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StartWithTheName · 40844

SWTN 40k





As ArkhamDB informs me I have somehow clocked up 40,000 of their wonderful internet points I wanted to send a thank you to everyone who has read my guides and daft little song reviews, tried out the decks, and/or left comments about their experiences over the years. I had no idea people would take to my nonsense when i first gave it a bash many years ago and its great to just be a part of such a vibrant and cheerful community. Also im not entirely sure what you are meant to do with these points, if theres a way to cash them in for the big teddy bear ive been saving up for please let me know. For anyone wondering how many decks ABD will apparently let me save with them, its currently 8402! Which is just a a wonderful blend of blind optimism and creepy vicious circle as I desperately try to fill it up!

Anyway! By way of thank you and digging my way out of a hole of my own making I thought I would knock up a little comedy concept deck to inflict even more puns on the world. It’s had no testing at all, but I’ve done what I can to try to make it at least look playable on paper, so you never know it might actually work. It’s probably a little vulnerable to horror but I’m hoping that adds encouragement to find ways to play "If it bleeds...", which at least feels like a very thematic way to relieve it. There are definitely ways to make this deck more effective but, as Yorik is already a fair bit above the curve and they might also make the deck less silly, I’ve kept my thoughts on this in the last section. I would love to hear of others have ideas too.

The deck is shown here as a 19xp standalone I dont really plan to map out a campaign path for this like i usually do, though resetting to 0xp should be easy enough making simple like for like swaps. Cash for cash, defence for defence etc. I would probably bring a Eucatastrophe via In the Thick of It though as the recursion should be really important here and there arnt many other options. "I've had worse…" should probably be a teddy to help with horror and because its a little funny to start him out with a little childish insecurity!

Finally - massive thanks to jfosela81 on discord for helping me get the gifs working!









  • ROLE: ............................. Hammer Thrower
  • THEMATIC FEEL: ........... Thorsome!


  • ENEMY HANDLING: ...... Throw Hammer
  • CASH ENGINE: ............... Throw Hammer
  • ENEMY HANDLING: ...... Throw Hammer
  • HEALING: ....................... Throw Hammer
  • ENEMY HANDLING: ...... Throw Hammer
  • CLUES/ENCOUNTERS/DRAW? .... ...Just focus on Throwing the Hammers.


A super high recursion deck and a celebration of the fact that you can now throw sledge hammers in Arkham horror!

The plan is simple! Find a Sledgehammer fast, throw it using Act of Desperation to kill enemies, replay the discarded hammer using Yorick's paid for from from Act of Desperation itself and/or Bruiser, and repeat all the while singing iron maidens immigrant song while your comrades roll their eyes at you!

The combo parts will start in one of two places: the 10 card discard pile, or the 23 card main deck, of which we see a further 10 with a hard muligan. after the first hand is drawn thats an 18card deck where 2 Tetsuos or PFTWs can search 9 deep if needed. Just make sure you hold one arm out wide open handed as you draw it!

An over the top recursion engine consisting of Yoricks and abilities plus 8 cards (Resourceful, Eucatastrophe, Scrounge, Tetsuo) capable of recurring a wide range of cards based on level, class, or item trait to keep the combo repeating.

if we use Bruiser (also recoverable from the bin) to pay for the hammers after getting real cash in from Act of Desperation we even get to keep the change! Bruiser can also be used to boost the attacks on the hammer if needed, or reload Heavy Furs after rerolling the result

Fly across the board to Righteously Hunt down enemies, smashing and Stunning them, then bask in victory as you heal back some horror like a true asGuardian!.

Puny people tasks like getting clues are available via "Look what I found!" and Eucatastrophe, and the mightiest of encounter protection from Take the Initiative, "I've had worse…", and big tough guy Furs.









  1. A way of getting a Sledgehammer
  2. Act of Desperation
  3. Bruiser
  4. Cash and Draw cards.

How? MJOL-NEAR! At the start of the game at least 1 Hammer should be nearby. We have 10 cards in the discard (Hammers are accessible via Yorick's and , Resourceful, Scrounge (lvl0 only), Tetsuo, or Eucatastrophe which activates the ). If not, a hard mulligan will see 10 more cards from the remaining 23 in the deck. And failing that, after drawing starting hands, there will be 18 cards in the main deck so our 4 search cards PFTW & (Tetsuo can each see HALF of the remaining deck with their 9 deep searching rather than the usual ~1/3rd had the deck had 28 cards.

We can do a similar thing with at least the discard pile and the hard muligan to find a copy of Act of Desperation, and if we have both, a copy or two of Bruiser (dont waste one shot recursion cards on Bruiser, you can get that later with a or if needed.) Sadly there are no searches for these two other than to draw.

