of another Encounter Card.

• Protective Gear is here if you take quite some Mental Trauma, and it can also be paid by Bruiser.

• Scout Ahead first and Fang of Tyr'thrha later to deal with your Signature Weakness: Smite the Wicked or move around the board quickly to help your partners.

• Evidence! is a bit of a "fill up card" that can always speed up the game and is quickly replaced.

Guts is here because your natural high level of makes it almost sure that you succeed in an Encounter/Parley Test if you commit Guts, and it replaces itself which is always great.

In the Thick of It that I use to access Machete and Brand of Cthugha and take 2 physical trauma, that I can heal with Emergency Aid, and my Allies give me a good Health soak pool if necessary.

Upgrade Path:

Link to the Full xp Deck

• In the Thick of It x1 to take Machete x2 and Brand of Cthugha x1 - 3xp - Total 3xp

• Charisma x1 - 3xp - Total 6xp

•• To get Guard Dog and Beat Cop at the same time, or even 2 Beat Cops.

• Beat Cop x2 Beat Cop (2) x2 - 4xp - Total 10xp

•• You can now tap damage at will and refill your Cops with Bandages and Emergency Aid.

• Overpower x2 Bruiser x2 - 6xp - Total 16xp

•• Bruiser is a bit like an Overpower every turn and pays for your setup. What is not to like.

• .45 Automatic x2 Gang Up x2 - 2xp - Total 18xp

•• With Bruiser and Brand of Cthugha down, you deal 5 damages in one action, so much more efficient than the .45 Automatic. I would keep this card in my hand if I had to deal with multiple enemies, making my Machete ineffective.

Evidence! x2 Stand Together x2 - 6xp - Total 24xP

•• By this time, your Clue Getter should be good enough to get clues reliably. This also increases your card draw and helps you and your teammate set up.

• Emergency Cache On the Hunt x2 - 6xp - Total 30xp

•• The same economy, but and brings you more of what you love: enemies.

Guard Dog x2 Fang of Tyr'thrha x2 - 8xp - Total 38xp

•• Fang is amazing to fight your Weakness and save any lost partner that pulled the wrong enemy during the Mythos Phase.

• Brand of Cthugha (1) x1 Brand of Cthugha (4) x1 - 3xp - Total 41xp

•• More charges and more damage by potentially successful attacks. If you have extra experience in the end, you can also consider buying a second one.

Dodge x2 Protective Gear x2 - 4xp - Total 45xp

•• Luxury upgrade, in case you have a LOT of trauma. Bruiser pays for it, preventing you from some nasty Encounter Cards.

Make your own Deck!:

• I considered the latest taboo list for this Deck, but if you are new to the game or choose not to, you can always decide not to use the taboo. Get 2 Machete, Unexpected Courage or something and not takes 2 Physical Traumas from In the Thick of It :)

• This Deck is made using the EotE Investigator cards. If you only have the Revised Core and Dunwich, you can use This Link and check the Side Deck for Upgrade suggestions! Let me know if you have any questions ;)

• The Cyclopean Hammer is, of course, a weapon of choice for Zoey Samaras. I didn't add it because I felt like this weapon was a bit too good and made the game a bit less enjoyable after one campaign with it. Now, if you want it, then forget about Brand of Cthugha, Machete and get it!

•• You could imagine also adding On the Trail to bump an enemy, get to its location again, grab clues on the way and finish it.

• Prophetic is a good alternative to Bruiser as it pays for Fang of Tyr'thrha, Gang Up and Brand of Cthugha, but it's a bit less intuitive and gives 1 less damage on your Gang Up. You could also take 1 copy of each.

•• If you take Prophetic, then I would advise you to leave Protective Gear behind and take a second Brand of Cthugha (4) instead.

• If you are playing this Deck with only 1 collection and multiple of my pre-made Decks: BruiZ-oey, Clue Vacuuming Rex, True Ma-Jim or Pete and the Underdog, you can distribute the cards as follow:

•• Give Dr. Milan Christopher, Magnifying Glass to Rex Murphy

•• Give Scavenging and Ice Pick (3) to "Ashcan" Pete.

•• Give 1 copy of Prepared for the Worst to "Ashcan" Pete and Jenny Barnes as Zoey Samaras already has 4 weapons.

•• Give 1 copy of Jury-Rig to Jim Culver and 1 to "Ashcan" Pete.

•• Give 1 Ward of Protection to Rex Murphy and 1 to Jim Culver.

•• Give 2 Scout Ahead to Zoey Samaras and upgrade Jenny Barnes with The Red Clock earlier.

•• Give 2 Bruiser to "Ashcan" Pete and go for the Cyclopean Hammer for Zoey Samaras.

•• Give Divination to Jim Culver.


May 01, 2022 SleepyLibrarian · 39

The "beginner" version of Brand of Cthugha is still a level 1 card, not a level 0 card. Why is it part of this starting deck? Are you suggesting beginners with limited card options should ignore the normal requirements?

I am a new player, so I'm worried I've missed something if this is a legal build. Is there some special rule that allows this?

May 02, 2022 Valentin1331 · 47877

Hey @SleepyLibrarian, thanks for your comment and I hope you'll enjoy the Deck if you decide to try it :)

This Deck is using In the Thick of It which allows you to take 2 traumas (here we 2 damage at the beginning of every round) in exchange for 3xp at the beginning of the campaign.

If you are not comfortable with this, the first paragraph of "Make your own Deck!" gives some insight on how to do it :)

May 02, 2022 SleepyLibrarian · 39

Ah, thank you! I missed that, and wasn't familiar with cards of this nature.

I really appreciate how your decks serve as guides to understand why a deck is constructed a certain way, how you might adjust it, and how to play it. It's incredibly helpful for new players! Thanks so much for all the work you put into these.

May 28, 2022 Jtreher · 9

Thanks for putting this together. I used it after losing Lola for the final campaign scenario of Dream Eaters and while I was vastly overpowered compared to my companions, I took out enough pesky cultists that I think I made a difference.

We have a newbie joining our group soon and I'm going to start him off with this deck since it's so easy to play.

May 28, 2022 Valentin1331 · 47877

Hey @Jtreher, glad you liked it and thanks for the feedback! If you also have the new Path to Carcosa box, you can also check the new batch of beginner decks I just published!

May 28, 2022 Jtreher · 9

`@Valentin1331 Is the Path to Carcosa revised or are you referring to the "return to?"

May 28, 2022 SleepyLibrarian · 39

I tested a modified version of this deck in a one-off. The main drawback was that I ended up with a PILE of resources and nothing to spend them on. Do you have any recommendations for improving the card draw rate? Even cards from other packs. It seems like guardians are a bit short of options in this area.

May 28, 2022 Jtreher · 9

`@SleepyLibrarian I guess if you never got the cross out, you wouldn't have a consistent burn? In addition, getting your second beat cop/guard dog out could suck up some resources once you kill off the others.

Dec 18, 2022 drassain · 1


If you have all expansion, what do you change tu improve this deck to play true solo? To play true solo I include Hyperphysical Shotcaster: Theoretical Device.

Jul 30, 2023 geekgeek · 1

Hi @Valentin1331 given that Machete is no longer on the Taboo list, would it be recommended to take out In the Thick of It and replace Brand of Cthugha with something else?

Aug 16, 2023 oVerUsed · 1

Hi @Valentin1331 thanks for that deck! What do you think about using this with Daniela?