Incidentally - This is one of the less obvious benefits of Short Supply, and its counterpart Underworld Support. These are two cards that have had me fascinated since the release of Edge as they change the search and mulligan dynamics. They lower the xp requirement for combo decks giving more flexibility to take 1 off high xp cards confident of seeing them early (so long as you build into it). For characters like Bob Jenkins who can use both and have good recursion, you can get that remaining deck down to just 13 cards after first hand is drawn, or to put it another way 1 more card than a Backpack(2) digs, all but guarenteeing access to exceptional items, but thats a discussion for another deck ;) -



STOP! .... (Combat Time)




  • Throw the hammer If youve got this far into the guide without noticing this, i am impressed, but I have to say it somewhere. Use Act of Desperation on Sledgehammers when it would kill something off. Do this because it is funny not because it is effective. Act gives you back exactly the cost of the item thrown, so you have exactly enough to pay for a new one letting you do this as often as you can recover the Act of Desperations. You can use smaller hits to soften things up first if needed, or Vicious Blow to push damage higher where needed.

  • BRUISE CONTROL! Bruiser can be used to either pay for fresh hammers (or Furs). This means that when you get the cash back from Act of Desperation, and you pay to replay the hammer from the discard, you can pay for at least some of it with Bruiser pennies, keeping the difference as a little cash generator! Bruiser can also be used to boost attacks on the hammers themselves if you want to do normal boring swings like a chump.

  • YOU HAVE THE LITTLE ONE The muligan gives really good odds on accessing the The level 4 Sledgehammer, but if it doesnt show, the Level 0 one is usable with boosts. The ability on it is alright for a lvl 0 weapon and should be enough to kill 3hp enemies, albeit slowly. Alternatively, boost with pips or Bruiser. Note that if you draw into Sledgehammer (4), you can discard it for 3 pips, then whenever you throw the lvl0 hammer you can use the money to get the level 4 one back and swap them over.

  • Righteous Hunt and Stunning Blow Are mainly here for flavour. Theyre not great mechanically here, but it is obligatory to have a jump card and a stun even if somethign like Ace of Swords would probably make a lot more sense to land these attacks.

  • And yes I know the combo is better with many other weapon options available to Yorick, like Chainsaws or even just Timeworn Brand or Meat Cleaver, but to that I say But is it though?"... ok maybe throwing Chainsaws...




NOKEY (Clues)




A common way for yorick, or other low int survivors, to get clues is to use shroud lowering tools like Winging It, Old Keyring, Flashlight, or Lantern, then ether pass by luck, or play "Look what I found!" on a fail. We have gone all in on Sledgehammers for our handslots here, so if we were to modify the deck to get more clues in we would probably want the Winging It option - which also has synergy with Short Supply. However as we are being silly were leaving most of the cluing to those less mighty than ourselves

  • Our main clue tool is "Look what I found!" This guarentees clues on a 2 or lower shroud as modified skill cannot be taken below zero, thus you always fail by 2. Shift some XP into "Look what I found!" (2) if you want to be more reliable. Note that you test on higher shrouds you are not confident of passing like a 3 or 4 while committing Take Heart confident that you will at least get the cash and cards even if you fail by too much to play "Look what I found!". If needed you can recur "Look what I found!" with quite a few different cards.

  • Reroll with Heavy Furs To get the right level of fail to play "Look what I found!". This works in a very similar way to Wendy Adamss ability, and of course Yorick can recur the furs easily (search them out with Tetsuo Mori if needed). I once did a little maths and worked out that Wendy`s ability gave you a similar boost to pass rate as having a +1, though this was back in the core/dunwich bag days and im too lazy to recalculate for the more recent campaigns. Nevertheless, the furs should have a similar level of benefit.

  • Yorick can also use Eucatastrophe to flip any token that would take the modified skill to zero, up to a 4 which is enough for most locations.

  • Or in a pinch Take the Initiative As a first action gets you to 5, 6 with a Resourceful or a spare pip from Prepared for the Worst if dont need it to find a hammer.




CANT TOUCH THIS (Encounter Protection)



Probably the aspect of the deck that is underdeveloped. But the plan here is to largely take things on the chin








I have tried to cover simple stuff like alternative weapons and clue tools above, but the obvious elephants in the room are that there is a Better Hammer in the game that can often do the a similar attack to the Act of Desperation trick without discarding and with a chance to do more damage. And if you threw it, you could both get more + on the attack, and maybe generate more money from Bruisers. The problem is that yorick cant take it, and yorick does the recursion thing best.

  • Well, Tommy Can! Tommy has similar recursion access, but can take lvl5 asGuardian Cards, including Cyclopean Hammer. Ive not thrashed this out fully, but I have used Scavenging(2) (Note the icons) and Well Prepared in tommy to great success in the past on investigate tests. Throw it into a bless build, and Ancient Covenant can be used to force an occasional succeed by 2 for the scav trigger (note yorick can also do this, and can recur Favor of the Sun). Admittedly my old tommy build used it to get things like Leather Coats into play action free, but the method could be repurposed to throw hammers. Well-Maintained returns the item discarded by Act of Desperation to hand, where it can be replayed, admittedly using an action, but its another recursion tool to compensate for the loss of Yorick's .

  • Stormbreaker! Dark Horse & Fire Axe love Bruiser too. If doing this in Tommy (or Zoey), Enchant Weapon could make a pretty decent reusable axe for little xp.

  • Holy Build As noted, this would work with Ancient Covenant to help investigate, but its real appeal is both that yoriks access to guardian and survivor has a great bless access, and great thematic appeal with Radiant Smite and Righteous Hunt. The truth is havent had time to look it all over. I just wanted to get the thank you out in a timely fashion really, but it looks like there is something both thematic and impactful there to be made if someone has the time.

  • Extra Actions The problem with the second abilities on Sledgehammers is that they really want some bonus action in there. Yorick has always had synergy with Police Badge, but i was loathed to put it in for thematic reasons in much the same way i was with other horror protection. Still, it is right there and synergises well. A halfway house might be Galvanize. You dont have to ready an item to get the action, it just gives you the option, though it is worth noting that I was at least a little happy with the fact that it might be more appealing to throw the hammer if its action abelites were underwhelming.

  • GAMBIT! I just remembered i made this, but anyone interested in my first reaction to the addition of Tarot cards to the card pool back in the day may find This deck amusing. It does require a small favourable house ruling on Act of Desperation but it really doesn't give you an advantage in the grand scheme....



- .



*As always - Thanks for Reading! If anyone has comments, especially on how to make viable variants without compromising on theme, I would love to hear them* *And thanks again for all the support over the years.*

Oct 04, 2021 dennisbp · 1

Thank you for making and sharing these decks! I've been enjoying your guides and inspiration for many years now. Keep it up and good luck getting the big teddy bear once you hit 100k points ;)

Oct 05, 2021 suika · 8001

I would absolutely have gone for Live and Learn. For when the enemy dodges the hammer, only you to call it back into your hand and smack them in the back of their head.

Your guides are what I refer usually new players to for decks that work simply and effectively. Most of them are still good a few expansions later, taking just a few tweaks, though a few have sadly been lost to the whims of Taboo.

Oct 05, 2021 alexalansmith14 · 415

You made my morning :D Great idea!

Oct 07, 2021 forever_seeking · 1

I propose proxy-ing a version of Ace of Swords called "God of Hammers" with the same abilities and cost just for this deck.

Oct 07, 2021 mythosmeeple · 346

It's like you custom wrote something to make me laugh. Love your stuff!

Oct 08, 2021 StartWithTheName · 40844

Thanks for all the kind words folks.

Ah of course! it takes 100k for the teddy! That explains it @dennisbp. Right i clearly have lot of work to do!

Yeah Live and Learn is definitely on theme here @suika, one of the quotes I was trying to fit in but abandonded partly because i wasnt sure people would know it and partly because it was just too long on the screen, is "I make grave mistakes all the time, things seem to work out" from the sutur scene at the start of Ragnarok. Always good to hear the decks get used, especially by new players. These days all i aim to do is describe an archtype for others to get ideas from. No deck will ever be future proofed, but people can take the general principals away hopefully. And half the fun is making your own decks and tweaks. The ones that have died to taboo are probably best for the game. I have some regrets about minfinity stones. It was a big changing point for me in realising that beating the game on a hard setting with an extremely strong deck was as satisfying to me, if not less, than beating the game on a lower setting with something more experimental or silly but usually weaker. And the latter tends to make for funnier evenings at least with our group. Its interesting thought because you still need to think about the theory crafting to make them functional. youre just not always optimising for performance as much as "sufficiency" given a self imposed restriction.

The world needs a god of hammers @forever_seeking! In so many ways! Not least because i couldnt think of any actual lightning cards other than the gun which somewhat misses the point. Whats wrong with being the god of hammers anyway!

Oct 12, 2021 1337duck · 1

Minor correction. The upgraded look what I found is level 2, not level 3.

Oct 12, 2021 StartWithTheName · 40844

Well spotted @1337duck - Sorted now. Cheers!